25 Surprising Whisper Confessions From Girls Who Admit To Being Fake Gamers

Lying in any hobby can get you shunned by the community. No one wants someone around who doesn’t truly enjoy what you love, especially if you’re only doing it for attention. Fakers and those who pretend to be something they’re not don’t realize they’re doing more harm than good. They want attention and positive praise, hoping their false interest will create real interest from the person they like. Don't assume it's only girls who are pretending. Being fake isn’t restricted to one gender.

“Fake gamer girls” have long been a plague on the video game community. Not only do they anger men, but females who honestly love gaming think they hurt all female gamers. Many are afraid to state their gender, not that it matters when playing a game because they fear abusive messages.

The majority of fake gamer girls only do it for attention. They honestly have no interest in video games but are willing to listen to their crush ramble on about them. We can’t blame the guys for this, as they might honestly believe she’s interested in how many hours he’s devoted to Overwatch.

Our list compiles some of the worst Whisper confessions of girls who faked an interest in video games to gain attention. Hopefully, after reading our list, you'll take away the lesson to just be yourself and don't change yourself to attract your crush.

25 At Least She Knows One Of Valve’s Most Popular Series

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These two must not be very good friends. She’s talking to her buddy’s ex-boyfriend, which is usually avoided for what you see right in this confession: drama. There’s a fight brewing because of the broken friend code. It seems like the confessor has issues with her so-called friend. For some reason, they’re still spending time together at the confessor’s house. The ex-girlfriend is now taking photos of herself playing video games and with her friend’s gaming console, even though she has no interest in gaming. She just wants to make them both jealous. To call her friend out, she asked what her favorite game is. The fake gamer stated Portal 3, which doesn’t exist. The fake gamer still deserves some props for knowing Valve’s famous Portal series, even though it angered her friend.

24 He Might Not Like A Girl Who Lies

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This fake gamer girl makes her intentions clear. She fakes an interest in liking video games, so the guy she will reciprocate her feelings. She knows him well enough that she’s aware of his gaming hobby. However, she doesn’t realize that no one likes a faker. She’s what many real female gamers hate: pretending to have an interest in gaming to get attention. We don’t know if she ended up getting the guy. If they did end up getting together, it’s inevitable that he discovered she didn’t like video games. By starting off the relationship with a lie, this couple won’t last long. She should have asked what his other hobbies are maybe, instead of pretending to like what he does.

23 She’s Not Looking Around Hard Enough

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With media that was previously only reserved for “nerds” like comic books, anime, and video games popping up everywhere, people feel pressured to be into them. Few want to be singled out as the only kid who hasn’t watched the newest hit anime series or played the latest FPS. This confession feels that social pressure. She pretended to like video games to become popular and to get attention from guys. After faking it for so long, she admits that it wasn’t working out. She wants a guy who isn’t glued to a screen. This girl must not be looking hard enough. There are plenty of guys not into nerd hobbies. She doesn’t need to be fake. Luckily for this girl, she can easily find a guy who shares her interests.

22 My, How the Tables Have Turned...

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Best friends can tell each other anything. These friends seem to be so open that they’re almost rude to each other. This confessor is a gamer and owns an Xbox console. Her friend thinks she spends too much time gaming and that’s why the confessor doesn’t have a boyfriend. We don’t know if the original poster is even looking for a boyfriend or is content being single. What her best friend said must have irritated the confessor, but she didn’t say anything. Now, her best friend is interested in a gamer guy. She is pretending to be interested in video games to get the guy’s attention. The confessor knows the truth and is laughing behind her back about it.

21 When Everything Becomes A Game Of Pretend

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This whisper listed multiple things he is hiding. He likes to wear clothing made for women but feels forced to keep it secret. Who can blame him? Women often have way more clothing options available than men. This whisperer also confessed to pretending to be a female video game character. He may like the diversity presented in female leads compared to their male counterparts. The last thing this whisperer admits to is pretending to be a gamer girl. He enjoys pretending to be a female who plays video games. This person shouldn’t feel so ashamed of his interests. We can only assume his living situation isn’t the best and he feels uncomfortable about being himself. Hopefully, he can be who he wants to be without facing shame from others.

