Win A Free Year Of Internet Service And $1,000 Just For Playing Fortnite

Does playing video games sound like a dream job to you? Well you should really do your research then, because people who test games for a living often tell horror stories about the experience. Being a QA tester is more about playing the same section over and over again, over long hours for a contract that could go away at any time. Or maybe you want to be an esports pro/Twitch star. That could work, as long as you're not female and don't mind people hating you for no reason.

The dream of gaming for a living is sadly not as gratifying as it sounds. A new contest, however, is trying to change that. Win, and you'll get paid $1000 to play Fortnite for 50 hours.

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via GameSpot

The contest is being run by highspeedinternet.com. As the name suggests, it's a site that aims to connect consumers with the fastest internet provider in their area. It's for this goal that the company is holding the "Dream Job" contest. The winner will get $1000 and a year of high speed internet, but they'll have to help advertise to keep it . That's where the "job" part comes in.

The winner must stream Fortnite for at least 50 hours in June and July. They must also use a gaming modem and high-speed internet connection provided by the company to do so. Both of these are crucial, as the winner has to show the world how their new high-speed connection gives them an "edge" in gaming. So basically you get to live like a top Twitch player for two months. Just long enough to get paid, but not so long that random people hate you for existing. That really does sound like a dream job.

As always, there are terms and conditions that you should read before applying. The contest is only open to adults who can legally work in the U.S. There's also some paperwork involved, as you have to file regular reports on how your new internet is faring versus your old internet. Overall, that's not asking a lot. We'd say that's worth it for the chance to play Fortnite as a part-time job. It's less stressful than being a barista, at least.

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