World Of Warcraft Will Now Only Require A Subscription - No Initial Purchase Necessary

World of Warcraft is undergoing a huge change that will drastically influence the game going forward. The latest update to World of Warcraft will remove the need to purchase the base game or any of the available expansions, as you now only need to pay the monthly subscription fee in order to access all of the content in the game. This means that all of World of Warcraft's content will now be available for $14.99 a month.

The exception to this update is the upcoming Battle for Azeroth expansion, which is still set to cost around $50. The changes to the game may be an effort to increase interest in Battle for Azeroth, in the wake of a far more bloated PC gaming landscape than what was around two years ago when Legion was first released.

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This update feels like it is coming several years too late, as the PC gaming landscape has been dominated by free-to-start games for a long time. Games like Hearthstone and League of Legends have been making themselves available for free and making money from in-game purchases for a while now, which makes them a more appealing option to gamers on a tight budget. This is to say nothing of the Battle Royale shooters that have also become popular, most of which have a very small barrier to entry when it comes to price.

The PC gaming market has also been dominated by the likes of Minecraft, which offer far more content with a single purchase than World of Warcraft does. Purchasing the base game of World of Warfract, the expansions, and paying a subscription fee on top means spending a lot more by comparison.

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This change to World of Warfract is likely to entice a lot of new players to the game, who may have been put off by the high cost of entry to the series. The fact that you can access everything World of Warcraft has to offer with a single purchase means that you are getting a way better deal than you were before, as you're not stuck purchasing a lot of content for a game that you may not like.

The pre-patch for Battle for Azeroth is available now.

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