25 Whisper Confessions From GameStop Employees

These Whisper confessions from current and former GameStop employees are shocking, to say the least.

For most of us, a weekend trip to GameStop is pretty standard. Or at least, it once was. The video game retailer has gone down the drain in recent years. And their shady trade-in practices have lost them countless customers over the years. However, there aren’t a whole lot of options. If you want to score a physical copy of a new release, on day one, then you’re limited to GameStop. Sure, you could order from Amazon, but then you’ll wait until late afternoon, at best, to receive your copy. It’s a gamble.

The one thing GameStop does have going for it, however, is its employees. For the most part, they’re likable individuals who share the same hobby as us. It’s almost a requirement to work there. You need to understand and enjoy video games. This ain’t your daddy’s retail job, after all.

Unfortunately, therein lies the problem, too. The employees. These are people; people who, despite their best efforts, are often putting on a happy face for the customer. We all know that dealing with a customer is a tormenting, soul-sucking experience. Behind closed doors, many GameStop employees are whispering about their recent sale, or how they had to calm down the angsty teenager at the counter. Who can blame them? People suck!

Without further ado, here are the 25 best Whisper confessions straight from GameStop employees. Do any of these sound familiar? Are you guilty of heresy in the eyes of GameStop staff?

25 Fright Or Flight

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You may not know this, but GameStop actually sold movies for a time. Heck, some stores may still have a few on shelves. Those around here do not, though. You could trade in old copies of movies, though you shouldn’t expect to receive top dollar.

Now, Arachnophobia is a horrific movie for anyone with a crippling fear of spiders. Like me. Whichever devil child thinks hiding live spiders inside a movie case should reevaluate their life. If this was me, I would have screamed, had a heart attack, and ran straight out the door.

24 Mad Lad

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I cannot even fathom what makes a human being this vile and horrific to another person. What type of trauma must you experience to cause this type of grief? GameStop employee, wherever and whomever you are, you need to rethink your life choices. This path you’re taking, the one where you hide copies of games, it’s not good. It benefits no one.

If you work retail and can’t mess with customers on occasion–in a lighthearted manner–then what’s the point? You need to have some fun with your job, and if that means hiding the odd copy of FIFA, then so be it!

23 Walk A Mile

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Okay, first off, most of us complain because GameStop, as a corporation, is systematically screwing over its customers on a daily basis. These video games, for which we paid $60 for, are absolutely not worth $1 in trade-in. Yeah, that has happened. For a brand-new, unopened copy of Uncharted 4, I received $1. You’re damn right I’m going to complain.

If you’re an employee of this corporation, chances are you’ll take the brunt of some complaints. That’s not okay, though. You shouldn’t be the target. However, feel our pain. Take a step into the shoes of the customer. We’re being screwed over and told: “it’s fine, this is normal.”

22 Test Scores

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In some cases, these guys simply want an informed individual to help them with their game-buying decision. In other cases, they’re douchebags who feel the need to gatekeep their precious hobby. In either case, some tact is required on the part of the GameStop employee. No doubt, by shutting a customer down and coming off as rude, corporate may want a word. Possible termination is a very real threat from this company. On the other hand, if the customer is a socially-awkward guy who rarely talks to other people in the outside world, they might just be awkward and hope to start a conversation.

21 Liar, Liar

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Today, this would never fly. And it most certainly would never happen. If you haven’t heard, GameStop has monthly sales quotas for its salespeople. If you fail to push copies, your job is at stake. Then again, some people are so insufferable, like the mother who feels the need to call for a manager, that we can’t help but mess around.

When it comes to Call of Duty, everyone and their mothers want a copy. It’s a great gift for the holidays, or just to support the developer on their annual release. Copies are popular, and almost never difficult to come by.

20 They Make It Worth It

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Most of us work, right? We all have a favorite coworker or customer who brightens the day. They need help, and they’re not ashamed to ask for it. It’s nice to see a GameStop employee who appreciates those of us who are kind and patient. As a regular at my local GameStop, most of the staff know me by name and sight. They know my system before I even ask for a game. They go out of their way to make me feel welcome and important. It’s a nice feeling, honestly.

For all the horrible customers out there, there are still those of us simply looking to enjoy a good game on the cheap.

19 Isn’t That Illegal?

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I feel like this person no longer works for GameStop. Sure, we’ve heard the stories of managers who get a new console and a copy of each major release. It helps them sell copies, as they are informed and have firsthand experience with each big title throughout the year. Is this guy a manager? Or is he simply stealing from the store when no one is paying attention? In any case, it’s probably not going to go well by flaunting it online.

Personally, if that was a perk of GameStop, I think few of us would think twice about putting in an application. Free games, free consoles, and money? Sign me up!

