Why Minecraft: Story Mode Episodes Now Cost $100 Each

If you're in the mood for some Minecraft and want to try out Minecraft: Story Mode, the Telltale experience on the Xbox marketplace, you might want to hold off-- each episode will set you back $99.99 each, and there are a total of 13 for Season 1 and Season 2.

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That's not a mistake or a pricing error-- it's meant as a deterrent.

"Minecraft: Story Mode games will no longer be supported via the necessary game servers on June 25th, 2019," is the official reply from Mojang. The problem? Removing the game from the Xbox marketplace would remove the game from the people who had digitally downloaded it.

The hope is that would-be buyers will see the pricetag, say "No thanks" and move on instead of paying $1300 for the full experience. And clicking "buy" just to see what happens isn't recommended, either-- you will be charged.

It certainly seems to be an odd way to go about this, and even the creators are a little perturbed. Jonathan Stauder, a former director at Telltale, called the process of erasing his game "surreal" and noted that other Telltale games seem unaffected by this bizarre event. Tales from the Borderlands, a Telltale game based around Borderlands 1 and 2, is simply gone from the storefront, while Batman: The Telltale series is still up at $5 per episode, according to Polygon.

The reason for all this chaos is the shutdown of Telltale games in 2018. GOG.com announced the removal of the studio's games, taking them offline but still allowing those who purchased the titles to keep them in their library. Why only one game is receiving this strange treatment is odd.

Whoever manages the Facebook account writes that for players who purchased the season pass or episodes individually, removing the game would mean they couldn't redownload or download the episodes they haven't played- so the solution was to re-list the downloadable content.

What this means going forward for Telltale's remaining games is unknown-- whether Batman will get the same treatment in the longrun or not is up in the air, but if you missed out on Telltale's Minecraft and want to play it before it's gone, your best bet would probably be buying a physical copy. With Mojang ending support for Telltale, demand might even rise for the physical CDs- there's no way to know.

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