23 Reasons Why Gamers Actually Make The Best Employees

The community known as gamers are a diverse and skillful bunch. The term gamer alone is just too wide open to rightfully brand us all as the same.  The stereotypical use of the word 'Gamer' is used in modern day society to define someone who spends their free-time playing Video or Role-Playing games. So whether you're a level two-hundred, Paladin, Orc, called George or you're a first-person-shooter addict, the term Gamer defines you. As gamers, we live and breath the gaming industry for everything it is. Some of us may try and split-up the term 'gamer' because they feel there're various different types of Gamers.

We're here today to look at what secretly makes Gamers the best employees. Little skills, perks, attitudes, and behaviors make up the many reasons why us Gamers are undoubtedly the best employees. We'll be looking into the things that gamers have onboard that makes them the ideal candidate for pretty much any job. All these skills can be acquired through an interest in gaming. Perhaps some of these will shock you and others will relate to you, what's important is that you can identify these skills within yourselves.

I've taken my own experiences from my work life, I'll be talking about these where it is relevant. There's some funny stories, cunning examples and mentioning of moments in my work-life where I can look back on it and thank been a gamer for said skill. So get your notepad ready! Let's look at 30 Reasons Why Gamers Secretly Make The Best Employees.

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23 Anything To Increase Those Skill-Lines

Via: Ben DeVane

An Engineer walks into a room, looks at the broken engine he has been called out to fix, scratches his head, then bangs his hammer on the engine. Eureka! The engine works. When the Engineer delivers the bill to the engine owner, the owner almost falls through the floor! $1,000 for banging your hammer! $10 for the hammer $40 for transport and $950 for knowing where to hit.

In the same fashion as the Engineer, we can learn some pretty amazing skills!

As gamers, our brains have these imaginary skill-lines and our abilities to absorb knowledge and adapt to new situations makes us highly valuable as employees. Some of these skills can be very rewarding, both knowledge worthy and financially beneficial. Level 100 Sandwich maker seeking employment!?

22 Hand-Eye Accuracy

Via: Huff Industrial Marketing

Let’s not pretend that accuracy is something gamers take lightly. It can be the difference between getting aggravation and dishing it out in the virtual battlefield. Missing that sniper-shot and getting your whole squad wiped can be traumatizing! In the event that a crazy gaming sniper is hired, it can be great for your business. These gamers are less likely to miss finer-details making them great cleaners! Furthermore, they’re talented with precision-based tasks like cutting in straight lines, making them talented welders, joiners, and carpenters. Hand-eye coordination and accuracy are two traits that can really be beneficial in life.

21 We Never Give-Up

via pinterst.com

Are you sick of your employees looking at the job that needs doing and walking off, never to be seen again? Fear no more, you need to get yourself a difficulty addicted gamer. We’re the gamers who die, again and again, but never give up. Granted, we die to do something extremely difficult in a game, like its hardest mode or its toughest trophy/achievement. I’ve had it myself working in factories where people have just stood up and walked out because of the job that needed doing. All the while I’m thinking, yeah this task is lengthy and tedious, but so was the Halo 4, Legendary campaign!

20 Leadership Experience

Via: YouTube.com (GoatBread)

Clans, Guilds and Squads alike… We’ve all been a part of one at some point or another. Standing at the tip of the iceberg, the top of the ladder, the creme-de-la-creme, every society needs a leader. For this reason, gamers who have been leaders at some point make for great leadership roles in the workplace. Management of your society, recruiting new members and increasing the power behind the name are all good practices for leaders. Managing roles and recruiting jobs are perfect for gaming leaders.

19 Problem-Solving Is Second Nature

Via: Gamer Walkthroughs

Puzzles, Platformers, role-playing-games… All these genres involve solving problems. Commonly, problem-solving comes as second nature to many gamers, having beaten puzzle after puzzle in the games they’ve played.

Media related jobs, management based sectors, and production, all revolve around great problem-solvers.

Gamers can go on to get some very interesting jobs and career-lines based on their capability to solve problems. One of the key factors in Video Game production is problem-solving; so why not give something back to the community?

18 We Love Questing!

Via: Medium

Gamers can break big jobs up into smaller tasks in their head. As gamers, we’re used to grinding many tedious hours of quests out, so breaking things down comes naturally to us. Seeing each job we do as a smaller quest. Giving us imaginary XP and real-life gold for our time! Every time we find a note with our name on it or get directed to a specific job by someone, we consider these quest givers. If you never finish the quest you never get rewarded. Where’s my mop and shield?

