10 Ways To Make Geralt Overpowered In The Witcher 3


There's nothing better than the feeling of walking around at the end of the game with some of the best armor and weapons that endless hours and tons of in-game currency can buy. Just a few days or maybe weeks ago, you were a noob, walking around trying to still figure out controls and getting murked by your game's version of goombas (In the Witcher that's probably ghouls or even worse, nekkers).

Still, if you play your cards right you'll be decked out with some of the sweetest gear a Witcher can obtain—and truth be told, it's not that difficult. Just follow some of these tips, and you'll be slicing and dicing in no time.

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10 Save Your Coin, And Loot!


Okay, so this technically doesn't count as an "upgrade," but this crucial tip will come in handy when it comes to making your Geralt OP. Money is never really an issue in The Witcher 3, and, mid-game, you'll even complete a quest that rewards you with a hefty amount of coin. At the risk of sounding like your nagging parents, save, as much as you can.

Later on in the game, many of the most crucial upgrades will come at a steep price, especially when it comes to weapons and character bonuses. If you rely on looting, you'll have more than enough capable weapons and armor to progress through the game.

9 With All That Money You Saved, Buy Witcher Treasure Maps


The strongest armor and weapons you're going to obtain in the game will come via Witcher treasure hunts that lead to some juicy gear. In the Witcher 3, there are four different schools with four unique sets of gear and weapons, and the best part is that all of is free!

Well, that is if you buy the initial treasure maps that are sold by various merchants in the game. My biggest mistake on my first playthrough was ignoring these maps and having to go back and find these specific, and very random merchants. Don't make my mistake, and go invest your money into any Witcher maps you can get.

8 Be Smart With The Skill Tree, But Don't Worry If You've Messed Up


In the Witcher 3, there are very clear good upgrades in the skill tree and very clear terrible ones. Now we guess we shouldn't say "clear," because these upgrades only become apparent after you've spent a lot of time in The Witcher 3 and understand what works best and what doesn't. For instance, you're going to want to spend many of your early skill points in your physical attack field (which is marked in red).

You can skip the green field until late game and the blue magic field should be used sparingly on signs you use often (Igni and Quen are popular picks). Don't worry if you mess up, though, as there's a potion in Skellige that resets your skill tree.

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7 Let's Talk The Master Blacksmith


Ok, so you've decided that you want some killer weapons, but the thing is you've felt like you're hitting a threshold on the traditional swords the game offers. Don't fret because a dumpling salesman located in Novigrad has you covered. His name is Hatori and is near the docks of the bustling city, and, along with his profession of selling steamed chicken and beef wrapped in dough, he's also a "Master Blacksmith," the only one in the game in fact.

Talk to him to start the quest “Of Swords And Dumplings." While the quest is recommended for level 24, if you're skilled enough, you can knock it out in the high teens.

6 The Secret to Weapon And Armor Runes


So, runes are a pretty big deal in The Witcher 3; most weapons and armor allow you to equip at least two of them, and each rune varies from giving you a slight chance to set someone on fire to ones in Hearts of Stone that turn the heavy weighted armor light.

They're pretty essential items if you're looking to give yourself that edge and round out your best possible character. So, here's the trick to them—save your greater runes for best, and we mean best possible armor and waste the regular and lesser ones throughout the game. But, as stated before, save money for those DLC runes, because they are pricey.

5 Decking Out Your Horse With The Sweetest Threads


The Witcher 3 has some of my favorite horse mechanics, as much as they do feel pretty broken when your dive-bombing off a mountain in Skellige. But hey, that's what makes them fun. Who knew that Roach would be such an iconic character with a treasure trove of memes and love from the fan base.

That said, even Roach can become an overpowered steed beyond your greatest imagination if you watch out for the best upgrades. Instead of always buying them, you can win many of them in horse races, but, if you're looking for the dopest looking upgrades, then wait until you start up Blood and Wine.

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4 Let's Talk The Master Armorer


I really enjoy this quest, especially since it's one that you will encounter very early on when visiting the Bloody Baron in Velen. You'll meet a dwarf named Fergus who will claim to be your guy and task you with getting the master tools from a location in Skellige.

You won't make it to Skellige for a while, so that can be a bit annoying, but, by the time you return with the tools, you'll find the plot thickens. Fergus is a phony and his assistant is really the Master Armorer—what a twist! She'll task you with a rather simple contract and after completion, you'll have access to some wicked armor.

3 Let's Talk The Grand Master Armorer


For a long time, the best quality of armor in the game was received from the Master Armorer, but after the addition of Blood and Wine, a new, even higher quality armorer was added. He’s located in the capital of Duchy of Toussaint, and, if you complete the quests he tasks for you, you'll find he has the best armor by far.

You'll be able to receive a "Grandmaster" version of every Witcher set of armor, including an all-new set called Manticore, which is a replica of the armor from the first game. He even has great stories about other Witchers that visited him throughout the years, so, yeah, it's all-around worth it.

2 SERIOUSLY, Don't Sleep On Gwent


So, back when I had an Xbox One (Yes, I know, worst purchase of my gaming career) I picked up the Witcher 3 and got halfway through it. At the time I was too stubborn/in a hurry to take the time to learn Gwent—and, boy, was that dumb.

Sometimes I think that Gwent is the best part about The Witcher 3, it's a breath of fresh air that chops up the game beautifully. That aside, you'll also feel like you've created the best version of Geralt when you've stacked your deck and you're whooping everyone in this fantastic card game.

1 Adventure Out And Complete Side Quests


If you wanted a master tip of sorts to beefing out Geralt to his fullest potential, then this is it. The Witcher 3 is littered with quests, rare items and interesting adventure at every turn, but none of that is going to come to you easy. If you like exploring every inch of a game, then this will come naturally to you. If not, push yourself out of your comfort zone as it's just too worth it.

One of my favorite was when you find a Witcher from the school of Cat who slaughtered an entire town (for a pretty just reason mind you), and now you have to decide whether to bring down judgment or spare his life. God, do I love this game.

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