How To Reserve Your Character Name For World Of Warcraft Classic

As of Monday, August 12th, Blizzard has announced that those who plan to play World of Warcraft: Classic can now begin reserving names for their characters. The game will allow its players to dive back into the world of Azeroth as it was upon WoW's original release, getting rid of many of the changes that have been made over the years in order to make the game a more accessible experience. Much of the appeal in the original World of Warcraft comes from the game's sheer grind and the fact that it encourages you to interact with other players, making it a more socially involved version than the current iteration and causing thousands of players who left the game to strongly consider coming back.

On that note, you'll definitely want to reserve that character name that you've had in your head since WoW: Classic was announced back in 2017,  so here's everything you need to know in order to do so.

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Firstly, you'll have to purchase a World of Warcraft subscription, download the game client, and log in. The next order of business is selecting a realm, and choosing between either RP (role-playing), PVP (player vs. player), RPPVP (role-playing player vs. player), or Normal. If you're uncertain what the difference in each realm type is, here's a quick refresher.

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Role-playing servers are servers in which players are encouraged to speak from the point-of-view of their characters and act like they're an actual part of Azeroth. PVP servers allow players from the Alliance to attack players from the Horde at any time, and vice versa. Also, you can only stick to one faction on a PVP server, so you cannot create separate characters that belong to both the Horde and the Alliance. RPPVP servers, as you might've guessed, are a combination of PVP and role-playing servers. Normal servers are exactly what they sound like, with no set expectations. If you want to partake in PVP in a RP or Normal server, you'll need to "flag" yourself for PVP, allowing other players to attack you. Pick your realm wisely, as you won't be able to change your character's realm without paying a fee.

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Once you're done selecting your realm, you can choose your characters name and begin customizing them. On Alliance, you're given the choice between Night Elf, Human, Gnome, and Dwarf. For the Horde, you can choose Orc, Troll, Undead, or Tauren. You're given nine classes to choose from, including warrior, priest, mage, rogue, warlock, shaman, paladin, druid, and hunter. One important thing to note is that only Horde races can become shamans, and only Alliance races can become paladins.

After you've chosen a name, race and a class, you're all set! Your character will be there waiting for you when World of Warcraft: Classic releases on August 27th. Enjoy the last few weeks of your social life, and I'll see you in Azeroth!

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