The Witcher 3: 10 Hilarious Memes Only True Fans Understand

It's always a good time for funny Witcher 3 memes, and in general, to replay Witcher 3. The franchise follows the journey of Geralt of Rivia, one of the finest monster hunters around. His goal in this game is to find his foster daughter, Ciri, as she is being chased by the Wild Hunt for unknown reasons.

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To find her, Geralt must traverse through a vast terrain where he'll encounter many unique characters in addition to fighting against monsters of all sorts. We're taking a look at some of the most hilarious Witcher 3 memes around.

10 You're a witcher, Gerry!

This hilarious meme is obviously a play on the iconic scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone where Hagrid finally meets Harry for the first time. In the scene, Hagrid tells Harry, "you're a wizard, Harry." To which Harry replies, "I'm a what?"

Obviously in this meme it's a little different since we have Hagrid and Harry's places swapped with characters from The Witcher. Instead of it being about wizards, it's about witchers, and instead of Harry, it's Gerry, for Geralt. The facial editing makes it even funnier.

9 First, I must steal everything you own

A big part of the fun in Witcher 3 is being able to loot almost everything in sight. Although it can get tedious at times since there is quite literally, hundreds upon hundreds of items to loot and a lot of the stuff you find is useless junk. But still, there are plenty of houses you can go into and then raid all their stuff.

It's kind of humorous when you visit someone's home as part of a side quest or witcher contract and then you agree to help them, and turn around and loot their house while they watch. Generally in this game, you won't be called out for stealing.

8 Get in loser

We're all familiar with the popular "get in loser, we're going shopping" quote from Mean Girls. In Mean Girls, Regina George says this to Cady when pulling up in her convertible. Almost everything in Mean Girls has become a meme of some kind.

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Well, this is just another example of that. You can find variations of the "get in loser" meme in almost every fandom. In this case, we see some cosplayers as Geralt, Triss, and Ciri and they want you to get in the car so they can all go and invade Nilfgaard. Sounds like a plan.

7 Who is the real White Wolf?

If you're a Game of Thrones fan then you've undoubtedly heard Jon Snow being referred to as the White Wolf. However, if you also play The Witcher games, then you know that Geralt of Rivia is commonly referred to as the White Wolf. He even has a wolf shaped medallion that he wears to show he's a witcher.

He earned the nickname. It's kind of funny to hear it used on another character. Although to be fair, Bucky Barnes is also referred to as the White Wolf in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Maybe we need to see all three characters get into a duel to prove who deserves the title most.

6 Let's talk about my reward first

You know you've been playing way too much Witcher 3 when your mom asks you to go kill a bug in the bathroom and your first thought is, "okay but what about my reward though." Obviously in the game, Geralt doesn't do anything for free.

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If he spent all his time killing monsters and never accepted a dime for it, he would have no money to speak of given how much time he spends doing witcher contracts and helping people. Of course, in the game you have the option of deciding whether or not you want to accept coin or if you want to haggle over it. But in most cases you're going to take at least something so you can earn some coin.

5 Rake salesman contract

This humorous exchange between Ciris and Geralt shows the two talking about broken rakes. When you play Witcher 3, you'll notice that many of the places you loot have broken rakes to collect. It's a common junk item.

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Well in this case, Ciri is claiming she's the one who broke all the rakes because she took a contract from a rake salesman. She ends the text thread with a hilarious shoutout to Game of Thrones.

4 Slavic folk music stops

The "slavic folk music stops" is a play on the popular "jazz music stops" meme. It's basically used for when you realize something distrubing and the music stops or a record scratches signalling an awkward moment.

In this case it's because Geralt notices that the key to Yennefer's room is described as a "common item," as if a lot of people have a key to her quarters. Geralt's jealousy is getting the better of him but it's also just an all around funny connection to make as you would think the key would be described as rare.

3 Ciri or Gwent?

When you play a game as massive and sprawling as Witcher 3, you have a lot of options between the main quest, side quest, challenges, and of course, Gwent. In reality, if you get sidetracked from the main quest and do all the side quests and exploration in the area, it's not actually going to affect anything about your playthrough.

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But if you were looking at it from the perspective of characters in-game, it's kind of amusing that you can totally forget about Ciri, Geralt's daughter for all intents and purposes, and instead focus on becoming the Gwent champion of Velen.

2 Every 40+ year old man's profile picture

This hilarious meme is pretty self-explanatory. But if you have social media of any kind you've probably seen many older men with profile pictures like the one above.

Maybe men in your family like your dad, uncle, or grandfather even had one like this. Whoever got this photo of Geralt literally looks like they're planning out his Facebook profile as we speak.

1 Ciri vs. Roach

Who is better, Ciri or Roach? one can bend time and space, teleport any distance, and has a strong bond with Geralt, the other is Ciri. Obviously, this is a joke as Ciri is also extremely powerful in her own right and clearly has a close connection with Geralt.

That said, it's kind of funny to think about everything Roach can do since you can summon your horse from anywhere it makes it appear like Roach is all-powerful. The game glitches also add to that mystique when Roach winds up on a roof or some other random spot he shouldn't be allowed in.

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