The Witcher 3: 10 Optional Side Quests You Should Follow Up On

Side quests are one of the most fun parts of games like The Witcher - and these are the best in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt introduced players to a massive world, full of new lands to explore, characters to meet, and adventures to embark upon. From the wartorn landscape of Velen to the criminal underground of Novigrad to the island nation of Skellige, players were spoiled for choice on where they wanted to go and what they wanted to do.

While the main story of Witcher 3 took us all around the various locales available to us, there is still so much more to do beyond Geralt's hunt for his surrogate daughter Ciri. If you just focused on the story, you'd be missing out on everything from a chance at finding love, a plot against a king, and a fistfight with a troll. With that in mind, here are the 10 secondary quests from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that you should follow up on if you haven't already.

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10 Fists Of Fury: Champion Of Champions

Of the many side quests you'll encounter in The Witcher 3, fistfights are among the more straightforward. The towns and big cities you venture into will often have a group of men duking it out in front of taverns, in the streets, or even in forests. Geralt can participate in these fights, gambling an amount of coin each time and winning it back double if he wins.

Once you complete all the fights throughout the regions of Velen, Novigrad, and Skellige, you are invited to the town of Hov on one of the Skellige Isles. There you will find the Champion of Champions, the undisputed and undefeated master of fistfights - a rock troll. While other hostile trolls you encounter in the game can be dispatched with swords, signs, and other tricks, this troll can only be defeated by wearing him down with your bare hands, making for an intense and difficult fight sure to challenge any who think they have what it takes to become the new Champion of Champions.

9 Face Me If You Dare!

In your travels throughout Velen, you can easily stumble across this unmarked quest. A rather diminutive knight named Ronvid of Small Marsh will challenge Geralt to a duel, claiming that he has vowed to defeat a hundred men in combat for the honor of Maid Bilberry. Geralt is slightly amused by his display and once you enter combat, it doesn't take much to defeat Ronvid.

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This isn't the end, however, as Ronvid crops up again, stronger than before - although not by much, and certainly no match for the witcher. He again challenges you and you again defeat him, after which he retreats again and then finds you once more in the streets of Novigrad, where he has hired the aid of two thugs to help him finally take Geralt down. You have several options now, including going through with fight and finally killing Ronivd, or trying to defuse the situation, which can see everyone return home alive.

8 A Towerful Of Mice

One of the creepier side quests comes after you've met Keira Metz in Velen. You need her help in the main story as you track the whereabouts of an eleven companion of Ciri's, only to find that he has fled and abandoned the place where he was meant to rendezvous with her. Afterwards, you can assist Keira in dealing with a reported haunting on Fyke Isle.

Keira gives Geralt a lamp that lets him see specters of the dead, revealing the story of Fyke - a local lord and his family fled here, and were stormed by a peasant mob. They killed him, his family, and his daughter, whose beloved was one of the peasants in the mob. Upon encountering the daughter's ghost, you can proceed in several ways, although in true Witcher fashion, none of the options lead to a very happy ending for anyone involved.

7 The Cave Of Dreams

Before progressing in the story on Skellige, a quest is available from one of the island nation's jarls, a man by the name of Madman Lugos. His son, Blueboy Lugos, is one of the contenders for the next king of Skellige, and has set off to the fabled Cave of Dreams in order to prove his worth. Madman Lugos asks Geralt's aid in helping his son and companions through the cave.

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If Geralt accepts, he can find Blueboy and his company on the coast, preparing to enter the Cave of Dreams. You can accompany them in, whereupon the group encounters psychedelic mushroom spores that make them see their worst fears. This reveals the true nature of each of the characters accompanying you, and the final fear that you face is Geralt's own nightmare.

6 Return To Crookback Bog

All that you need to do in Velen is help Phillip Strenger, aka the Bloody Baron, determine the location of his wife and daughter. He will then provide you with information about Ciri, and you can part ways at that time. If you stick around, however, the Baron will ask for your help in rescuing his wife from the Crones of Crookback Bog, kicking off this quest.

