10 Storylines In The Witcher 3 That Were Never Resolved

Beloved by seemingly all who begin their journey from Kaer Morhen to find the beloved daughter and slay endless monsters on their way, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a masterpiece of a game and a classic for all time. CD Projekt Red spent such valuable time and effort crafting a game of this magnitude that has touched millions of players hearts time and again. With such a game so large, though, there had to be some questions, and especially regarding the storyline which was based on the Witcher books, players felt some stories were left unfinished and unjustified. Here are ten storylines in the Witcher 3 that were never resolved.

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10 Geralt's Servitude

The main enemy force of the Witcher 3, as the name so signifies, is the Wild Hunt, a group of icy foes who signify evil incarnate. It is the Wild Hunt that ravages villages, destroys every person in its path, and seeks to harm Geralt's daughter and second protagonist, Ciri. But one thing mentioned at the end of the Witcher 2 and never mentioned in the third installment is Geralt being taken into service of the Wild Hunt. It is this excursion that explains how Geralt lost his mind and finally broke free, landing half dead at Kaer Morhen. Yet, thought the Wild Hunt is such a huge villain in the third game, it feels like part of the major story is missing without mentioning this time in Geralt's life. What did he see during this time? What did he have to do in Evil's service?

9 Radovid the Stern

In the first two games of the Witcher series, the major character of Radovid the Stern makes his appearance frequently. Though never quite friend or foe of Geralt during any of the story, Radovid is a strong and hearty character, making bold decisions in court and controversial opinions, especially against the practice of magic. But in the year and a half between the Witcher 2 and Wild Hunt, Radivid seems to have undergone a serious episode of change. He transformed from warrior king to mumbling and confused, almost mad at times. What happened in that year? Has illness ravaged the man? Did the Wild Hunt's appearance cause something to break the king?

8 The Free State

The Free Pontar State, free land of elves, dwarves and non-humans in Witcher 2, was created by Saskia to be a prejudice free land, where all non-humans could live together and equally. If Geralt chose Iorveth to follow, the State was created and became quite a major success of the second installment.

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Yet, when the third game was released, nothing was mentioned of the land or its possible demise. There is a comic released that mentions a Nilfgaard invasion, but not even a mention in the game, including its creator Saskia. What happened to the free state?

7 Iorveth

The infamous Iorveth was a huge part of the Witcher 2, being a major plot choice between himself and Vernon Roche. Leader of the Squirrels, a guerrilla warfare based, terrorist group of elves, Iorveth was a fearsome individual to take in. If Gerald chose to side with him, though controversial, many different perspectives on elvish and non-human life was made aware to the player, which deeply thickened the plot. Yet, after the delay between the games, there was no word of what came of Iorveth. A mention in the Witcher 3 from an elf was that he was taken down by a hail of arrows, but developers denied this claim to be true. So what actually happened to the anti-hero?

6 The Lodge of Sorceresses

In the Witcher 1 and 2, the Lodge of Sorceresses was a secret organization that created a plan to bring the Northern Kingdom to chaos and throwing Geralt into the mix with it. Though cunning and powerful, the did end up helping him conquer the Wild Hunt and return to a tense peace. But nothing is mentioned of this group in the Witcher 3, though they lost no power after the story of the Witcher 2. A group this strong and able to throw kingdoms out of comfort would surely continue having plans and working to bring them to fruition, but we see no world changing quests from this organization in the game.

5 The White Frost

What about the ever-looming frosty evil that consumes worlds, and has chosen the world of the Witcher to do its bidding. But is this force a living, god-like being, or is it completely natural? Is it controlled by someone or something, or does it roam on its own devouring any world it comes to? In the books it is an unstoppable force due in three thousand years that will consume the world in an ice age, based upon a profecy. But the game storyline blows this out of proportion and turns the White Frost into an animate being that has a hunger for worlds.

4 Ciri Stopping the White Frost

On the note of the White Frost, we have Ciri, the hero of the world, and her Elder Blood history that helps her defeat the White Frost. Unfortunately, we don't have a very clear understanding of how the Elder Blood helps her stop it, as in the books, the Elder Blood is meant to open a portal to another world and help those in the attacked world escape. In the game, she enters the tower and somehow halts the White Frost in its path, but that's as far as it is explained. So what exactly did she do with her immense powers?

3 Wild Hunt's Slaves

What did the Wild Hunt do with captured men? This is unclear, we know a little from Geralt's servitude that they used him in their hunts, but this was a special case, as Geralt is obviously different from most other men.

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What did a life of servitude with the elves mean for those taken after the carnage of the hunt? Did they join in the violence or were they forced to do tasks in their homeworld since there were few laborers left?

2 The Unchosen Romance

One of the most talked about features in the Witcher 3 is the romance opportunities and how to get the best outcomes. Namely with two female protagonists in particular, Yennefer and Triss. The questions come after the preferred romance is chosen, what happens to the lady that was not chosen? It is briefly mentioned if choosing Triss that Yennefer moves to the north to stay, but not more is mentioned of her. As for Triss, her whole integration and journey in the game is left quite open ended. She is certainly there at the end waiting for the final battle at Kaer Morhen, but where does she go in between this and the Lighthouse where you solidify the romance? Many players frustrations are made clear with posts on this topic, and because of this many have chosen Yennefer as Geralt's partner.

1 Avallac'h

At last, one of the main characters in the game is left unappeased to players that ended this magnificent game. Avallac'h. mentor to Ciri that turned on his people for some reason to help her, always being mysterious and backstabbing, and yet he walks away from the ending, into the frost without a mention afterward. What happened to the elf, member of the Wild Hunt and supposed enemy to Geralt? Why didn't he take revenge at the end of the story as some expected, and turn on Geralt with his wile? It was mentioned that CDPR did envision a scene of a falling out between the two, but it was never brought into fruition, which is somewhat of a misfortune for such an important and deeply written character.

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