Who’s Hotter? 25 Voice Actresses Compared To Their In-Game Characters

Today’s world of gaming is a mainstream activity enjoyed by all. Throughout the years, the hardware improved to allow for games to look better and better, and its female characters more and more alluring. Gaming started as a niche market and has developed into a lucrative medium where even those from corporate America and Hollywood want a slice.

It is not just for the hardcore nerd, anymore. Everyone is doing it. As the medium has developed, so has its capacity to create multi-faceted women characters who are not much different than their flesh and blood counterparts. Nowadays, well-known and well-established silver screen starlets are jumping at the opportunity of looking for the next great voice acting role.

Yet, from the days of a few cluster of pixels to complex polygons, one idea that has never seemed to disappear is that sex sells video games. This goes all the way back to the Atari 2600 with Custer’s Revenge, and Samus taking off her armor in the original Metroid. As technology improved, so did the quality of the sexual appeal exhibited by these female characters. And just when you think humanity has evolved to refined sophistication, here comes the news article talking about awesome nude mods of Chun Li for Street Fighter V.

Just know that when you see those gorgeous video game vixens, there are equally lovely human faces to supply their voices, because everyone wants to be part of a video game, from Oscar-winner to bikini model. Submitted for your approval, here is a list of hot characters and their gorgeous actresses.

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25 Tasya Teles – Sitara Dhawan (Watch Dogs 2)

via sharpmagazine.com/digital-zky.deviantart.com

Of Brazilian and Ukrainian heritage, Tasya Teles had numerous roles across The CW’s lineup of shows, including Supernatural, IZombie, and The 100. Though not a big-time actress quite yet, Teles is definitely a big-time beauty. She is known in the gaming community as the voice actress for Sitara Dhawan, the super-intelligent hacker from Watch Dogs 2. There are very few characters of Indian descent that appear in Western-made games, and Dhawan is a wonderful addition. As a complete package of beauty, brains, and brawn, she might give Teles a run for her money. Over the years, developers have been reliant on motion-capture technology, so it was a refreshing choice to have Teles only do the voice acting

24 Aya Hirano – Zephie (MagnaCarta 2)

via kabook.com and 163.com

Voice actresses in Japan are idolized not only for their voices, but also their outward appearance. Known as the voice of Haruhi Suzumiya, no one appears to yield more power over the otaku than Aya Hirano. With a face tailor-made to be a pop idol and an incredible acting talent, Hirano is the gold standard amongst her seiyuu peers. She even goes the extra mile by having photoshoots in her swimsuit. She has such a devoted following that rumors of her relationships have sparked outrage among fans, with several scorned individuals filming the burning of her merchandise. Among her many roles, Hirano voiced Zephie, the Princess of Lanzheim and the main protagonist in MagnaCarta 2, a role-playing game developed by Softmax. There is never a moment when her breasts aren’t close to spilling out of her corset, which makes it very hard to pay attention to the rest of the game. Also, it is impossible to search for MagnaCarta 2 without images of Zephie in her sexy corset populating the results.

23 Stefanie Joosten – Quiet (Metal Gear Solid V)

via pinterest and wcctech.com

The choice to insert Quiet in the Metal Gear Solid series is often not a popular one, and when the public saw her outfit, even more arguments broke out. Then, when a clip of shower scene was released, people went berserk. I remember the buzz surrounding her action figure produced by Square Enix’s toy division, which featured squishable breasts made from soft plastic. The only thing not up for debate is the decision to cast Stefanie Joosten to provide her likeness and voice to the silent sniper. The Dutch beauty began her career in Japan as a commercial model until she recognized the legendary developer, Hideo Kojima, at one of her auditions for a top-secret video game project. Of course, the secret game in question is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Gaming forums haven’t been the same, since.

22 Jules de Jongh – Faith Connors (Mirror’s Edge)

via flickr.com and allswalls.com

A veteran voice actress based in the UK, Jules de Jongh is best known for her work on the Thomas & Friends show and an amazing amount of video game voice acting, typically in supporting or narrating roles. Her role of Faith Connors in the Mirror’s Edge is what gamers remember most. Faith Connors is the parkour-practicing runner who has been popular with cosplayers due to the ease of reproducing her outfit and the utter coolness of her characterization. Faith’s appearance as someone with Asian descent caught the attention of the gaming world, and the interesting mechanics of Mirror’s Edge kept gamers coming back.

