The 10 Best Witcher 3 Builds, Ranked

One of the most iconic games out there, The Witcher 3's popularity stems first and foremost from its vivid world and compelling story line, and second from the freedom the player gets when it comes to Geralt's growth as a character.

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Every player will have a different way of completing the game, depending on the choices they make in shaping Geralt's skills and expertise in Signs, Combat, Alchemy and General skills. While there's no orthodox way of building your skill tree, there are some combinations that when focused will make Geralt into a powerful opponent no matter what one's approach is.

10 Alchemist Build

Those looking for a more strategic approach to combat the alchemist build might be just the challenge for you. In the Alchemy tree the most useful choices right off the bat will be Oil and Bomb preparation skills, which will allow you to use powerful poisons on your blade, some of which certain enemies will be weak to, as well as craft bombs. The real challenge for this build comes from the fact that it will affect Geralt's toxicity levels, and also keep you busy foraging and gathering for ingredients.

9 Signs-Alchemy Build

All about outwitting your enemies, this combination of Alchemy and Signs makes Geralt the perfect magician and brewmaster. This build takes into account the individual weaknesses of each enemy and exploits them to the fullest degree.

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To really make this combination work, opt for Rage Management from General skills which will allow you to use adrenaline to cast signs and Refreshment from Alchemy to ensure you'll always have some extra vitality at hand. Finally, your main damage will come from Firestream in Signs skills, which is by far the most effective source of strength.

8 Combat-Signs Build

The perfect balance between swordplay and the magic practiced by Geralt, this build is ideal when making the choice between the two seems impossible. Here the focus should be on your Igni Sign to melt the enemy defense and Quen Sign for protection and shield, as they will continue to be useful even against high level enemies. If you have the Blood and Wine expansion, we recommend opting for one Alchemy skill, Euphoria, which will boost your swordplay and Sign intensity. Here, Griffin or medium armor is the best choice since you will be utilizing Signs so much.

7 Full Hybrid Build

The most balanced form of Geralt is taking skills from all the categories. While generally spreading out skills in such manner is not advised, for players wanting to experiment with a bit of everything it's a great option. Some of the objectively best skills in the game to opt for are Armor Techniques from General Skills, Active Shield under the Quen Sign, Firestream from Igni, Muscle Memory and Precise Blows from Combat and Refreshment from Alchemy.

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Depending on what your preferences are, we recommend building your hybrid around these skill choices.

6 High Defense Build

If your play style is waiting for that perfect moment to strike while keeping your enemies at bay, then going for a basic high defense hybrid build is a great idea. From the Signs you should grab crowd control abilities like Yrden to slow down your enemies and Quen to shield and protect yourself. Aard is also useful for pushing away enemies when Geralt gets clumped up. For combat the choice is entirely yours, but if you want true defense then go for Strong Attacks, paired with the Bear School heavy armor to give you that extra protection.

5 Full Sign Build

We're not going to lie, a pure magic user in The Witcher 3 is going to be hard to pull off especially in the late game. That being said, nothing is impossible and the challenge can be surprisingly rewarding. Even for this build you still want to Muscle Memory from Combat skills and Rage Management from General skills. After that, it's up to you which Signs you focus on. The objectively best choices tend to be Melt Armor, Firestream and Active Shield to really give you that 'oomph' as Magician Geralt.

4 High Offense Build

The opposite to the high defense build, whether you're more of a mage or a swordsman, the idea here is to dish out as much damage as possible. Depending on whether you go for Fast or Strong attacks, we recommending opting for Muscle Memory or Strength Training. From the Signs, Aard and Igni will be your best friends, with Firestream still being one of the best damage dealers.

3 Agile Build

If you rather stay light and swift on your feet, the agile build might be more up your alley. Still heavily combat focused, you want to focus most on Fast Attack skills. One of the most notable skills is Whirl, which will allow you to control the battle when multiple foes are attacking you, and Muscle Memory which will boost the damage done for fast attacks.

Consequently you'll want to opt for light armor, preferably the Feline armor and the rest of the Cat School gear that will convert Geralt's kit into that of a quick rogue like fighter.

2 Tank Build

For players looking to deal some serious damage in combat, the mostly combat focused tank build is most ideal. The Strong Attack skills are your friends here in the combat tree, to build up high damage. Couple that with the Bear School Techniques skill from the General skills that will boost your attack and health pool with each piece of heavy armor you equip, as well as preferably Ursine armor, and Geralt will turn into a demolishing tank capable of taking any battle head on.

1 Combat-Alchemy Build

By far the best build in the game this hybrid of Combat and Alchemy is widely used in The Witcher 3's Death March difficulty due to its sustain. Unlock the Heightened Tolerance from Alchemy so you can consume more potions, and Refreshment to help you heal more from them. From Combat, go for Fast Attack with Muscle Memory and Whirl, and from Battle Trance pick Resolve to ensure you lose less adrenaline points when taking damage.

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