18 Time For A Change

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I understand we don’t always get a choice, especially when rent and bills are due. However, if you’re that unhappy with your job, especially for years at a time, then maybe it’s time to look inward. A change in career is a real possibility. GameStop is somewhat niche. It’s not your average retail job. For one, salespeople need to know their target audience, they need to identify with geeks who are in love with hardware. In fact, they need to love hardware and games themselves. It’s just a requirement out of necessity.

17 It’s In The Name

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Seriously, it’s in the name of the business. If you go out of your way to visit GameStop in search of music-related paraphernalia, then you’re gonna have a bad time. I mean, it’s literally in the title. They sell video games. You know, PlayStation, Xbox, etc. Chances are you’re not going to find any guitars.

Then, after the fact, the individual in question became salty. They yelled at the innocent GameStop employee, who, I might add, is simply trying to do their job. It’s a minimum-wage day job, nothing more and nothing less. They’re not equipped to handle people shouting at them.

16 Not In My Job Description

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This one can go either way. Honestly, it’s a video game retailer. If you’re selling a niche product to the hungry masses–the gaming community is known to be ruthless and unforgiving–then you should have some experience. That experience typically means playing a new console or trying the latest games. Heck, you can go to Best Buy and try the kiosks completely free.

On the other hand, customers should perform some preliminary research on their own. A console is a big purchase. It’s not a simple decision. Go online, look around at the manufacturer’s website or your favorite magazine, then make an informed decision.

15 This Ain’t Tinder

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It’s tough to feel sympathy for this particular individual. As someone who shops at GameStop with their significant other, I can’t help but think they’re eyeing her down now. Sure, that’s not always the case, though. Sometimes, just sometimes, GameStop employees don’t really care about who they're catering to. They just want to sell games and make some money. That’s cool.

However, I do feel for the guy. Selling video games is most likely a lonely profession. We’re all nerds here, after all. Everyone deserves that special someone who will sit down and enjoy Overwatch with on the weekends. Without that, we’re just beasts.

14 Petty Revenge Or Rightful Cause?

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Honestly, this is pretty horrid. GameStop has a reputation for scamming customers on trade-in values. It’s a well-known, well-documented fact. I’ve been ripped off. You, most likely, have too. To trade an entire console and your entire collection of games, just to receive $3 is disgusting. Yes, I understand. “The customer came in just before close.” Heck, it happens. Someone could be stuck at work, and maybe that was their only opportunity. Or, perhaps, they were an inattentive prick. Either way, they really didn’t deserve to be screwed out of potentially hundreds of dollars. That’s cause for termination.

13 Just A Pretty Face

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Is this really a thing? We all love video games. It’s why we shop at stores like GameStop on a weekly… maybe daily, basis. And yes, there are plenty of women who enjoy video games. Gorgeous women, in fact. They’re people, too.

That being said, this GameStop employee needs thick skin. There are absolute pricks in the world, and some of them are willing to say something like this to a total stranger. They don’t deserve the time of day. Sell them a copy of the latest Madden, then send them on their way. Then, later on, joke about the situation with your friends.

12 Yeah, That Happened

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Yep, totally true story, guys. If you’ve ever been pulled over, you probably know that most police officers will totally ask where you work. It’s part of their line of questioning, in fact. Knowing your business will determine whether you get a ticket. Furthermore, if you’re smoking enough to do that to your car, chances are you’re not getting off with a warning. It’s a federal offense.

As for a hookup, let’s talk about that. We all want a GameStop hookup. You know, give me half-off a used game.

11 Happiest Place On Earth?

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You know what, I can believe this. We’ve all heard horror stories of companies like EA and GameStop. Lately, EA has made a genuine effort to improve, and it shows in their latest game releases and community outreach. GameStop, on the other hand, continues offering the worst trade-in deals and offers in the industry. Their business model relies on selling used games, not new copies in perfect working order.

Furthermore, you’ve probably heard of their latest policy. You know, the one where an employee must push used copies of games and their reward programs. If an employee fails to meet a monthly quota, their job is open to termination. For shame, GameStop.

10 Beefing Up Security

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You must wonder what type of neighborhood this fellow works in. Where in the world are junkies and alcoholics venturing into a GameStop? Honestly, it must be a terrifying experience to deal with a junkie that you’ve never met before. Especially one that ventures into your store at night just before close. Are you supposed to sell them a used copy of Fallout 4? Or just push them out the door? What’s the official GameStop policy on that situation? They pry don’t cover it in the manual.

If the location is that bad, maybe they want to hire a dedicated security official. Or, better yet, ask for a police drive-by on occasion. That’s typically enough to deter nefarious types with ulterior motives.

