Battlegrounds Is Coming To World Of Warcraft Classic In December

World of Warcraft's premiere PvP battle system will finally launch on December 10 for Classic, allowing players to delve back into the action.

Those who have been playing World of Warcraft Classic since its August release have had the chance to experience the world's most popular MMORPG in its purest form, aside from one missing feature: battlegrounds. WoW's premiere PvP battle system will finally launch on December 10, allowing players to delve back into the game's addictive honor progression system and battle the opposing faction in an open arena for the first time in years.

In a recent announcement, Blizzard stated that it'll be introducing battlegrounds into the game sooner than expected, citing the insanely high level of world PvP that has been taking place as the primary reason for the expedited release date. Basically, players are spending a lot of time killing each other inside the game's world, so Blizzard decided that it's time to bring back battlegrounds.

via BlizzardWatch.com

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On November 15, Blizzard released its honor system, awarding players with honor points for taking down honorable targets. An honorable target is one that is around the same level as the player, making it so that there is no reward for killing lower-leveled players (even though that's not going to stop anyone). The honor system will play a much larger role once the battlegrounds are released, allowing players to unlock high leveled armor and weapons once they've accumulated enough honor points.

The honor system has also created a necessity for battlegrounds, seeing as players who are looking to gain honor points have taken to spending most of their time killing other players, seeing as that's currently their only means of doing so. This led to a lot of frustration from players who are merely trying to complete quests, compelling Blizzard to release battlegrounds sooner than before.

So, beginning on December 10, players can once again transport themselves to Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin in order to square off against the opposing faction in a PvP battle. Those who hold fond memories of playing the original vanilla World of Warcraft all of those years ago most likely consider battlegrounds to be a big part of those memories, and the WoW community will likely welcome the PvP system back with open arms.

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