17 Daydreamer

Via: deviantart.com/cameronmark

Being able to shut-off your brain and just crack on with the job is something a lot of people struggle with, myself included. I found the best way to deal with tedious and repetitive manual labour is to just shut off and start daydreaming. I’m not alone neither, I’ve worked with and spoken to various other gamers who’ve done the same thing! To put it another way, setting objectives in your head, thinking about what you’re going to play tonight and trying to work out colleagues stories from a glance can pass the time nicely. Workers who can shut off like this make great pickers and packers in factories across the world.

16 Gamers United

Via: Black Nerd Problems

Without a doubt, one of the best things about employing gamers is employing more of them. Gamers can bounce of one another, their personalities, experiences and tastes can all contribute towards a healthy friendship between two employees. Talking about their hobbies and passions in the virtual world can boost staff morale and make the day go faster for them. Commonly, a stereotype cast onto gamers is that they’re quiet and shy, talking and working with other gamers can benefit the workers who fall into this stereotype. In other words, don’t just employe the clan leader, employe his entire clan too!

15 No 'I' In Team

Via: Medium

From running with friends to taking part in clan-based activities, most gamers use teamwork on a daily business and think nothing of it. Although this may be true, only so many gamers can go into reality and keep these teamwork skills. Those of us who can keep these skills make great friends with everyone, keep people motivated, focused and get the job done. When someone says they completed the Criminal Mastermind challenge on GTA V or got to wave forty on COD Zombies, take heed of that, these activities take massive amounts of teamwork!

14 Eagle Vision

Assassin's Creed Wiki - Fandom

When I used to work as a cleaning operative in the local mall we had to have a good eye on us. Able to spot trouble or danger, before it happens. Obviously, Foresight doesn't just come from solid gaming, but it definitely helps us with it. Stealth games, in addition, have helped train gamers over the years to spot things before they happen, see the end result in our minds and then act on it to prevent the incident occurring. Gamer’s ability to foresee the future makes them ideal employees for public places!

13 Level Twenty Intelligence

Via: Articles - Gamerheadquarters

On the other end of the scale, we can also know some weirdly important information that we’ll use in our everyday lives. Games can teach us (among other things) other languages, how to read and write, simple mathematical skills and key historical events. Then there are the games that teach us about survival, like Fallout and The Last of Us.

Some gamers can even tell you how to drive, load a gun, and rob a bank without ever needing to do so.

Most of this information we’ll never need, but I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Not that the need to rob a bank should arise anytime soon… nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

12 Prophet's Eye

Via: Wikipedia/Aristotle

Prophets and fortune-tellers are a common sight in the gaming world. Their words, philosophy, and wisdom not only stay with us through life, but we pass their teachings onto others. A very popular example of this is “war… war never changes” from the Fallout series. Prophetic gamers might revise the saying dependant on the job “Sweeping… Sweeping never changes.” These gaming employees make the best sort of people to talk to and are usually full of old-wives-tales and philosophy of their own, uttering phrases that ring around our heads for years to come. We might not be Aristotle (above), but we’ll have a good go anyway!

11 Serious Role-Playing!

Via: Kickstarter

Those of us who are dedicated role-players can make some very interesting colleagues. In the first place, these gamers can be pretty good actors, although this can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, these role-players can cheer you up and make your day, even if they aren’t been completely honest; being your friend is just another role they’ll play. On the other hand, they can be vicious to the ones they dislike, playing the role of an enemy can come naturally to some gamers. Ultimately, role-players can be with or against you, but they’ll always have a role to play. Public-sector jobs are ideal for them!

10 Keeping An Open-Mind

Via: Medium

Frequently in games, we have scenarios thrown at us that really open our minds to new possibilities. This is great practice for the modern world work-force. It’s important to realize, we live in a world where things are always changing, what we believe as fact today, is the laughter of tomorrow. Aside from generating interesting conversation with your fellow employees, been open-minded helps to accept the differences between us all as people. Another key skill that makes gamers the best employees. For a bit of mind-bending fun, try and imagine what is beyond the darkness of space...

