Wizard Unite's Forbidden Forest Event: Every Quest And Reward

With hardly a few weeks after the launch of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, players are now able to jump into the first Brilliant Event, which is important for a number of reasons. Here are all the details to get the most of the new content.

Similar to Pokémon GO, the event is planned as a short, limited-time occurrence that will task players with special assignments, rewarding them with up to 15 hard-to-find Restricted Books. Players will have between July 3 and 10 to get everything they can before the event ends. For now, players should attempt to get as much finished as they can, since we are not quite sure if or when a similar event will return.

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What are these “Brilliant Events”?

In short, players will perform actions as they already do, however there will be unique tasks to accomplish, which will go towards filling a special Brilliant Registry page, which is likely to be gated from further progression outside of the event. Along those lines, Brilliant Foundables unique to the event are also in circulation.

The specific list of Brilliant Foundables is rather short, which means that players should have no problem obtaining them all if they start early. Here are all of the unique Foundables to this event:

  • Buckbeak in the wild (10 needed)
  • Salamander Brilliant Tasks (1 needed)
  • Scorched Tree Stump Brilliant Tasks (1 needed)
  • Snargaluff 7km Portkeys (3 needed)
  • Unicorn in the wild (12 needed)
  • Young Acromantula Fortresses with Brilliant Runestones (Level 3 minimum)

Tasks and Chapters

Currently there appear to be four chapters to complete, which can be progressed through by completing special tasks. The tasks are as follows:

Chapter 1:

  • Return 2 Foundables of any family
  • Unlock 1 Portkey Portmanteau
  • Fine at Inns 2 times

Chapter 2:

  • Recover 2 Brilliant Buckbeak Foundables
  • Perform 2 Great Spell Casts
  • Return 3 Magizoology Foundables

Chapter 3:

  • Return 7 Medium Threat Foundables
  • Recover 2 Brilliant Unicorn Foundables
  • Return 4 Care of Magical Creatures Foundables

Chapter 4:

  • Unlock 5 Portkey Portmanteaus
  • Brew 7 Potions
  • Complete 3 Wizarding Challenges

Completing each set of requirements per chapter will grant various rewards for your troubles. Most important, this also means that during the event, players will have access to a total of 15 Restricted Texts for completing all of the events. See below for more information on why these are important and where to consider spending them, as they are for now one of the more rare resources in game and essential for progressing your profession.

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Conserving Spell Energy, and Using Potions

Although the event has only been live for today, many players are anecdotally reporting that the Brilliant Foundables are taking far more attempts to defeat than regular non-event Foundables. If this is correct, players should be more conscious of the spell energy they have to spend or consider ramping up the usage of potions to make each encounter easier. Otherwise, players may need to consider looping more around their neighborhoods to visit Inns and Greenhouses more than normal to ensure they do not dry out when they most need to cast a spell.

Hopefully this is little more than a bad feeling and not accurate, as the game is already stingy with how much Spell Energy is given to players.

How To Spend Your Restricted Section Books

For the unfamiliar, these “Green Books” are extremely important to playing Wizards Unite, although it appears that little has been said about them inside the game. Along any of the profession routes, you may have noticed that some skills are gated through the requirement to spend these Books along with other components. Everyone needs these, regardless of profession, although right now it seems Professors are the ones who need the most.

As this is the first Brilliant Event, it is also the first official opportunity to earn up to fifteen of the Restricted Section Books, so it is imperative for serious players to get them all, or they risk falling behind their fellow Witches and Wizards when it comes to advancing their characters.


Once you have the books, you must consider where best to spend them. To this, we turn to u/RyanoftheDay on Reddit for their suggestions.

  • Aurors should focus on either Dancing With Dummies, or progress their offensive hexes.
  • Magizoologists should head directly for Become The Beast, and then do everything they can to boost Focus. Unfortunately, this path will require at least 19 Restricted Books, so it might have to wait for another event.
  • Professors should focus on buffing their Hex.
  • In fact, all professions should boost some of their strategic spells if they plan to play with friends a lot.

Of course, these are recommendations akin to min/max stats in other games, and choosing not to go this route will not affect most players, but rather only those who seek to best synergize with teammates to take down the highest levels of a Fortress, as well as future challenges that are bound to appear in future events.

For now, get out there and get those steps in along to unlocking those Portkeys. Although we are bound to have many events in the future, there is no telling when we will see repeats. It is entirely possible that the rewards from this event may not come back for a considerable.

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