Wizards Unite: How To Cast More Than 13 Distinct Spells In The Harry Potter Mobile Game

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has now been available for a few weeks depending on which region you reside in, and players have been eagerly casting spells in their quest to capture every Foundable in the world. One achievement in the game calls for players to cast a total of 20 unique spells, but currently, there appear to only be 13 in the game, so where to the rest come from?

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The Spells We Know

To begin, let us cover all of the spells we can currently cast while exploring the map and their spell descriptions:

Accio: Summons an object towards the caster, currently only used at Inns to restore our Spell Energy.


Aguamenti: Creates a powerful stream of water, useful for putting out fires.

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Alohomora: A charm for unlocking, also known as the Thief’s Friend, ensues no one has privacy anywhere in the wizarding world.


Arresto Momentum: A charm to slow a target.


Bombarda: An exploding charm to target small areas.


Diffindo: The Severing Charm, which can be used to cut absolutely anything.


Ebublio: This spell traps its target in a large bubble, useful for restraint.


Expecto Patronum: Dementors be gone! Summon your Patronus to defend against the creeping cold of these creatures.


Finite: A general spell used in defense, also known as a counter-spell.


Flipendo: A jinx used to knock back its target.


Incendio: Good for starting fires, bad for use in a library.


Meteolojinx Recanto: A counter-charm to cancel the effects of weather-modifying charms.


Riddikkulus: A defense against Boggarts to force them to take on the appearance of an object that the caster focuses on.


Combat Bolt: One of our general attack spells often used when attacking a Fortress. These attacks and the defensive spell against incoming attacks to not seem to count towards the unique number of spells needed for the achievement.

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There is also a spell to cast at the Greenhouses, though it is not apparent if a player has been zooming past, only collecting what is available in the pots. At the bottom one can select the tab to plant their own seeds and use watering cans to begin its growth. Once the seeds are planted, you can cast Herbivicus to increase its eventual yield.

Note that currently, players only have a maximum of thirty minutes to harvest their plants once they have matured, which can range in time. This requires some planning on the player’s part, since for example a 24-hour growth time means that they must return to the same spot the next day or sacrifice their seeds and water.

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A Delightful Anecdote

Reddit user u/TruckerMew wrote a delightful explanation of how ridiculous it must seem for wandering witches and wizards to enter into an Inn and use the Accio spell to acquire their food:

Innkeeper: "Good evening sir, your table is right this way"            Me: "No it's ok, I got this. Accio dinner!"                          Innkeeper: "Wait, wha-" Plate of chicken and veggies flies off table, past outstretched hand, and splats against innkeeper's apron. Plate smashes on floor.                                                          Me: "Uh, whoops. Hang on, try again. Accio butterbeer." Tankard shoots across room, handle smacks into hand. Thanks to inertia, half its contents do not.                                                  Doused innkeeper: "Get out of my inn."

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Where Are The Other Spells?

Currently, the spells listed above are the only ones we have access to. However, initial data mining has revealed five additional spells that may be added into the game at some point in the future. They are:

  • Rennervate: is a charm that awakens whomever the caster's wand is pointed at. Consequently, it serves as the counter-charm to the Stunning Spell.
  • Reparo: The Mending Charm will repair broken objects with a flick of the wand. Accidents do happen, so it is essential to know how to mend our errors.
  • Revelio: A revealing Charm, which has several variations and applications. When “Revelio” is used directly on a person, it removes magical disguises.
  • Stupefy: The Stunning Spell, also known as the Stupefying Charm, or Stunner for short, is a charm that stuns the target, rendering them unconscious. This charm is exceptionally useful in duelling, as it can quickly end a duel without causing lasting damage.
  • Ventus: a jinx which shoots a jet of strong, spiraling wind from the tip of the wand. This cyclone is able to blow away heavy objects or even people. The wind can also entrap people, preventing them from leaving due to the violent wind speed.
  • Legilimens: Likely a part of Legilimency, which is the act of magically navigating through the many layers of a person's mind and correctly interpreting one's findings.

For now, there is no explicit time frame for when these spells will be added into the game, and so players need only wait patiently. Luckily the prize is a mere 20 coins, which is always nice to have but not nearly as important as other resources, like Restricted Section Books from the current Brilliant Foundables event.

It is also entirely possible that new spells will be added later into the game that are directly tied to the higher reaches of the profession trees. This might indicate some increased form of specialist role in the cooperative aspects of the game and may also simply mean that players have a long road ahead of them to be able to unlock each among all the professions.

For now, players should ensure to take advantage of the first Brilliant event, which has been running since July 3 and will continue for only a few more days until July 10!

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