9 Fighting The Good Fight

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I have a confession, when I was a teenager, still in school, I wanted to work at GameStop. It looked grand. Imagine it, being surrounded by video games and hanging out with people who like the same genres and series as you. How wonderful! The reality is far different, though.

You should keep in mind this is a retail job. It’s working with the public, many of whom are nasty individuals who look down upon service workers. In my household, we have the utmost respect for those helping us. That’s not always the case, though.

8 Yep, That’s Retail Work

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Ask anyone in the world of retail, dealing with customers, angsty managers, and restocking shelves are emotionally draining, arduous work. Now, increase that feeling by two, because you’re dealing with geeks who are protective of their hobby, and you have GameStop. Uninformed teens often think GameStop is a walk in the park. I mean, you’re working around video games all day–what’s not to like? Um, everything.

People suck, pure and simple. If you’re not dealing with a know-it-all type, then, as a woman, you’re likely being hit on for liking video games. Guys, it’s not that uncommon these days. GameStop employees, stand strong. We need you.

7 Objective Feelings

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I don’t know what it is about my area, but female GameStop employees are the majority, not the minority. Every store has two or three women working full-time behind the counter, and they’re awesome. Around here, they’re knowledgeable about video games, and they don’t push pre-orders too harshly, which is nice.

It’s always disheartening to hear of a young gamer–male or female–experiencing any form of harassment or gatekeeping in the world of gaming. This is a hobby for everyone. Hearing someone is treated like an object needs to stop. Can’t we all just pick up a controller and dominate in team deathmatch?

6 Little Perks

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Invader Zim was, by and far, one of the best cartoons of the last few decades. It was a quirky, interesting show with some mindless comedy and character development. It was fun, pure and simple. Such a shame the show was canceled.

At GameStop, you’ve likely noticed the televisions overhead, which are typically playing game trailers or video game talk shows on repeat. Knowing they brought some form of minor joy to a worker is heartening to hear. It’s truly the little things that make a day better. Too bad about the rest of the day, though.

5 Too Often

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This is an issue within the gaming industry. Specifically, it’s an issue on the community side. In recent years, the problem has rectified itself. In fact, more women are playing video games than ever before. If I remember correctly, it’s nearly half of all players. That’s impressive. What is not impressive, however, are tools who walk into GameStop seeking a date because they’re lonely and can’t figure out the real world. This is a video game store, guys, not Tinder’s brick-and-mortar store. Take your harassment elsewhere, and quit infecting the video game world.

If this has ever happened to you, then speak up. Don’t let someone harass you.

4 Social Conformists

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We like what we like. Whether it’s video games, clothes, or cooking, everyone needs a hobby to keep them sane. If your hobby mixes well with a job, like some of those people at GameStop who, oddly enough, enjoy their work, then more power to you. Unfortunately, there are many, especially older women, who feel the younger generation needs to conform to old-school social norms. Women should be cooking or shopping, for example. Get out of here with that. It’s cool that more women are playing video games, and we welcome newcomers to the hobby. Don’t be afraid to don a controller and Call of Duty t-shirt.

3 Call Me Maybe?

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Imagine going to your day job, hoping to get your work over and clock out at the end of the day. But then, out of nowhere, a wild nerd appears. They ask for your phone number, and there goes your sanity for the day. Who has time to shut down every guy who walks into GameStop looking for a date? It’s tiring work, and emotionally draining.

Guys, if you’re going to GameStop, purchase a title and move on. Keep the line moving so other people can enjoy their new game. And please, leave the ladies behind the counter alone. It’s their job, not a pick-up spot.

2 Jealousy Breeds Contempt

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GameStop pays its employees in pennies, it would seem. At every job, you’ll likely make enough to pay for food, rent, and bills. If you have anything left over, chances are it’s not going towards video games. If you’re dating, then forget about your gaming habits altogether. To make matters worse, GameStop employees witness teenagers purchasing the latest Destiny or Grand Theft Auto. They miss out on the big release and they are tormented by handing over sealed copies to ungrateful children. It’s demeaning and tiring, surely. Unfortunately, GameStop won’t be around forever. A raise is unlikely.

1 Another One Gets The Crust

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To be fair, few of us actually want to buy anything pre-owned. It’s a cost-effective solution to our gaming addictions, though. That being said, dead skin and people crust is positively disgusting. Can you imagine buying a controller, getting it home, opening the plastic, and discovering someone’s dirt-smudged fingerprints all over the grip? That’s gross.

Now, I wouldn’t call myself a germaphobe, but I feel for this employee. I don’t believe I could clean a nasty controller. I have a lot of respect for those who do this work.

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