World Of Warcraft Classic: 5 Reasons To Be Excited (& 5 Why We Don’t Need To Play It)

After years of wishing for a re-release of World of Warcraft, players got what they asked for with the upcoming World of Warcraft Classic. The original game without expansions is being remastered with improvements, and in some areas, the game is regressing into something we never asked for. Hopefully, by the time World of Warcraft Classic is ready to release, Blizzard will have worked out all the bugs and only removed the content that is needed. In the meantime, we can hear some reasons in favor and against the making of World of Warcraft Classic. Here are 5 reasons to be excited for World of Warcraft Classic (and 5 why we don't need to play it). Enjoy!

10 It's Going To Bring Back Good Memories (Reason To Be Excited)

Without a doubt, World of Warcraft Classic is going to be nostalgia at its finest. One of the top reasons to play the upcoming World of Warcraft Classic is because of the memories it will bring back. World of Warcraft is going to be a hit with critics and players alike.

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It will be the return of a simpler time when it was necessary to interact with other players and to use crafting instead of farming for loot. With a bump up in graphics and refined servers, World of Warcraft Classic could be a remaster worthy of appreciation.

9 People Are Going To Complain About The Version (Don't Need It)

The battle.net forums are going to be flooded with complaints, which is why World of Warcraft Classic is a bad idea. The forums are there for people to provide and receive tips, suggest gameplay improvements, and to meet other players. People are going to complain about World of Warcraft Classic, flooding the forums with comments such as "the version is not the one they want" or "there needs to be more content." World of Warcraft hate comments have already begun and it's only going to get worse.

8 It Is Made By Blizzard Entertainment (Reason To Be Excited)

As a company that has a great track record with their releases, we can feel safe that Blizzard probably won't mess up World of Warcraft Classic. Thankfully, Blizzard won't make players wait until after the next BlizzCon event. World of Warcraft Classic is scheduled to release on August 27th, 2019.

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Blizzard won't make WOW Classic the exact same as before and will add improvements new to the game. Social communication will be improved with a more modern Blizzard communication platform, and PVP should be more competitive and even-matched than in WOW's current state.

7 Most Of Its Content Is Available In The Regular World Of Warcraft Game (Don't Need It)

One of the most obvious reasons to avoid playing World of Warcraft Classic is the fact that much of the content is available in the regular game. Sure the original World of Warcraft doesn't have Blood Elfs, Worgens, Draeneis, or Pandaren's, but it did have many of the quests that are available in today's World of Warcraft. Classic World of Warcraft relied on skills such as blacksmithing while today's WOW lets players successfully complete Raids without decent gear. This is one game that could receive a great deal of hate when it releases, but we will have to see what happens.

6 Blizzard Is Running A World Of Warcraft Beta For Testing (Reason To Be Excited)

With most major releases, beta testing is required for last-minute refinements. For those who are subscribed to World of Warcraft, you can opt for the beta and get into it today. As reported by Kotaku.com, "Many players might have forgotten just how the game worked back then, and as a result, players with access to the new Classic version of the game are reporting old features as bugs." Enemies that spawn at a lower rate is an example of ordinary World of Warcraft Classic that is mistaken for a bug.

5 Blizzard Entertainment Is Taking Advantage Of Players (Don't Need It)

It would seem as if Blizzard Entertainment is making another cheap attempt at a cash grab, so they don't have to create a new game. World of Warcraft without most of its content could be considered a waste of time. As usual, video game companies are trying to take advantage of players by appealing to their sense of nostalgia. World of Warcraft Classic could be one last hurrah before a WOW sequel is made. Kudos if you realized the above picture has nothing to do with this text.

4 It's Going To Have Superior Performance (Reason To Be Excited)

Now that over ten years have passed since the release of World of Warcraft, computer processing power has come a long way. Video cards have better specs and having 4-8gb of RAM is the new standard for computers. Blizzard Entertainment will do a phenomenal job optimizing it for new PCs and because the game didn't require a high-end computer when it released. Almost anyone can jump into the game with fewer hiccups in the game's performance. We are eagerly waiting for World of Warcraft Classic for a chance to see the MMORPG looking at its best.

3 Less Content Means WOW Classic Will Grow Boring Quickly (Don't Need It)

Since Blizzard Entertainment will be stripping away most of the content they've released for World of Warcraft, the game could grow boring fast. Old features like quest text that slowly fades are why many people are going to stick with the regular World of Warcraft game.

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Probably a smaller percentage of people preferred playing the vanilla version of World of Warcraft, yet due to the size of World of Warcraft's player base, there is likely enough demand for the game to stay relevant.

2 Graphically, The Game Looks Incredible! (Reason To Be Excited)

The developers of World of Warcraft Classic have done a terrific job of keeping the same old look while adding in new elements from WOW's latest expansions. The Warlords of Draenor expansion introduced moving foliage. Added physics make the game feel more natural. Grass textures did not interact with players when WOW first released. Also, compared to the original, shadows are improved, and the water is improved as well. Graphically, the game looks incredible, and we can't wait to see the finished version.

1  There Are Only Two Continents (Don't Need It)

An overarching problem in the upcoming World of Warcraft Classic is that there will only be two continents. Eastern Kingdoms (often referred to as Azeroth) will contain most of the Alliance capital cities, and Kalimdor will include most of the Horde's. When it first released, WOW was praised for the scale of its world. Taking a look at the game now, it seems less impressive, and there might not be much space for a server full of players. On the bright side, a smaller area will encourage players to interact more.

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