20 Anything To Get The Guy

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This poor confessor feels like she has to lie to her boyfriend about his favorite hobby. He must love gaming if he has displayed no other hobby other than video games. She’s unsure if he shares any of her interests, so she’s lying to him. She’s pretending to take an interest in video games so he’ll stay with her. Not only is this confession sad, but they would probably both be much happier with someone who took a genuine interest in their hobbies. He may not have any clue that she’s been lying to him about being a gamer. At the same time, he may not have taken the time to get to know her. Either way, she’s to blame for lying to him in the first place.

19 Did The Nerdy Guys Even Notice?

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This fake gamer girl posted a confession looking back at her past misdeeds. She used to lie about being a gamer to impress nearby nerdy guys. We don’t know if they took notice, but they may have talked about her behind her back. She most likely never caught their eye, which is why she stopped pretending. She realized that people could usually pick up on if you’re lying about a hobby and will immediately disregard you as a liar. The guys didn’t fall for it, and it ended up being for the best. She feels ashamed of what she did and won't pretend to be a gamer girl anymore. She can now move on to meet guys that share her interests.

18 She Hates Games But Loves Him

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To spend more time with her boyfriend, she pretends to enjoy video games. He may have told her he was a gamer and she was quick to say she was as well so that he would like her. Now that she got the guy, she secretly admits her true feelings about gaming. She hates watching him play video games so much but thinks he’s worth the sacrifice. He may be clueless about her real feelings because of her lies. If she would admit that she doesn’t like gaming, he may be accepting of her decision. They could spend time doing other things. Since she lied and is too afraid to tell him, she is only making matters worse. He will eventually find out she doesn’t like gaming, call her out on her lies, and dump her.

17 She Doesn’t Know What She’s Talking About

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This fake gamer girl admits two things: she’s not a gamer and fakes knowing about computers. She seems to have some small interest in gaming since she says “kinda pretend.” She may feel that she has to amp up her interest to increase her “geek cred.” This confessor also fakes knowing about how to operate a computer. We’re sure she understands the basics of operating one and how to browse the internet. But she’s putting herself and others gaming rigs at risk by pretending she knows what she’s doing. By telling someone bad advice, she could risk harming their device and losing all of that person’s data. Though lying about being a gamer girl won’t hurt anyone, lying about being a computer technician can cause some harm.

16 Was Only Left With A Broken Heart

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This fake gamer girl was successful enough to lead on her crush so long that they were in a committed relationship. She managed to get the guy in the end, but it doesn’t look like things lasted long. Her confession serves as a great cautionary tale. You shouldn’t fake your hobbies to someone, especially being a gamer, because it's easy to spot a liar. Her lies eventually caught up with her. He probably lost interest in her and wondered what other lies she may have told him. It seems that he turned out to break her heart in the end. Either by breaking up with her or she caught him cheating on her, they’re no longer together today. Hopefully, she learned that she shouldn't play with someone else's heart.

15 When Being Fake Goes Horribly Wrong

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Gaming used to be considered a hobby enjoyed by nerds. Now it’s a popular hobby enjoyed by everyone. One of the most famous franchises in the last decade has been the Call of Duty series. This fake gamer girl tried to impress some nearby gamer guys. She wanted to impress him by asking about his shirt. With a series as popular as Call of Duty, she assumed his shirt was from the series. She was wrong. The design of his shirt turned out to be Titanfall instead. By pretending to be a gamer girl, she ended up embarrassing herself in front of this group. The punishment was well-deserved. Instead of asking him about his shirt, she made a wrong assumption. At least now she realizes she made a mistake by pretending to be something she’s not.

