Bethesda Is Still Updating Wolfenstein: Youngblood, For Some Reason

Bethesda is still updating Wolfenstein: Youngblood despite tepid reception.

As Bethesda continues to test the patience of the gaming world with each controversial update to Fallout 76, an update is coming out of nowhere for Wolfenstein: Youngblood. A spin-off in the Wolfenstein series, Youngblood was released to critical derision largely in part due to glitches and other performance issues that prevented players from getting completion trophies. Though there isn't much to salvage, the game is due for patchwork in a last-ditch effort to make it a passable experience.

The latest update is set to streamline the difficulty in boss fights, add additional checkpoints, and provide more resources for players (such as ammo boxes and health bars for enemies). While the patches will roll out for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game in the coming weeks, the Switch has no time table as to when the platform will receive these updates.

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Shortly after launch, Bethesda addressed bugs related to gamers receiving a 100% completion trophy. For some, progression based achievements were unable to be unlocked, meaning that the brave souls who fought their way to the end didn't get anything to show for it. Also, shockingly, offline players didn't initially have the ability to pause their game until a further update.

While it's commendable that Bethesda is trying to fix a game that flopped out of the gates, the fixes these patches are addressing are indicative that the company has been hexed. Youngblood's tepid release and lack of fanfare has kept this entry under the radar and out of the mainstream eye. Most don't remember that it came out in a semi-unfinished state.

It goes without saying that a shakeup is overdue at Bethesda. The fact that a pause function, something that has been in practically every game for the last 35 years, needs to be added due to consumer feedback is embarrassing. With Fallout 76 continuing to make headlines for all the wrong reasons and now these recent attempts to fix another broken game, something is clearly wrong at Bethesda. There's no indication that things are getting better.

SOURCE: Bethesda

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