21 Ayumi Ito / Rachael Leigh Cook – Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII)

via kaumo.jp, 6iee.com, and guidewars2.com

It is not often one character can have two beautiful actresses, but Tifa is the one. Hands down, she is one of the sexiest Final Fantasy characters in existence, with ample photographic proof. Go Google Tifa Lockhart, and it is all erotic fan-art and sexy cosplays. Enough said.

Occasionally, Ayumi Ito has hairstyles that closely resembles Tifa Lockhart, which could be a method to get into character. She is a mainstream actress whose voice acting debut was as Tifa in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, as well as cameoing in subsequent releases, Kingdom Hearts II and Dissidia 012. Ito is still a flawless beauty.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only teenage boy who was obsessed over Rachael Leigh Cook when She’s All That premiered in theaters. Adding to the embarrassing fact that I used to read The Baby-Sitters Club books, Cook was my celebrity crush up until Emma Stone played Jules in Superbad. Amazingly, she has voiced every Tifa role from Dirge of Cerberus to Advent Children.

20 Eliza Dushku – Rubi Malone (WET)

via alchetron.com and suwalls.com

The ageless wonder known as Eliza Dushku has the same amount of canceled shows on Fox as Seth Green, but her hotness has never been in question. While playing the role of Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, Dushku was bombarded with fan mail from prisoners of maximum security prisons across the country. Apparently, they play Buffy during rec time. Since then, she has voice acted for numerous games such as Saints Row 2 and Yazuka, but none is more fitting of Dushku’s onscreen image of a bad-ass than playing Rubi Malone of the game, WET. Part Michonne, part Black Widow, there is perhaps no better mercenary for hire this side of Deadpool than the hypersexual vixen, Rubi Malone. Unfortunately, there will not be a sequel for this fabulous lady.

19 Danielle Nicolet – Jacqui Briggs (Mortal Kombat X)

via digitalspy and testyourmight.com

Seasoned actress of the small and big screens, Danielle Nicolet, is no stranger to voice acting in video games, playing powerful and dangerous female characters. She is best known for playing Shaundi of the Saints Rows series after Eliza Dushku’s departure, and Jacqui Briggs in Mortal Kombat X. Daughter of Mortal Kombat mainstay and powerhouse, Jax, Jacqui Briggs is as beautiful as she is dangerous. One of my favorite things about Briggs is her practical outfits utilized by the game designers. She looks like a woman ready to go into battle rather than going to work a street corner. Don’t stare too long at her, or she will punch your eyes out of the back of your head.

18 Lauren Landa – Kasumi (Dead Or Alive)

via youtube and 4players.de

Lauren Landa has no shortage of credentials and experience when it comes to voice acting. It is harder to find a popular anime or Japanese-developed game that doesn’t have Landa voicing one of the characters. What is debatable is her status on any top list for hottest voice actresses. Why did I put her on here? I am partial to alternative beauties, and there is something very 'geek goddess' about Landa that is hard to describe. Less of a conundrum is the status of one of her roles, Kasumi of the Dead or Alive series. Created by the same folks who spent time researching breast physics, can you expect anything less from Team Ninja when creating a bombshell for one of their title franchises?

17 Mila Kunis – Meg Griffin (Family Guy Back To The Multiverse)

via huffingtonpost.com and pinterest

Already known to be obsessed with gaming, Mila Kunis might be one of the most gorgeous people on the planet. Soon after being cast on That’s ‘70s Show as the pretty (but annoying) cheerleader, Jackie Burkhart, Kunis became a voice actress by replacing Lacey Chabert as Meg Griffin in Family Guy. She has even gone on to co-star with Mark Wahlberg in the film adaptation of Max Payne. Kunis often speaks about her obsession with the MMO, World of Warcraft. As if she wasn’t already considered hot. She did manage to become a video game voice actress by voicing Meg in Family Guy Back to the Multiverse. Cue the sad trombone. Now, this might be the easiest choice out of this list, but to her credit, Meg was hot for one episode, “Don’t Make Me Over.”

