What’s A “Real Gamer” Anyway?

"You're not a real gamer" has been used by some to discredit others' interests in gaming. Largely it is used by males to put female gamers down, or by trolls while pestering casual gamers just looking to destress. Certain game styles and platforms take a lot of unfair scrutinies as well.

The basis for this insult is usually that the gamer plays on a mobile platform, or only plays simple puzzle games or social games like The SimsCasual players of online games hear it too, usually as a dig at their lack of dedication. This seems unfair as many people do not have the luxury of dedicating hours on end to gaming. But women get slighted worst of all, not seeming to catch a break from the taunting no matter what they do. This often extends to non-binary people and certain background diversities. Times are changing though, with tons of women getting in on the gaming action. A study was even recently released regarding the British gaming population - Women now dominate at 52%!

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Mobile Gaming Statistics

It is certainly unfair to discount gamers playing on a mobile platform. There were 192.2 million mobile gamers in the world as of 2017 and that number has been predicted to grow by 9% by 2020. In fact, 72.3% of all mobile users are also mobile gamers. Not only are the mobile platforms on the rise, but so are some of the 'non-gamer' gaming genres. Strategy games are among the most popular game genres on Android, landing in sixth place (out of a list of twenty). Puzzle games come in second on that list, only to the Casual genre which took the number one spot. Mobile gaming does away with ageism as well. The top percentages of gamers fall into the wide age bracket of 18-49, with statistics spanning all the way to sixty-five plus.

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Mobile Gaming Market Statistics

With large and wide-ranging player demographics, mobile gaming revenue totaled 8.6 billion in 2011 and skyrocketed up to 74.4 billion by 2019; that's almost a 66 billion dollar increase in eight years! The market demographics, as of 2017, were led by the US and India, followed by China, Brazil, and Russia. Suffice to say, gaming is appreciated all over the world and does not belong to any select nationalities or backgrounds. If none of these statistics were convincing enough, here's something to chew on: Mobile gaming revenue dominates the gaming industry with nearly a $3,000 million lead over the runner up; consoles.

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Female Presence in the Gaming Community

To discredit female gamers is to turn a blind eye to roughly half of the gamer population. Women make up 45% of US gamers and counting. That number has already reached 52% in Britain. Not only do they make up a significant portion of the gamer population, but they are also quite dedicated. Roughly one-third of female gamers are willing to 'pay to play' and 60% report playing daily. Men may choose to look at women gamers as 'not a real gamer' due to the fact that women and men have a different set of priorities and motivation behind their gameplay. While males prefer to compete and destroy, women tend to veer towards games they aim to complete, especially those of the fantasy or design persuasion. Possibly due to these preferences women account for virtually 70% of 'connect 3' and simulation gamers.

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It is really not a matter of Twitch views/viewings, what clothes you wear, or even your preference in digital games. Gamers come in all ages, gender, and from many diverse backgrounds. In some countries and game niches women even outnumber men, so the "You're not a gamer" insult on the basis of what genitalia you were born with is absolutely absurd. No matter who you are, if you enjoy games, we here at TheGamer welcome you!

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