The Witcher 3: 10 Worst Things Geralt Has The Chance To Do, Ranked

Geralt has plenty of options in the Witcher - that's the whole point! But these are the choices that lead to the worst outcomes.

The Witcher games are all about the choices you make - to help or to hurt, to take action or to let events unfold on their own. The story is set up to make players ponder the consequences of their actions and think carefully before they commit to something.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt poses many of these troubling quandries, both in the main game and in its expansions. While the protagonist, Geralt of Rivia, may hold to a strict code of neutrality, players are not necessarily bound to this, and so can make a great many choices that lead to some rather unpleasant outcomes. Here are 10 of the worst choices Geralt gets the chance to make.

10 Ignore Skellige's Succession

Over the course of the story, Geralt gets wrapped up in a variety of side plots, including one involving the island nation of Skellige. The Skellige king is dead, and if players wish, they can complete a questline that lets them effectively choose the next king.

However, if Geralt decides to completely ignore the issue in Skellige, the situation devolves into a civil war, with much blood spilled. At the end, Svanrige Bran, the previous king's son, claims the throne and establishes totalitarian rule on the isles.

9 Get Syanna Killed

In the Blood and Wine expansion, Geralt travels to Toussaint and investigates a series of gruesome murders. The mastermind turns out to be Syanna, sister to Duchess Anna Henrietta, who sought to take the throne.

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If Geralt makes the right choices through the game, he can actually help redeem Syanna and repair her relationship with her sister. However, if the wrong choices are made, then the game can just as easily end with Syanna being killed by the vampire she was manipulating to carry out the murders.

8 Stifle Ciri

The last part of Witcher 3 sees players working alongside Geralt's surrogate daughter Ciri after finally finding her. Many of the choices they make can lead to different endings in the game, and one such instance is when Ciri is summoned by the Lodge of Sorceresses.

Geralt can decide to accompany Ciri to the meeting, or let her act independently. If he picks the former, his presence makes Ciri feel as though he doesn't trust her to make her own decisions, putting stress on their relationship and making her doubt herself.

7 Break Yennefer's Heart

There are two major romantic subplots in The Witcher 3, one with Triss Merigold and one with Yennefer of Vengerberg. While the former doesn't really have any moments where Geralt can hurt Triss all that much, the same cannot be said for Yennefer.

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The culmination of Yennefer's romantic subplot occurs as she and Geralt capture a djinn and force it to dissolve a mystical bond that was formed between them years ago. Afterward, Yennefer asks Geralt if he still has feelings for her - to which Geralt can respond with a heartbreaking "No."

6 Kill Keira Metz

Over the course of the game, players will meet a variety of characters who can be recruited as allies to help later on. One such character is Keira Metz, although another option Geralt can choose is to simply kill her.

Keira's side quest ends with her trying to take a plague cure to King Radovid, believing that he will grant her clemency in exchange. Geralt, seeing the danger in giving such information to madman, can choose to either talk Keira out of it - or he can kill her to prevent the knowledge from falling into Radovid's hands.

5 Accept Payment From Emhyr

One option that players have after finding Ciri and defending her from the Wild Hunt is to take her to see Emperor Emhyr var Emreis, her birth father. While this choice doesn't necessarily impact Geralt's relationship with Ciri, it does give him the opportunity to harm their bond another way.

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On meeting, Emhyr offers Geralt payment for retrieving his daughter. Geralt can choose to accept the gold, which will in turn make Ciri feel as if he's just put a price on their relationship, further complicating Geralt's bond with her.

4 Crookback Bog

The entire Crookback Bog questline is a story with no happy ending no matter what Geralt chooses. In it, the Crones of the bog ask him to kill a spirit they trapped many years ago. Geralt can choose to do this, or to free the spirit.

If the spirit is freed, it rescues the children that the Crones were about to sacrifice - but it slaughters a nearby village in vengeance for its imprisonment. If the spirit is killed, the village is spared, but the Crones kill the children, meaning that neither choice is free from a dubious ethical mire.

3 Let Olgierd Die

The expansion Hearts of Stone deals with Olgierd von Everec and his deal with the mysterious Gaunter O'Dimm. The story ends with O'Dimm about to take Olgierd's soul in payment for services rendered.

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The game pushes Geralt towards saving Olgierd, as it drops hints and riddles about how to defeat O'Dimm by challenging him to a game of his own devising. However, it's much easier for Geralt to simply let Olgierd die, and then collect payment from O'Dimm in exchange for his help in drawing Olgierd to his doom.

2 Betray Roche

Another side quest gives Geralt the opportunity to end the rule of the mad King Radovid once and for all. A conspiracy of Vernon Roche and Sigismund Dijkstra enlists his help to execute Radovid, and following it through to the end presents Geralt with another choice.

Just after killing Radovid, Dijkstra betrays Roche and the rest of the conspiracy, plotting to rule in the North himself. Geralt can choose to defend Roche, his close friend and ally, or he can just let events unfold, which leads to the deaths of Roche, the rest of the conspiracy, and the ascension of Dijkstra as a brutal tyrant.

1 Let Ciri Die

Finally, the worst choice Geralt can make is really more a collection of choices relating to Ciri (two of which appear elsewhere on this list). At the end of the game, Ciri faces off against the White Frost, a powerful, word destroying force.

If Geralt helped and supported Ciri throughout the game, she will survive her encounter with the White Frost. If instead Geralt chose to strain their relationship, breaking down her confidence and making her doubt herself, then Ciri will perish, making this worst possible choice that Geralt can make.

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