10 Books Series That Would Make Better Games Than The Witcher 3

While there have been numerous video games that have succeeded due to original storytelling, some of today’s more popular games have been adapted from novels or comic books. One of the best video game series with a massive book following as well is no doubt Metro 2033, as well as the ever-popular fantasy series The Witcher.

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These two franchises prove that the world of video games is ready to tackle the rich tapestry of creative worlds in books and bring them to life. Here are 10 fantasy books that would make better games than even The Witcher 3.

10 The Broken Empire Series By Mark Lawrence

One of the first series that deserves to be looked at for a video game franchise has to be The Broken Empire by author Mark Lawrence. The series follows Jorg Ancrath, a former Prince who left his home after the brutal loss of his mother and sister.

Determined to unite the Broken Empire, Jorg travels post-apocalyptic Europe and gathers a group of outlaws he calls the Brotherhood to achieve his goals. The flawed protagonist who is willing to do whatever it takes no matter how cruel to achieve his goals makes this a very interesting game prospect.

9 A Curse So Dark And Lonely By Brigid Kemmerer

A Curse So Dark And Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer is the perfect way to bring a story of dangerous magic, curses, and romance to the video game industry. A twist on the Beauty and the Beast narrative, the story focuses on a Prince from the land of Emberfall who is cursed to become a ravenous monster and destroy everything he holds dear, repeating his 18th birthday every fall.

When a young girl from D.C. is transported to our world, he finds hope that love can save him from the curse once more. A dark take on a classic tale.

8 Throne Of Glass Series By Sarah J. Maas

This next series is perfect to be adapted into a video game franchise. It revolves around a teenage assassin who lives in a corrupt kingdom ruled by a tyrant. From the first book she is forced to compete in a dangerous battle to the end with several others in order to escape her imprisonment for her crimes, and from there a journey of dangerous missions, complex love, and action-packed drama unfolds.

Just the idea of teen assassins and dangerous politics makes this the perfect series to adapt into a video game, especially given the book series' popularity.

7 Six Of Crows Series By Leigh Bardugo

This next series is actually a duology set within the world of another book series. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo explores the seedy underbelly of Ketterdam, a city inspired by Amsterdam drenched in a style and setting similar to 17th century Dutch Republic standards.

The book relies heavily on magic and primarily pivots around a heist that requires the protagonist Kaz to recruit members of his street gang to help infiltrate the infamous Ice Court. A world filled with magic and backroom criminal activity would be interesting to explore in a game.

6 The Folk Of The Air Series By Holly Black

The really interesting thing that this next book to game adaption could explore is the reversal of humans being the superior species, as it explores a world in which humans are despised and looked down upon by faeries, the higher beings of the book world.

The series, The Folk of the Air by Holly Black, tells the story of a young human girl in the world of faeries and living amongst them, despite their hatred for her and her kind. She must navigate the world in which she is despised, and rise above to fight the oppression human beings have.

5 The Hundredth Queen Series By Emily R. King

This is an interesting one, as it would put gamers into the role of a female protagonist in a fantasy-driven narrative, something that is not utilized often enough in the industry. The series focuses on a young woman plagued by fevers who is taken by a tyrant and forced to fight in a tournament to the end, placed among the tyrant's ninety-nine wives and courtesans.

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She must not only learn to survive and fight, but tap into a mysterious power dwelling deep within her, which seems perfect for a gaming system that would involve leveling up your character.

4 Shades Of Magic Series By V.E. Schwab

This next book is interesting in that it heavily relies on magic, leaving the door open for endless possibilities - gaming wise - for your character. The series, Shades of Magic by V.E. Schwab, follows Kell, a powerful magician known as an Antari.

His people are unique in that they have the ability to travel between parallel Londons. This allows for the characters to jump between worlds, setting the stage for a multiverse of powerful kingdoms known as the Red, White, Grey, and previously the Black Londons. After an exchange goes wrong for Kell, he must escape to the Grey London and fight against perilous magic.

3 Three Dark Crowns Series By Kendare Blake

This next book series is truly exciting, as it revolves around three different perspectives. Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake follows three sisters on the island of Fennbirn who are destined to battle one another for the crown and lead their people.

Each given their own unique abilities, they must navigate their bonds with one another with the knowledge that soon they will have to face one another in battle, and only one can survive and become the rightful ruler of the land. The game could show each sister’s perspective and focus on developing their own natural and powerful abilities.

2 The Broken Earth Series By N.K. Jemisin

The Broken Earth series by N.K. Jemisin is unique in that it combines science with fantasy and takes place on a completely different planet. A world with one giant supercontinent known as the Stillness, the story showcases distinct members of a "class" social system and even has a “fifth” season that spells cataclysmic climate change.

The first book takes place across three different time periods and focuses on the perspectives of three female Orogenes, people who can control and manipulate energy who are feared by the larger society as a whole. It’s a unique opportunity to explore a fantasy mixed with science.

1 The Dark Tower Series By Stephen King

One series that has been ready and perfect for a video game setting for years has to be none other than Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series.

A series that spans not only the eight books in the series, but ties into it’s story several other books he’s written over the years, the story of the last gunslinger, Roland Deschain, in the land known as Mid-World, and his quest to protect the nexus of all reality, The Dark Tower, from the man in black and his master the Crimson King is a wonderful mix of fantasy, horror, and action.

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