Rumor: A Level Squish Is Coming To World Of Warcraft

There is a potential level squish coming to Blizzard’s World of Warcraft at some point in the future. According to rumor comes from Reddit user Nivens, who speculated that a level squish would soon be introduced after an official Blizzard survey asked: “Are you aware that the maximum level of 120 will be reduced in the future?”

Not all players have seen the survey yet since they don't go out to everyone at once. However, the idea of a level squish is not surprising when you consider the fact that the original level cap in the game was 60, and with each subsequent expansion, it has increased by 10 levels. Now, we are at double that initial cap 15 years after the release of the game.

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However, players should still take this information with a grain of salt. After all, Blizzard may just be checking out user reaction, despite the fact that the survey asks if players are aware of something that “will” happen. Developers make and change plans all the time, so we shouldn't consider this as official until we hear more from Blizzard.

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Level squishes are often born from necessity. Players have already experienced numerous “stat squishes” during the game. During the Mists of Pandaria expansion, stats were so high that there were problems involving the design of bosses, which led to various problems. For example, Garrosh Hellscream healed from 10% to full health several times throughout his encounter with a smaller relative health pool.

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Though a level squish wouldn't likely be added because of these technical reasons, it might be added to help with player fatigue while leveling. It's no easy task to level an alternate (alt) character to level 120, even with a full set of heirloom gear that provides significant boosts to experience. By lowering the level cap, more players might be inclined to create an alt and lengthen their paid game subscription.

A potential level squish might also be symptomatic of a shift in the general design of World of Warcraft. In its early days, leveling was far slower, as it will be in Classic when it launches later this year. Now, most of the action in the game is centered around endgame content, and no one wants to be stuck leveling an alt when they could be improving a top-level character.

For now, this is all just speculation, but as each expansion releases, so too does the level cap increase and World of Warcraft's grind will only continue becoming more tedious.

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