10 Hidden Plotlines Everyone Missed In The Witcher 3

We're inching closer and closer to the next big video game project from CD Projekt Red, Cyberpunk 2077. The game is set to release in the spring of 2020 (finally). But in the meantime, you might consider diving back into the insanely popular and amazing dark fantasy series that is The Witcher.

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If you've already beaten the game, consider replaying and keeping an eye out for some of the lesser-known secrets and plotlines hidden away. It's a massive game and it's easy to miss some true gems if you're not careful. Here are 10 plotlines you might have missed!

10 Help Dandelion Decorate

Did you know there is an entire side quest dedicated to helping Dandelion redesign the Rosemary & Thyme into a cabaret for the poet to perform in? The quest will begin after you finish the main quest, "A Poet Under Duress," and rescue Dandelion. Then you'll be able to help get the place looking just the way he wants it by following a couple of instructions.

If you like Dandelion or you just want to take a break from monster-hunting, this is a really fun quest to do but it can be easily missed or forgotten about. You'll get to go hunting for prop swords and pick the interior design of Dandelion's new place of business.

9 Find The Ghost Ship

This isn't technically a plotline but it can be depending on how much time you want to devote into sighting the rare ghost ship on the waters of Skelliege. The game does indeed have a ghost ship that will float along the waters.

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However, no one knows the exact time or location the ghost ship will appear. You can spend countless hours simply sailing through the waters to look for it and never find it. But then again, you could also come across underwater treasures and more while you're out so it could wind up being worth the trek.

8 Prove Your Worth At Lac Célavy

In the Blood and Wine Expansion, you'll have an opportunity to unlock a fun side quest called "There Can Be Only One." In order to unlock the quest, you'll need to hang around at the tourney and overhear a conversation between two characters named Bors and Percival.

You can also get the quest through the notice board but it's more fun to be sneaky about it. Once the quest is activated you'll need to head to the lakeside of Lac Célavy. There, you'll have to complete a series of challenges in order to prove your worth. If you succeed, you'll be rewarded with a valuable new weapon.

7 On Death's Bed

This is a minor but intriguing side quest that helps introduce the idea of consequences in the world of Witcher 3. It is activated once you speak with the herbalist available in the first game location, White Orchard. She needs assistance taking care of a young woman named Lena.

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Poor Lena was mortally wounded by a Griffin. You'll have to make a decision about whether or not she can handle drinking a Swallow potion. On one hand, it could save her life, on the other hand, it could have terrible side effects because she isn't a witcher.

6 Embark On A Fun Pirate Expedition

Witcher 3 truly has everything, even pirates! There is a side quest called "Taken as a Lass" that you might discover while you're exploring the many islands of Skelliege. This quest can be started in one of two ways.

A man is looking for his sister, if you find him first you'll have to save him from pirates and then hunt down his lost sibling and find out what happened to her. However, you might also find the sister first which can change the direction of the quest.

5 Get A Portrait Painted Of Geralt

The secondary quest, "A Portrait of the Witcher as an Old Man" is a really fun little quest available in the Blood and Wine expansion. It only becomes available to you after you complete "The Warble of a Smitten Knight."

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But this quest can be easy to miss because you must speak with the painter when the sun is out between 10 AM and 2 PM. You'll find him in Gran's Place surrounded by easels. If you talk to him at the right time you'll start a quest that will eventually lead to a pretty hilarious portrait of Geralt.

4 Hunt Down A Giant

When you follow the main quest in Skelliege, there will come a point where you have to decide who will become the new King or Queen. You're only required to follow one contender but you can do all the quests.

If you follow Hjalmar an Craite, you'll go on the secondary quest, The Lord of Undvik. This quest is kind of terrifying actually. You'll be hunting down a monstrous and terrifying ice giant and it's not an easy task. Eventually, you will have to face off against the creature hidden away in the mountains.

3 Find Tyrion Lannister

Did you know that Witcher 3 contains a very clever little nod to another popular epic fantasy series? That's right. The infamous imp from Game of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister, makes a little appearance in the game.

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This is more of an easter egg than a plotline but you will have to fight off a ton of pirates and invade their fort to find this gem. In your exploration, you will eventually come across a pirate compound. Once you take them all out, if you look around a bit you'll find the sky cell and inside is Tyrion's corpse.

2 Get The Fabled Black Unicorn Sword

There are actually a couple of ways to get the Black Unicorn Sword, which is easily one of the best weapons in the game. But the most fun and adventurous way to claim it is through the "Lord of the Wood" contract.

You'll need to face off against a monstrous Leshen and then loot it's body after to retrieve it. This side quest is found in Novigrad and you'll want to make sure your level is at least in the mid-20s range because Leshens are not easy to defeat.

1 Swim With A Blue Whale

Similar to the ghost ship, if you're lucky, you'll be able to swim next to a massive blue whale while exploring the coasts of Skelliege. Again, there is no rhyme or reason to when or where the whale will appear.

You'll just have to get lucky enough to spot it. The best way to do so is to make sure you explore every nook and cranny of the vast map. But if you're a completionist or you just love the story, that shouldn't be a problem for you! Make sure to take screenshots if you get lucky.

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