16 Maaya Uchida – Miu Hinasaki (Fatal Frame: Maiden Of The Black Water)

via animeloversbd.com and wikia.com

A rising star in the world of anime voice acting, Maaya Uchida has a look that has allowed her to cross over to gravure and live-action roles. Walking around the Akihabara district in Tokyo, there are often several large banners of her face plastered across large buildings. Also, her singing ability could catapult her to legendary status in no time. Voiced by Uchida, Miu Hinasaki is one of the main characters of the Japanese horror game, Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water. Besides being blessed with psychic ability, Hinasaki is also blessed with having a beautiful exterior. Her occupation, before searching for her long-lost mother on Mount Hikami, was being a gravure idol. Of course, the distasteful nature of having a seventeen-year-old pose in a swimsuit is something worth mentioning.

15 Courtenay Taylor – Ada Wong (Resident Evil)

via n4g.com and gamewise.co

Courtenay Taylor’s voice has graced such major gaming franchises such as Star Wars: KOTOR, Mass Effect, Fallout, and Titanfall. That is quite a curriculum vitae. Chances are you have heard her voice on television, and not even have known. Perhaps her most influential role is her portrayals of Ada Wong from the Resident Evil series. Known for her high-slit qipao, Wong is the epitome of sexual eye-candy. Though she has traded in her long dress in lieu of more practical clothing, she retains most of her sexuality and closely embodies the trope of “Small Girl, Big Gun.” Honestly, it is hilarious to see a woman in a qipao wielded a minigun or a crossbow, but because it’s so insane you cannot help but remember it.

14 Susan Dalian – Storm (Marvel Vs. Capcom 3)

via movieweb.com and youtube

An accomplished voice actress, Susan Dalian is best known for playing Haku in the Naruto anime and game series. Playing various roles in Marvel animation, her most popular role is portraying the famed X-Men Storm in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Portrayed in the most of the films by the incomparable Halle Berry, the character of Storm combines vast superpowers, responsibility, and beauty into a lovely spandex package. In Marvel vs. Capcom 3, she dons her form-fitting outfit once again, showing even more skin than her previous gaming incarnations. There is just something about fighting games that always calls for more skin, and MVC 3 is no different. Chun Li, Morrigan, Storm, Hulk, and Zangief. There is enough exposed skin for everyone.

13 Laura Bailey – Chun-Li (Street Fighter IV, V)

via twitter and shoryuken.com

Born in Biloxi, Mississippi, Laura Bailey grew up to be an incredibly influential voice actress for English-dubbed anime in America. She has lent her voice to Dragon Ball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, Code Geass, Naruto, and Soul Eater. Also, she was Shin-Chan of Crayon Shin-Chan, a character who shows up nude more times on screen than everyone on this list combined. Bailey is no stranger to games, either, providing the voice to the titular character of Catherine and Chun-Li since Street Fighter IV. Chun-Li is one of the most popular characters that Capcom has to offer, with limitless sex appeal for gamers. A delicate balance of athleticism, deadliness, and beauty, I am sure I don’t need to convince anyone of Chun Li’s inclusion on this list.

12 Adrienne Wilkinson – Maris Brood (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed)

via alchetron.com and wookiepedia

Having a long live-action career in television series such as Xena: Warrior Princess and ER, Adrienne Wilkinson found her niche being a voice actress for over 50 different characters, including gaming roles in Dead to Rights, Saints Row, and several Star Wars games. Wilkinson provided the likeness and voice for Maris Brood in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Brood, the corrupted Jedi, is one of the opponents Starkiller must battle as an apprentice of Darth Vader. Wielding her dual lightsabers like Tonfa sticks, Brood is eventually overpowered by the protagonist but has her life spared. Though she lent her image to the character, it is hard to see any resemblance to the voice actress. No doubt, Brood is one of the more interesting ladies in Star Wars lore.