14 Isaac Clarke Won Her Over

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This pretend gamer girl won her boyfriend over by pretending to be a gamer girl. She wanted him to think she was cool by being a cute girl he could chill beside. She had to fake her interest the entire time. Often, these stories lead to horrible break-ups and embarrassment. This story has a happier ending. After he introduced her to Dead Space 2, she ended up falling in love with the game. Dead Space 2 has a horror atmosphere filled with jump scares. Isaac Clarke is no longer a silent protagonist and even has a new partner named Ellie. The couple was able to bond over the game. By giving gaming an honest chance, she no longer has to pretend to like gaming anymore. This whisperer just had to find the right game.

13 She’s Not Interested In Geek Speak. No Offense.

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For some reason, this Whisperer decided to date a comic book and video game enthusiast. She may have thought he was cute and didn’t care about his hobbies. They eventually began dating. She realized she wasn’t interested in his hobbies so much that she considered him mentioning them to be “blabbering.” The only time she took an interest was when he discussed Superman and Batman, who are DC Comics’ most popular heroes. She may have taken an interest in these two heroes due to their movie characterization or just simply thought their current storylines were thrilling. We’re just happy they broke up. She can find a guy that shares her interests. He can find an honest person who likes comics and video games just as much as he does.

12 Too Ashamed To Admit Her Real Hobby

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This whisper sounds like the girl is only pretending to be a gamer to impress someone. She’s afraid if she admitted her real hobby, just chilling, she would scare guys off. As a female, telling guys that you’re into gaming can make you feel like you’re part of a secret boys club. They want to be considered the cool female best friend who has "boy hobbies." By being fake, her lies will catch up with her. She might be hoping that if she’s caught lying, the guys will take pity on her and teach her how to game. Being fake benefits no one in the end. If she enjoys hanging out with no plans, in particular, she should just admit the truth.

11 Changing Herself For Love

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This fake gamer girl is completely changing her appearance and hobbies for guys. She wants to be the “hot” gamer girl that has flooded streaming websites and game-related websites. This Whisperer may not realize that he prefers honest girls who aren’t liars. She thinks that just because he plays video games that he wants a hardcore gamer girl. He might prefer his potential girlfriend have different hobbies, so they can spend time doing new things together and learning more about each other. Unfortunately, she is so desperate to get her love interest’s attention that she will change everything about herself to be with him. We may sound like an after-school special here, but being yourself is much easier and saves yourself some heartache.

10 Anything For Quality Time

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In an attempt to spend more time with the guys she likes, this faker lies about multiple hobbies. She hates sports and doesn’t want to talk about them, but is so starved for attention that she’ll sit through hours of a game just to be near the guy she likes. This pretender also says she hates video games. She only pretends to be into them to impress the guys she wants to spend time beside. These guys will eventually learn the truth and give up on her. No one wants to date a liar, even if it’s just to impress them. If she found one guy that shared her interests, she wouldn’t have to date multiple guys with hobbies she loathes.

9 She’s Not Interested In His Multi-Tasking

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This girl is unhappily spending time with a guy playing video games. He’s trying to explain two different games to her, but she isn’t interested. At the same time, she doesn’t want to admit the truth and potentially hurt his feelings. She’s willing to listen to him talk about playing Call of Duty on a large tv and the 2006 MMORPG DarkOrbit on his PC. She must like the guy to watch him play two games on two different screens. She’s pretending she's amused for his sake. It’s a sad situation because he’s spending more time on video games than with his real-life girlfriend that’s currently in the same room as him. She should speak up and let him know the truth.

8 Honestly, Gaming Bores Her

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This couple sounds like they’re having issues. He doesn't know what else to talk to her about besides from his video game collection. She doesn't have an interest, even though she likely knew he was a gamer. When he talks to her about them, she has no interest. She merely pretends to be a gamer too so she doesn’t scare him away. His hobby bores her so much that she honestly hates her life. What kind of relationship is that? She would be much happier breaking things off and finding someone else that she takes an interest in being with. No relationship should make you hate your life. He's going to eventually find out that she's been pretending the whole time and leave her.

