10 Things To Do When You're Bored In Classic World Of Warcraft

Classic World of Warcraft can be tough with the daily grind for gamers, but here are a few fun activities to keep you engaged in the vintage gameplay.

We've all been there. If you have to kill one more murloc, escort one more metal chicken through a forest of yetis, or run BRD one more time, you're going to /ragequit. When the leveling regimen gets you down and Classic WoW starts to feel like it's old and repetitive (because it is), remember there's a lot to do in the game outside of the daily grind and quest lines.

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One of the perks of all vintage video games is the level of creativity and freedom they gave to players, especially when it came to building their own character. The following activities might help you level occasionally, but it's really about keeping you engaged when the game seems to be getting old. So don't roll that Troll Paladin just yet (wait...what?), here are a few things to do when you're bored in old-time Azeroth.

10 Weapon Proficiencies

In a callback to the tabletop games, in Classic WoW you have to practice with your weapon in order to be proficient at wielding it. A cloth-wearing class like a Mage or Warlock might ignore this, mistakenly thinking that they don't have to worry about melee combat anyway. Weapons are just for the stats if you're a "squishy."

Less of a chance, sure, but if you're playing on a PVP server that's not really a safe assumption. And when that nice blue dagger or staff drops, it would be nice if you had the skill to use it instead of just equipping it.

9 Resource Farming

No matter what profession you choose, you're going to need a selection of raw materials. This also applies to the secondary professions of Fishing and First Aid. Some resources, like herbs and minerals, are found in the wild. It gives you a nice excuse to explore new areas or visit old ones. Harvesting Grave Moss from the SM Graveyard is a lot more fun at level 45, when you can smack around all those ghosts that gave you so much trouble when you were in your 30s.

Cloth is an exception, as it's a drop from humanoid characters, but even that can pop up in different places. It can be found in random chests in the wilderness or you can fish up a crate with cloth inside. Farming dungeons for cloth will always be a thing, especially places where wool and silk drop.

8 Profession Quests

Unlike other quests, which are closely tied to your abilities and gear, these are quests that you can only access based on your character level and professional skill points. The infamous Nat Pagel Fishing Quest, for example, is only available to those with a 225 fishing skill, and you have to search a virtual archipelago of islands off the coast of a noxious swamp to find this guy.

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The Cooking quests are similar, but at least less dangerous. Aspiring chefs travel to the far-flung city of Gadgetztan and go on a hunt for cheese instead of fighting giant spiders and crocodiles. You'll get some experience points plus learn some handy recipes that are useful for questing and raiding buffs.


There are a lot of fun ways to go about the player-versus-player part of the game. Patrol Alliance-friendly lands alone in a clandestine way, bring a few friends to do some damage or recruit a massive raid and takedown Stormwind. And that's just world PVP that's currently available.

Most of the PVP action of Classic WoW is just getting started, which makes it even more interesting. Phase 2, which is currently rolling out, includes the rank rewards and honor systems connected to PVP, with battlegrounds scheduled for release in Phase 3.

6 Roleplaying (RP)

You might already be doing this without being aware of what it is or how long it's been a part of gaming. If your character has a backstory, you've ever written fan-fiction, or you vend your products and services as a business in the game, then you're already familiar with role-playing. Unfortunately, when it comes to World of Warcraft, most people think of naked elves and Moonglade when someone mentions RP.  There's a lot more to it than that, and there are whole guilds dedicated to the art of RP, creating individual stories for their own characters along with adventures that also include guildmates. RP is closely connected to our next diverting activity, which also has a lot of fans.

5 Build Clothing Sets

In the days before Transmogrification, this was difficult but rewarding. You had to browse the auction house, sift through the gray items that other players left behind, and keep an eye on what your low-level alts picked up. Sometimes items that have no value to either your gear or to a vendor are the most popular just for the way they look. The Defias Mask is one example. Nat Pagle's Fishing Hat is another, available only if your fishing skill is maxed. You spent some time leveling up your Fishing skill, right?

4 Go Exploring

When you ask folks who pay Classic Wow what it has that retail doesn't, they might give you this as a reason. The new game has a much more streamlined mode of gameplay that leads the player from zone to zone as they level, often with a single, all-encompassing storyline in the background. That has it's advantages, but in Classic WoW you can go off the beaten path. Treasure chests, rare spawns, and secret quests abound in the wilderness. Granted, some of those are escort quests, but we'll take our chances.

3 Go Fishing

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No, really, we're not being snide. Fishing in Classic WoW was always fun and popular, with more features and quests being added to the profession in every expansion. It ties into the "Go Exploring" heading, as we're always looking for new places to level up everyone's favorite secondary skill.

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Lots of fish also means you can grind up your Cooking skill provided you have the correct recipes. Other items like cloth, gems, potions, or even engineering parts can dangle at the end of your fishing pole.

2 Start A Business

Well, you have a profession, right? Remember the "RP" section? Don't just vendor the wares that you make while you level your skills or quietly put them on the Auction House. People are willing to pay for those potions and enchantments anyway, so why not have some fun with it? Find the nearest bank roof-top or busy street and hawk your wares or skills like its a business, because it is! You need mount money anyway, right? We know the mats for that Dreadsteed Quest aren't exactly free.

1 Start A Guild

Grab some friends, design a tabard, and you have a guild. No friends? What about that nice Troll Mage you ran SFK with, or that cool Tauren Warrior that saved you from getting ganked in Hillsbrad? You play Classic WoW. Of course, you have friends! Before you say that you don't have time to raid and that endgame is overrated "so why start a guild?", remember that it doesn't have to be about hitting 60 and killing Onyxia. You can start a trade guild, for example, as there must be other players who RP their own WoW business.

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