10 Witcher Characters Who Deserve An Entire Game About Them

If the world of The Witcherit’s brilliant how in-depth the characters are. Although the world itself is open and vast, with beautiful scenery in the games, and although the magic system is also incredible, the characters are really what sell everything. Each of them has their own amazing story and it’s easy to get lost in them with the various side quests that pertain to each character.

Because of this, there are a bunch of characters—both major and minor—that an entire game could probably be based around. Kudos to the game developers and, of course, author of the original books for putting so much thought into characters that aren’t considered as "important" as Geralt. It really sells the world!

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10 Syanna (Sylvia Anna)

Although we meet Syanna in the DLC Blood And Wine, and she’s absent for most of the main game, she and her sister Anna Henrietta have a story that could easily have taken up the main game.

Syanna was born during a time that was believed to be a curse and therefore, there was a lot of superstition surrounding her that made her mistreated. She was exiled from her home, leaving her younger sister to become the Duchess she should have been, and she vowed revenge on all those who had mistreated her. We saw a little of his revenge through Geralt’s eyes, but Syanna’s story would be an excellent playthrough.

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9 Ciri

One of the main ladies in The Witcher 3, Ciri would definitely be worth playing as. We actually do get to play a little as her in the game! But with her unique powers and desire to become a witcher herself—just like Geralt—as well as the relationships she cultivates with the main characters, she would be a wonderful main character.

At one point, there was actually a rumor that a Witcher game may be released featuring Ciri as the main character, but now there are talks of Witcher 4 simply not being a thing at all. Boo! Fans would have loved to play as Ciri more.

8 Yennefer

The other main lady in the game, with a strong romantic connection to Geralt, is Yennefer. Yennefer is very mysterious for most of the games, and even the books, but we do know that she is extremely old, her beauty being due to her magic. Her magic and her being a sorceress is reason enough that she would be an excellent main character in a game; we would be able to explore a magic system different to what the Witchers themselves use.

Yennefer also has some excellent one-liners and is extremely witty, meaning that the dialogue would never get boring.

7 Dandelion

Playing as Dandelion would be a different kind of game. He has no sword-fighting prowess to speak of, nor can he use magic, but he does tend to cultivate some very interesting personal relationships. He has a long history of romantic relationships behind him, which would make for some hilarious quests and romance choices. He also tends to find himself in scrapes and needs Geralt to come and rescue him, which means we might need to switch to playing as Geralt at some point. Nevertheless, playing as Dandelion would make for an amusing main character. That’s what Dandelion is at his core, after all — an entertainer.

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6 Triss

Another sorceress who would provide us with a good view of another kind of magic is Triss. She’s also a very charismatic lady which means she wouldn’t get boring as the main character. She, too, has some romance options with Geralt, which could make for an exciting game. She’s much younger and less mysterious and experienced than Yennefer, but has some stories in the books which might translate to an interesting playthrough.

Fans tend to be either solidly Team Yennefer or Team Triss, so maybe those who would want a Yennefer game wouldn’t want a Triss game and vice versa. 

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5 Avallac’h

We see a lot of Avallac’h in Wild Hunt, and he’s a pretty intimidating character. He’s an elf who can travel between worlds, which would provide us with an amazingly interesting view of things since he wouldn’t be confined to the same world as Geralt. He could show us a side of things we’ve definitely never seen.

He also has knowledge of prophecies, which are always a very interesting trope to play within a game, whether it’s fulfilling them or averting them. One thing’s for sure: a Witcher game with Avallac’h at its core would be one very different from playing as Geralt, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

4 Regis

Regis is a very old higher vampire who was supposed to have died in the books but was brought back to life for the latest game. Despite being a vampire, it’d be dead wrong to assume he’s evil. He’s charming and loyal, and a very old friend of Geralt’s, who once helped him find Ciri when she was missing.

A vampire would make for a very interesting game story, especially since Regis has changed a lot from his past. He was once a much more careless and responsible person than he is now, and seeing that character progression—even going through it!—would be pretty awesome.

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3 Dettlaff

Another higher vampire in the series is Dettlaff, but it’s safe to say he’s not quite as charming as Regis. Although he has his own code of morals, he’s definitely not as averse to killing and is a much more brutal figure. In the expansion, he’s manipulated by Syanna into murdering knights, and when he finds out she’s lying to him, he threatens to destroy the whole city (which Regis says he would have done).

Although he would make a very morally grey main character, his story with Syanna might make him an interesting point of view for a game.

2 Keira

Keira Metz is an eccentric sorceress who was once an advisor to the king and is a pretty popular personality in the games. She’s one of the first women Geralt has the choice to romance, and it’s easy to see why he might be taken by her.

She apparently loved her life at the royal court, and this is what would make a good basis for a game. Although we meet royalty a lot in the games, we never see it up close for very long; a sorceress at royal court as charismatic as Keira would, let’s face it, make an awesome game.

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1 The Baron

Playing a game surrounding the Baron and his family would make for an awesome mystery game. When Geralt comes across him, he has the choice to complete the quest to find his wife and daughter that have disappeared, leading the witcher on a trail of twists and turns. Following a similar story around the Baron could definitely draw many hours of entertainment — although it must be said that, like Dettlaff, the Baron is another character who’s pretty morally grey and, at points, often downright dislikeable.

Maybe the story would be better served if told by his wife or daughter, but the point remains — his family is fascinating.

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