The 10 Best Hidden Quests In The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 has a special place in millions of gamers hearts as one of the greatest RPGs ever created. With a multitude of content to explore, references to the first installments of the series and excellent loot to search high and low for, the Wild Hunt gives players hundreds of hours worth of excitement. With so much content, though, there are surely some quests and stories that players missed on their first playthrough. So as a guide, here are the ten best, hidden quests in the Witcher 3.

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10 Ghosts of the Past

Tied together with the quest The Fall of the House of Reardon, this quest can be completed if Letho, the Viper, was not killed in the Witcher 2. The quest can be picked up while exploring the land outside Lindenvale, and finding a farmhouse riddled with boobytraps. During this quest, if you choose to help Letho out with a botched job for a former employer, he will join Geralt at the final battle at Kaer Morhen.

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9 Carnal Sins

Geralt impersonates Sherlock Holmes once again in the quest Carnal Sins, given by Dandelion in the Chameleon in Novigrad. Dandelion's friend was attacked and it's up to Geralt to solve the mystery, and become involved in a deeper web of criminal activity and find who the real murderer is. Once completed, Geralt is rewarded with Deargdeith, a silver sword with some significant sign and experience boosts.

8 Redainia's Most Wanted

There have been many quests involving sorceresses in the Witcher series, and the Wild Hunt brings more importance to completing these quests than ever. Radovid the Stern gives the quest to spy on Philippa, and find out what she is holding in her hideout. Geralt finds a crystal from a megascope, and then has to make a decision: to give the crystal to Radovid and satisfy his anti-magic whims, or to return it to the sorceresses and gain some valuable allies in the fight to come.

7 Novigrad, Closed City

Geralt runs across all sorts of unsavory foes, and at times they even fight each other. In Novigrad, Closed City, Geralt can help some bandits find a witch hunter and must choose whether or not to slay the hunter, or protect him from his foes. If Geralt chooses to protect him, he gains a key which unlocks a nearby bandit loot chest, and if he watches the bandits do their work, he merely gains quest completion and moves on with his day.

6 The Lord of Undvik

One of the joys of the Witcher 3 is the exciting boss battles that can be at the end of any small quest Geralt happens along in his travels. In order to help Hjalmar an Craite become King and give aid to Geralt during the final battle, he needs to slay an ice giant that has been terrorizing the town of Skellege. A riveting battle against a fabled creature grants only experience at the time, but loyalty from the king brings aid when needed at the end.

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5 A Dangerous Game

For those players who love a good game of Gwent, A Dangerous Game grants three unique cards for their decks, and shows more of the darker side of the card game. Given by Zoltan at the Rosemary and Thyme, Geralt can choose to help out a player in need by retrieving the cards so he can sell them. If Gwent isn't at the top of the player's activities during their questing, they can choose to give the cards back to Zoltan in exchange for some hard earned coin.

4 A Portrait of the Witcher as an Old Man

Hidden quests have the amazing ability to give lightheartedness to a dark timeline, and this quest does exactly that. Geralt is tasked to help a painter in the Gran'place create a masterpiece, though on a quest to find the perfect lighting, a griffin interrupts the party and needs to be slain accordingly. Once accomplished, Geralt is solidified as legendary in paint (even with a choice to add the griffin) and is able to purchase the masterpiece to have forever.

3 There Can Be Only One

Players seeking the top arsenal in the game will need to look into the expansion for this next hidden quest. Grabbed from a notice board in the Gran'place, the quest takes Geralt on a quest to complete the Five Chivalric Virtues. Once conquered, Geralt faces the Hermit granting the quest in combat, who then yields and reveals the Lady of the Lake, who grants Geralt the best silver sword in the game, Aerondight.

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2 Beyond the Hill and Dale...

Along with the best silver sword, one of the best steel swords in the game is found by the hidden quest Beyond the Hill and Dale..., given near the end of The Night of Long Fangs quest in Blood and Wine. Geralt has to find his way to Syanna through an illusion that blocks the usage of his maps. Once he makes his way through to Longlocks tower, he finds a knight's body and sword, some of the best gear in the game, and worth the confusing hike.

1 Without a Trace

In the Hearts of Stone expansion, Geralt can pick up a contract for Otto Bamber, an herbalist in the area who is missing his apprentice. A simple searching party turns dark in a quick fashion, as Geralt finds an elderly couple has taken the young apprentice in and used him for sustenance during hard times. Geralt can choose to rat out the couple or let them continue in their ways, bearing the sad news to Otto.

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