Witcher 3: The 10 Most Powerful Creatures, Ranked

The world of The Witcher is filled with incredibly powerful beasts. These are the absolute strongest among them.

Like all of the best fantasy based role playing games, Witcher: 3 features large sequences of gameplay (some related to the main quest while others are the choice of the play and the product of the relatively open world) that involve wandering around the scenic landscape. Although it is truly an impressive world that one could get easily lost in, one should avoid being hypnotized by the beautifully rendered landscape as it is littered with creatures that seek to end all who they encounter.

Whether one sticks to the main quest or ignores it entirely, the creatures cannot be escaped. The best way to defeat these creatures is to study them, learn their weaknesses, and exploit them at the earliest opportunity.

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10 Wolves

Though there are other far more dangerous creatures and enemies within the game, the wolves should not be underestimated. The wolves roam throughout the world of the game and will attack the player on sight. They also choose to hunt in packs which means that the threat they present is multiplied by the number they appear in.

Since they appear in multiples, they can easily overwhelm the player if they receive an injury before they are able to get an advantage over the beasts. In Witcher 3, it is important to note that the creatures are weak to Beast Oil.

9 Drowners

Though some believe that drowners are what becomes of those humans who play too close to the water's edge and wind up swimming with the fishes, such things are untrue. Drowners are lake dwelling creatures who seek to drown any of those who wander too close to their chosen body of water.

They attack in packs, have incredibly quick movements that can be overwhelming to the player, and can even render the player immobile while other Drowners land life ending blows. They are weak to Igni and when mourning their fallen comrades.

8 Sirens

The Sirens in the Witcher world do not stray too far from traditional lore. These beautiful creatures lure in lust filled sailors with their human-like beauty; only to turn into fanged beasts the moment the sailor is within their grasp.

Though powerful in both water and in the sky, they are entirely vulnerable on land. Though dispatch with them quickly because their shriek can stun those who seek to end them and will summon their sisters, who will flock and attack while she recovers.

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7 Grottore

Grottore is a creature who resides within the caves at the base of Mount Gorgon. Grottore is a very powerful creature who has several abilities that makes him a worthy opponent. Grottore has the ability to teleport from one location to another mid-battle.

He can use a form of magic to summon its own roots and deal wicked damage, and is known for having the ability to deal out high damage blows. Remember that Grottore is weak to relict oil, the dimeritium bomb, and the igni and one may survive the encounter.

6 Werewolves

The werewolves are a truly mean bunch who rely entirely on the animalistic tendencies of a human driven entirely by desire and the natural hunting instinct possessed by the wolves of the Witcher universe.

Not only are they brutal but they also have the ability to summon friends to fight at their side if they feel overwhelmed by their enemy. The werewolves have several weaknesses, including moon dust and cursed oil. One should make sure that they are properly equipped with such things before roaming into an area where werewolves are known to be.

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5 Noonwraiths

As the above image proves, the Noonswraiths are not a pleasant bunch. They appear under special conditions at midday and are the result of young women being slain on the night before their wedding. Though they prefer to attack unfaithful men or liars, they will consume anything in their path.

If one sees an abandoned wedding ring in an open field, run. They are able to create illusions of themselves which can encircle a target and drain them of their life force until the Noonwraiths pull back. Like werewolves, they are weak to moon dust. One should never wander the landscape of the Witcher world without a pack full of moon dust and necessary oils.

4 Archgriffin

Griffins are already rather unfriendly creatures, but they are nothing compared to the Archgriffin. The Archgriffin has all of the same powers and abilities of a regular Griffin but they can also spit acid at their targets.

They are immune to fire, so one should avoid all fire based offensive and defensive moves. When attempting to take down an Archgriffin, one must time their attacks well. Launching a mounted attack is a good option as it can provide an advantage; however, if the Archgriffin screeches the steed can panic.

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3 The Toad Prince

The Toad Prince was originally a real prince who was cursed by Olgierd von Everec when he found out his true love was to be married off to said Prince. After being placed in the sewers, his toxic venom poisoned the water and caused the nearby townsfolk to fall ill quickly.

The Toad Prince is one of the more difficult creatures that one must face in Witcher 3. In order to best him one must remember that The Toad Prince is vulnerable to cursed oil and the Northern Wind.

2 Djinn

The Djinn are air spirits who are less than pleasant beings. One should avoid fighting them at all costs but if one is not given a choice, then they should prepare for the battle of the century. They have the ability to shoot out high-level spells, summon air based disasters and attacks, as well as teleport in order to avoid the players offensive moves. 3

They also become increasingly more powerful the closer to the end that they get. The Djinn is weak to both the elementa oil and the Dimeritium bomb, and one should use said weaknesses to their advantage.

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1 Higher Vampires

Higher Vampires are rather unpleasant folk. Though they do not actively seek out humans, they do possess several impressive abilities that make them worthy opponents. They have superhuman strength, are incredibly intelligent, can turn entirely invisible, attack at lightning speeds, possess the ability to control the living creatures around them and bend them to their will, and are incredibly difficult to dispatch.

They are weak to vampire oil and Igni. If they are on fire, they will be temporarily stunned. Exploit that brief advantage.

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