World Of Goo Receives An Update For The First Time In 10 Years

Remember World of Goo? That game where there's a bunch of goo balls? And you have to creatively connect them in such a way as to get to a pipe on the other side of the level? Well it's back. Sort of. This isn't a sequel or prequel announcement by any means, it's just that the developers decided to update the game after ten years so that it works with more modern setups. How nice of them.

World of Goo was originally released in October of 2008. The gaming landscape was way different back then, especially for indie games. When 2DBOY launched World of Goo, with its unique aesthetic and offbeat take on puzzle mechanics, it was a novelty. It's not like today, where a simple glance at the Nintendo Switch eShop can blind you with overexposure to quirky indies.

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Things have changed a lot, so it looks like 2DBOY decided World of Goo needs to change too. The new update optimizes the game for the machines and monitors of 2019 by replacing the framework. As 2DBOY puts it in a blog post, "This means the Win / Mac / Linux version should work on modern computers again without freaking out, and you can run the game on modern displays at whatever resolution you want."

There's also a visual upgrade that makes the game widescreen by default (yes, the original release actually ran at the 4:3 aspect ratio that today's kids probably don't even know exists). The resolution is doubled to match it, although you can run the game in its original graphics if you want to keep that nostalgic feel.

Unfortunately, the update is only an upgrade. There's no new content. Or, as 2DBOY says, "To be super clear, there are no new levels, no new characters, no new battle royale deathmatch mode. This is just a gentle remastering we did for fun." Too bad. I might actually pay some decent cash to see World of Goo turned into a battle royale a la Tetris 99.

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