9 Pulling Back Our Ears

Via: Sensational Achievements

Opening our ears and taking orders comes as a second language to most gamers. We’ve spent years following objectives, quests, and missions. Gamers make great listeners! Whether you’re looking for someone’s ear to bend or you’re delivering in-depth instructions, gamers will listen to you like you’re their next level-up! Listening skills are highly sought after in the workplace and been able to take on-board complex information or allow a colleague to confide in us is what makes us the best employees!

8 Loyalty First

Via: Medium

Another key point for the gaming societies like guilds and clans is loyalty. Loyalty makes the world go round. What’s the point in leading a community that nobody is loyal towards. For this reason, games can be incredible sources of loyalty.

Loyalty is the backbone of every successful gaming society.

As a result of gaming, you may find that your ability to be loyal to a cause, person or brand can make you highly sought after in the workplace. Loyal employees make the best employees, workers that can take the worst days on the chin and still turn up to work the day after are the most loyal.

7 Creative Spark

Via: MC2 - Bid4Papers

As games have evolved over time they’ve implemented more and more creative features. Map builders, logo makers, and customization are a few of the creative tools we can delve into with our games. Expert map-builders can make great architects or level-designers and builders in the games industry. Logo makers can help us transition into using PhotoShop and other image manipulation software. Even customization options can open our minds to the future fashion possibilities. If you’ve got a passion for expressing your creative side, then getting a creative job might not seem like work to you at all!

6 Combat Practice

Via: Wallin & Klarich

Every gamer has this burning passion inside them for combat and adventure. Sword fighting and mischievous behavior can help fuel our adrenaline-orientated need to play fight. When I worked at a local bakery, we’d have hours of fun playing pranks on one another to get through the day. One of my favorites was blowing breadcrumbs into my friend's face, sword fighting with foam or throwing stale bread at one-another from across the bakery, taking cover behind machines. Working at the bakery was some of the most fun I’ve ever had as a gamer!

5 One World

Via: Odyssey

One of the best things the majority of modern-day gamers have going for them is their blindness to the differences our forefathers saw. Race, color, creed, it makes little difference on the virtual battlefield. Because of this unique skill most gamers posses, they make great additions to multicultural teams.

These gamers are the real pioneers of tomorrow.

I come from a somewhat closed-minded town, I love my hometown with all my heart, but racism and hate is something that can be passed on from generation to generation. Thankfully, I’m not that way inclined and see everyone as individuals, rather than religions, races or creeds.

4 One For The Colleagues

Via: Redbooth

Trust and dependency is something that gamers can take very seriously. Going the above and beyond for their colleagues is something that comes natural to most gamers because of the number of people we help on a daily basis in the virtual world. My old Games Development tutor once told me there are two types of players, those who help people and those who hinder them. It’s this lesson I carry with me in life, helping people in the virtual world and the real one. These helpful gamers make the best colleagues.

3 One For The Managment

Via: BBC.com

Alternatively to the above gamers, some are shy, timid and keep themselves to themselves. They rarely stray from the straight and narrow and follow some sort of law and order in everything they do. By all means, these gamers can be somewhat received with mixed reactions by their colleagues, but are loved by the management. They’re the types to report things going wrong in the workplace and usually find internal promotion very quickly. Ultimately, helping them come out of their shell.

2 Extreme Sense Of Style

Via: twitter.com/cosplaycorral

When I worked as a car park attendant at the local shopping mall, I found myself with various bits and bobs of safety gear. This Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was vital for completing certain jobs safely. Welding goggles protect my eyes when clearing bird feces. Sunglasses were great for cleaning lights. Thick gloves were fantastic at protecting my hands against the wear and tear of keeping a carpark clean.

You can bet your bottom dollar I used to wear all these things at the same time!

I felt like some kind of next-gen protagonist as I overlooked my home-town dressed like a Marvel reject. When I lost my belt I used to use an elastic cable to keep my trousers up. 

1 Lay Of The Land

Via: Eurogamer

I’ve had a few jobs over the years, many of which were zero-hour contracts. These contracts get employees into various businesses that need the workers for an unset amount of hours. Whenever I entered a new factory or workplace, it wouldn’t take me long to learn the lay of the land. Camera positions, linking corridors, and large work areas dot the various workplace environment. Stealth games have taught us over the years to spot these types of things, making gamers the go-to choice for quick adaptation in different environments.

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