7 Real Girls Don’t Hate An Entire Hobby

This Whisperer believes that real girls hate all video games. Apparently, she’s met every single girl on the planet. She may think that real girls are what we’ve seen on Norman Rockwell paintings and in pre-apocalyptic Fallout posters, but that's far from reality. Real girls have different hobbies, and they do include playing video games. Her confession is not only insulting and pushes gender stereotypes, but she’s also lying to the people she dates. She’s faking an interest in gaming to make guys like her. At least females who play video games are honest with themselves about the hobbies they enjoy. We can only hope this whisperer realizes that you shouldn’t make assumptions about an entire gender to make guys like her.

6 At Least She Has Good Intentions

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This fake gamer girl isn’t all bad. She works as a babysitter eight hours a day, five times a week. She knows these children well and does her best to talk to them about their hobbies. This faker knows that these kids like to play games, and she tries to have conversations about video games with them. They’re probably in a stage of their lives where they’re obsessed with gaming, so she has to hear about it all day. We can’t blame her for nodding long and pretending to be a gamer girl. We can only hope that these kids take up another interest so, she doesn't have to spend all day hearing about a hobby she doesn't like.

5 Trying To Be Part Of A "Boys Club"

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This Whisper confesses to faking interest in multiple hobbies. She pretends to like a little bit of everything to impress guys. She wants to be into hobbies that are seen as more masculine. It sounds like she did honestly try to like cars and video games, but she couldn’t force herself to take an interest in these hobbies. Being into more masculine hobbies doesn’t automatically make them like her. She should try to use some of that energy she spends being fake into developing hobbies she enjoys. By not pretending to be something she's not, she's likely to meet guys who share similar interests. If she did get a boyfriend from faking being a gamer girl, the relationship wouldn't last.

4 No Shame In Being A Casual Gamer

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Labels aren’t everything. This Whisperer feels that her casual gaming habits aren’t worthy enough to talk about in public. She thinks that her peers won’t take her serious if she admits she prefers The Sims and Cooking Mama. There’s nothing wrong with being a casual gamer and that’s why we have multiple gaming genres. Some players don’t want to play a stressful multiplayer FPS. The issue with this Whisper is that she is claiming to be a hardcore gamer girl. She’s ashamed she can’t handle harder difficulty levels. We can only hope that she'll just admit that her strengths are not challenging games, but by taking her time in games made for everyone. Pretending to be a hardened gamer is likely to put her in awkward, competitive situations.

3 Don’t Knock It Until You Try It

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This fake gamer girl is lucky her story had a happy ending. She found out her crush was a gamer, so she pretended to like them to catch his interest. It's a story you've heard several times by now. She ended up developing an interest in gaming. By playing video games, she surprised herself by getting good at them. Her crush noticed her honest enthusiasm for gaming. Though she started off as a fake gamer girl, she eventually became a real gamer. When you’re not lying about your hobbies, other people take notice. Now she can easily play any game with him and have fun at the same time. We’re glad things ended up so well for the happy gaming couple.

2 At Least She’s Not Faking The Insults

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Listening to her brother talk big with his friends online must have had a lasting impact on this girl. She thought that being a gamer impressed guys. We can’t blame her. Many women take photos of themselves with controllers in their mouths, and guys take notice. The person who wrote this Whisper thinks being a gamer girl is a turn-on for guys. She pretends to like them to get their attention. She not only dislikes playing video games but she’s not good at them either. Her only game-related "skill" is mocking and insulting other players. If you've ever played online, you know heckling is considered terrible behavior the gaming community. We can only hope she cleans up her act and stops faking.

1 Faking It For the Greater Good

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Faking it doesn’t always have ill intentions. This fake gamer girl knew that pretending to like games would make people more interested in her. She wasn’t using their attention to get more likes or subscribers for selfish reasons. She did it to spread awareness of the Extra Life, which unites gamers to support a local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. The organization has raised over $30 million since it was founded in 2008. She was only pretending to be a gamer to help sick children, who are too young and innocent to help themselves. We give fake gamer girls a hard time, but she did it for a good cause. She’s not ashamed of her misdeeds, and in this case, we're happy to forgive her.

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