11 Kana Hanazawa – Deuce (Final Fantasy Type-0)

via otakuart.com and finalfantasy.wikia.com

Being one of the premier voice actresses in the anime industry, Kana Hanazawa has won numerous awards and is a capable vocalist who has ranked atop the Oricon. Hanazawa maintains a classy and modest public image, typical of most seiyuu, and is considered pure beauty to her fans. No stranger to video game voice acting, she has lent her talent to Granblue Fantasy and Final Fantasy Type-0. Deuce, voiced by Hanazawa, is a kind-hearted brunette from Final Fantasy Type-0 who relies on sound projectiles in her attacks. Similar to Hanazawa, Deuce’s looks are extremely understated with charms typical of the “Girl-next-door.” She is no bombshell, but her inner-beauty meshes well with her physical appearance to create quite an attractive character.

10 Caitlin Glass – Cammy (Street Fighter IV, V)

via animerevolution.ca and youtube

In addition to being a voice actress, Caitlin Glass is also a director and writer. I wonder when she has time to sleep. There isn’t a Funimation dubbing that doesn’t contain the services of this talented lady. In terms of gaming, Glass is known for voicing the character of Cammy since the beginning of Street Fighter IV. Since her introduction in Super Street Fighter II, Cammy has been in a constant war with Chun-Li over who can show the most butt cheeks in any given frame. It is no surprise that she is constantly ranked high on lists of hot gaming characters (and any contests dealing on the topic of butts). In other words, she would make Tina Belcher proud.

9 Nana Mizuki - Jessica Sherawat (Resident Evil)

via tokyogirlsupdate.com and steamcommunity.com

Voice actresses in Japan are often required to sing. Being trained as in Enka, a genre of music exclusive to Japan, it is no wonder Nana Mizuki is capable of being an elite actress with a dynamite voice. Among anime fans, Mizuki is the most successful seiyuu, right now, without question. She was the first ever voice actress to place number one the Oricon singles and albums charts. With all that talent, people tend to overlook her appearance. She is quite a looker, but not quite as in-your-face as one the character she portrays, Jessica Sherawat of Resident Evil: Revelations. Sherawat is what fanboys dream about. Her wetsuit shows a bare leg for no apparent reason, other than making haters angry. It really brings home the idea that she is an unwholesome woman. Quite a departure from Mizuki, to be honest.

8 Charlet Chung – D.Va (Overwatch)

via twitter and artgerm.deviantart.com

Bouncing around television gigs for the early part of her career, Charlet Chung found her footing in video game voice acting in the Call of Duty series and several Blizzard titles. However, the role that rocketed Chung to video game royalty is playing the bilingual, mech-riding cutie, D.Va in Overwatch.

D.Va has been an instant hit with men and women. Currently, Blizzard offers leggings that look like D.Va’s exoskeletal suit, and it is near impossible to attend a convention and not run into several dozen cosplayers dressing as her. Honestly, some of the cosplayers look even better than the character. As the game rose to astronomical popularity, Chung and D.Va appear inseparable. One fan created a render of Chung as D.Va that was so convincing, she should just play her in the future live-action projects, as well.

7 Emily Rose – Elena Fisher (Uncharted 3)

via hallmarkchannel.com and uncharted wiki

Did you know Emily Rose is the reason why many people watch the SyFy channel? I cannot provide concrete or statistical evidence to prove that, but when you glance at the Haven actress, it is quite plausible that what I stated is true. As lovely as she is, Rose doesn’t appear to be the helpless type, and this reflects the character she portrays. So, when she lent her face and voice to Drake’s love interest in Uncharted, Elena Fisher, it was a match made in heaven. Besides, Fisher is someone who could easily get herself out of trouble. This is a lady who survived a grenade blast. No wonder Drake cannot let her go. He should, though, because he’s a terrible husband.

6 Ashley Johnson – Ellie (The Last of Us 2)

via pkbaseline.com and playstation.de

Known to mass audiences as Chrissy Seaver in the sitcom, Growing Pains, Ashley Johnson is known in the world of gaming as Ellie in the smash hit, The Last of Us. That role also netted Johnson a BAFTA and VGX Award.