Pursuing this storyline separately from the main game sees you fighting your way into Crookback Bog, past hordes of drowners and then facing off against a massive fiend. The quest is also a microcosm of the game as a whole as the consequences of decisions you made come back to haunt you - whether you helped the Crones, protected the orphans of Crookback Bog, or freed the Whispering Hillock earlier on will determine the ultimate fates of the children, the surrounding village, and the Baron's wife.

5 Ghosts Of The Past

This particular quest is only available if you imported a save from The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings in which at the end of the game, you spared the witcher Letho. Alternatively, you can simulate a Witcher 2 save at the beginning where you decide to let Letho live. If he is alive, then he will appear in Velen, and you have the option to help him.

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Letho is on the run from Nilfgaard, as the empire considers him a loose end after he has served his purpose in assassinating the kings of the North. Geralt can aid Letho as a group of attackers descend upon him and try to kill him. If you do help and continue to give Letho aid, you can eventually suggest that he head to Kaer Morhen, where he will be able to return the favor later in the game.

4 Reason Of State

One of the more significant side quests in the game, "Reason of State" is only available after you've found Ciri, and only if you've completed a specific set of other side quests prior to journeying to the Isle of Mists. Finishing the quest will majorly impact how the game ends and who winds up on top in the war between Nilfgaard and the Northern Realms.

Things kick off as Geralt is summoned by Djikstra to meet with him and his allies in a warehouse at the docks. On arrival, you find Djikstra, Thaler, and Vernon Roche waiting for you, informing you of their plan to assassinate Radovid V, king of Redania. Following through with their plan leads to a dramatic confrontation in Novigrad, on the bridge to Temple Isle, and seriously alters the course of history.

3 Following The Thread

This quest begins simply enough, with a contract on a monster that's been killing folk during the night. Investigating leads Geralt across the river to an old boathouse, where he finds an ekimmara, a type of vampire, locked in combat with another witcher and his old friend, Lambert. After assisting Lambert and slaying the monster, the two of you return for your reward, but Lambert has other plans. He attacks the contractor, who, as it turns out, has information on a man named Jad Karadin, a bandit leader who slew a witcher friend of Lambert's some time ago.

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From here, your path diverges from Lambert's as you travel to Skellige to interrogate on of Karadin's old associates. Upon your return and meeting with Lambert once again, it seems that you have enough information to finally piece together exactly where Karadin is hiding. The final confrontation with the man can go several ways, and we'll leave it up to you to decide what the best course of action is.

2 The Last Wish

Geralt's history with the sorceress Yennefer is long, complicated, and full of twists and turns. They originally met while Geralt was dealing with a djinn he had bound to himself, and eventually had to save Yennefer from it by wishing for his fate and her's to be entwined. This has led to them forming a close relationship, although how much of it is true love and how much is the djinn's doing is up for debate.

This is exactly the question the "The Last Wish" seeks to answer, as Yennefer enlists Geralt's help to find a djinn to break the entwining between them, so that they can know once and for all whether they genuinely have feelings for one another or if it's just a magic trick. Following this quest through to its end is necessary for future romantic involvement with Yennefer.

1 Now Or Never

While this final quest is also technically on the romance path for Geralt and Triss Merigold, it has significantly more dire implications than "The Last Wish." In it, Geralt and Triss must aid the remaining mages of Novigrad in their escape from the Witch Hunters, who have been exterminating all magical individuals they come across. It is the culmination of a series of quests with Triss that ultimately decides the fate of the free city of Novigrad.

Assisting Triss and helping the mages leave Novigrad requires a clearing a path through the sewers for them, fighting your way past drowners and bandits as you do. At the end, Geralt must choose whether or not he will let Triss go with the mages to Kovir as their leader, or if he will ask her to stay with him.

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