Every Major The Witcher 3 Spoiler Explained

The Witcher 3 is a great fantasy RPG full of things to do, but the content within the game can bog down the story, so here are some things explained.

The Witcher 3 is one juicy game -- but chances are you already knew that. What can be said about this masterpiece that hasn’t already been said? Not only did the Witcher 3 provide us with one of the best gaming experiences of all time, but it did it with so much finesse.

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An overwhelming amount of content for a solid price, an open world packed with intricate quests around every corner and a tearjerker of a story filled with twists and turns. What more could you ask for? So if you haven’t played this gift from heaven, go lose 100 hours of your life before you read anymore. But look no further if you want to learn more about some of the major plot points in this modern classic.

10 Yennefer of Vengerberg


Now if you haven’t read any of the books or dug into any of the Witcher lore you were likely lost as to Geralt’s affection for Yennefer of Vengerberg. So it goes a little bit like this; Yennefer and Geralt are tied together by fate -- something that occurred due to the actions of a wish between a Djiin (Basically a genie).

They have an off and on relationship, but they’ve always deeply cared about each other. This is why relations are somewhat awkward between the two, but The Witcher 3 gives you an opportunity to finally seal the deal with Geralt’s long-time lover.

9 So who’s Ciri and Why Are You Trying To Find Her?


Here’s another one that will leave you lost if you’re not familiar with the Witcher lore. While the game does a great job of getting you up to speed, it doesn’t bog itself down by over explaining all of Geralt’s past. Ciri is Geralt’s adopted daughter, who he took in from a very young age and trained up as a Witcher. Along with Yennefer, Ciri is one of the most important people to Geralt and he’ll do anything to get her back. A good thing too because Ciri is from a long lineage of superpowered people known as the “Elder Blood.”

8 The Bloody Baron and the Consequence of Your Actions


This is the first major quest in the game that will show you how severe your actions can be in the Witcher 3 -- and boy is it freaking awesome. Chasing Ciri will lead you to the Bloody Baron, the self-appointed leader of Velen and one of the last people to see Ciri before she truly disappeared. The only way to get any information out of the Baron, however, is to help him find his older daughter and wife who recently disappeared. And from there things get nuts -- you find out the Baron drove out his family, his daughter refuses to see him ever again and his wife is a slave to witches. That’s just the start of it too.

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7 Triss Merigold And Geralt’s Love Triangle


Geralt of Rivia has a complicated love life. Although he’s tied to Yennefer by fate, there was a period in Geralt’s life when he lost his memory and got tied down with one of Yennefer’s best friends -- Triss Merigold. Of course, this leads to some turmoil, including a love triangle between you, Yennefer and Triss. The pressure gets turned up a notch too when you spend more time with Triss in the early game. Triss puts you in some tough situations, including a few where she directly confronts you about the love that you two once shared. From a lore standpoint, most fans agree that Geralt would end up with Yennefer, but the choice is yours.

6 Everything’s That Goes Down In Skellige


Early on you’re going to spend most of your time in Velen -- so much so that you’re going to be floored when the biggest chunk of the story happens in Skellige. The Nordic country is going through a solemn period when you arrive, as the king of the country passed away and everyone is arguing on who should take the throne next. In Skellige you have the power to instill the next king or queen with your choices being the son and daughter of one of your best friends. Plus if you’ve held out on getting romantically involved with Triss, you’ll be able to finally smooth it out with Yennefer (Hope you like unicorns).

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5 Who is the Ugliest Man Alive (Uma)

Uma (ugliest man alive) is one of the biggest mysteries in the Witcher 3. You’ll meet this tiny ugly creature early on in the Baron’s castle, and you can tell he’s a complete mess. By the time he becomes important again, you likely would’ve forgotten all about Uma, but this obscure character plays a crucial role in the story.

While Geralt expresses his fear that Uma may be Ciri under a curse, you find out that Uma is really Avallac'h -- an Elf who is Ciri’s mentor and a long-time associate of Geralt. While the Witcher doesn’t trust Avallac’h, he’s the only person who knows where Ciri is.

4 Finding Ciri in The Isle of The Mists


So you finally find out where Ciri is, and it’s in a hidden location in the game aptly known as the Isle of the Mists. There really isn’t much known about this obscure island except that several weird creatures inhabit the area. Along with that, there is also a group of dwarves huddled up in a house that also contains Geralt’s long lost daughter. The only way to finally reunite with her is to complete a funny little quest for the dwarves, and your reward is one of the most touching moments in the entire game. Trust us, it’s worth the time to get to this point.

3 An Epic Battle At Kaer Morhen


Following one of the most heartwarming moments in the game is easily one of the most epic -- and that’s not a word we use lightly -- but this scene deserves it. You’ve rescued Ciri, but now the Wild Hunt is after her and the only way to stop them is to have a Lord of the Rings sized battle at the Witcher hideout. Taking the time to recruit the maximum amount of friends for the fight is extremely worth it as you get extra cutscenes for each one you bring. The battle reaches a bitter end however, when the Witcher that trained you, Vesemir sacrifices himself to save Ciri.

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2 Taking On The Wild Hunt’s Generals


So Ciri is pretty pissed off at this point. Sure you might have rescued her from the clutches of the Wild Hunt, but at this point, she’s come to realize that she’s endangering her friends anywhere she goes. Filled with emotion, Ciri recruits you to go take on the generals of the Wild Hunt. So you head to some sort of sadistic banquet hosted by the witches you encountered earlier to take on Imlerith, a brutal warrior and general in the Wild Hunt. This is yet another battle that seriously packs a punch as you get to play as Ciri and take on the witches and play as Geralt to take out Imlerith.

1 How To Get The Best Ending


We’ve all been there before, staring down one of the worst endings in a game with nothing to do except watch the final cutscenes play out. Sure it’s fun to play the bad guy here and there (Shoutout to nuking Megaton in Fallout 3) but in The Witcher 3 you don’t even have to be a bad guy to get the worst ending. It all involves Ciri and the choices you make while you’re in her company. Essentially if you act like a strict, overbearing parent to Ciri you will get the worst ending in the game. So when given the opportunities always make sure to be there for her, but also let her be independent enough to be her own woman.

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