Here we are discussing the 19-year-old version of the beloved Ellie in the forthcoming The Last of Us 2. Ellie grows up to a pretty woman who is carrying a lot of emotional baggage and hatred for the world around her. Surely, Seaver will provide another award-winning performance in the second chapter.

5 Camilla Luddington – Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

via nyfa.edu and killscreen.com

When you portray Cate Middleton in a Lifetime TV movie about the royal couple, there is little else you can do to impress your friends and family. That is until you lend your face and voice to the original icon of video game vixens, Lara Croft in Tomb Raider series reboot. Then, you pretty much impress millions upon millions of gamers, worldwide. Luddington does an admirable job in portraying the grittier Lara Croft, who is now much more than just large breasts and Botox lips. This Croft scales snow-filled mountains, wards off bear attacks, and is finally anatomically-correct. In the looks department, Luddington can give the Tomb Raider a run for her money.

4 Hayden Panettiere – Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)

via heightsandweights.com and disney.wikia.com

No one has had a busier acting career before the age of 20 than Hayden Panettiere. Did you know that she was in a Playskool commercial as an 11-month-old? She was made for the screen. Since those days, Panettiere has been a series regular on One Life to Live, Guiding Light, Heroes, and Nashville. In the world of video games, she voiced Sam in the interactive survival game Until Dawn and Kairi in the Kingdom Hearts series. As Kairi is displayed in an odd and unrealistic Kingdom Hearts style, it is hard to gauge how she would appear when given actual human proportions. A lot of cosplayers and artists have given us a glimpse of how she might appear if she looked more real, and it’s actually not bad.

3 Jenn Taylor – Cortana (Halo 4)

via nbcnews.com and windowcentral.com

Jenn Taylor is a veteran of voice acting for video games, with such roles as Princess Peach in the Mario franchise, Medusa in Dota 2, and Zoey in the Left 4 Dead series. However, her best and most memorable role is as Cortana in the Halo games. Her performance during Cortana’s sacrifice and farewell moment with Master Chief left me in tears. Created from Dr. Catherine Halsey’s brain, Cortana acts as the A.I. without a true physical body, yet her chosen avatar is as a naked human female, who might be the appearance of a young Dr. Halsey. As the series progressed, Cortana’s avatar improved, drastically, in complexity. By Halo 4, she appeared extremely lifelike and attractive by comparison to her previous incarnations. I wonder if Microsoft’s Cortana will also look like her. One can only dream.

2 Yvonne Strahovski – Miranda Lawson (Mass Effect)

via yvonne-strahovski.eu and kotaku

Ever since seeing her portray Sarah Walker in the NBC series, Chuck, there has been no doubt that Yvonne Strahovski is a certified blonde bombshell and worthy of the hot actress lists she ranks in. The Australian-born actress is best known to gamers as Miranda Lawson in the Mass Effect series. Like the lady who played her, Lawson is also a bombshell with many screenshot-able moments. The femme fatale is one of the most talked about characters in gaming, today. Most of the conversation is about her ridiculous curves and how Bioware purposely throws it in everyone’s faces. That being said, it is hard to top the real-world assets of Strahovski.

1 Tara Strong – Juliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw)/Harley Quinn (Batman: Arkham City)

via tarastrong.com, bleedingcool.com, and youtube

Among the voice acting industry in America, Tara Strong has reached legendary status among fans of multiple franchises. Now in her mid-40s and a mother of two, she is still a beauty with immense talent to match. From My Little Pony to Mortal Kombat to Final Fantasy to Spirited Away, Strong has done it all. She has voiced so many video game vixens that it is hard to pick just one. Therefore, I must pick Juliet Starling and Harley Quinn, because both has seen cosplay success in conventions, nationwide. What happens when you give a teenager a chainsaw, and have her battle hordes of zombies? You get the most absurd piece of eye candy this side of the Cosmos. What happens when you give a sexy clown a baseball bat, and tell her to kill Batman? Well, I think you see the pattern here. Plus, Strong cosplaying as Quinn gave her a lot of street-cred among all gamers.

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