10 World Of Warcraft Classic Features (That Noobs Keep Mistaking For Bugs)

World of Warcraft is about to turn 15 and over the years the game has evolved and changed dramatically. The release of World of Warcraft Classic in August gives new and old players alike a chance to experience the original game all over again.

With Classic currently in beta, players are being asked to report any bugs they find. There’s just one issue... some of those bugs are actually features of the original game. While those who’ve been playing since the game was launched are wondering if the blood plague will be back, newcomers are assuming their hunters are broken.

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10 Mobs Have Long Respawn Times

These days the game has dynamic respawns, meaning mobs appear faster in well-populated areas. Back in vanilla, this feature did not exist and many players are finding it frustrating.

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Northspire Abbey crammed with low-level humans all trying to take the candles of kobolds that populated the woods and mines was a common sight. A huge part of the reason why leveling took so long was waiting for the respawn timer after a spell hit that defias thug, just before you got a swing in.

9 The Maps Won’t Allow Tracking

Available quests won’t display as a nice helpful exclamation point on your minimap. You’ll also notice that neither the minimap nor the main map will display the locations of quests you’ve picked up. In fact, the minimap offers no form of tracking whatsoever. It’s literally just a minimap.

Back in the day players often countered this by having one tab for the game and another for a web browser, so we could quickly search for the location of Mankrik’s wife.

8 Tauren Melee Range Is Insane

Being Tauren gave you an advantage back in the olden days. The race had a larger hit box but also a bigger melee range than other races. Their size also led to some interesting issues when they couldn’t get through certain doors and windows, but could swing a mace through a pillar in arena matches.

If you ever want to see something that sums up Taurens, watch two of them melee each other. While we’re on the subject of Taurens, yes, they are supposed to be that large.

7 Feared Players And NPCs Run Very Fast

This one often takes new players by surprise. Back in the early game fearing was a tricky spell to master. Anyone you feared would run, fast. As a caster, you had no control over how fast, far or chaotically they went and chaotic it was.

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The chance of feared mobs or players speeding full throttle into extra packs of mobs was high. A mistimed fear would often bring more trouble to your raid, so the spell was used very very carefully.

6 Hunters Have To Earn And Care For Their Pets

Currently, hunters begin their journey through Azeroth with a pet by their side. This wasn’t always the case. Originally a hunter had no pet at all until level 10, when they had to earn their companion through a series of quests which taught them how to tame and care for their pet.

Acquiring pets isn’t the only thing which has changed either. You used to have to feed your pet to increase its happiness. A happy pet dealt more damage, so hunters had to keep a supply of treats on hand.

5 Using Weapons Takes Skill

When you first start swinging a mace, especially if you’re a melee class, you’ll notice that it gets parried, a lot. This is because in this version of the game all weapons had a skill, which you had to level in order to use them effectively.

The higher your weapon skill, the less likely you are to be parried, or worse disarmed. This meant that high level players were often found in low level zones, swinging their shiny new swords at kobolds, because they only had a high skill with maces.

4 Aggro Is Aggravating

The aggro range of mobs used to be based on the level difference between you and the mob. This meant that some areas were incredibly difficult to navigate as a low level. If you fancied trying your luck at running the Teldrassil to Stormwind gauntlet then good luck to you as you pass through Wetlands. Sticking to the path was common, as low level players tried to move through high level areas.

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Reports about aggro ranges in Classic vary. Some players feel they are much shorter than they remember, while others are struggling. Blizzard has assured players that they are all currently functioning as intended.

3 Looting Is A Game Of Luck

Looting has changed a great deal over the timespan of the game. These days players are assigned loot on an individual basis. We also have area of effect looting. Neither of these features were in the game at launch.

Back then the loot was much more random. The game simply assigned a set number of pieces of loot from the loot table for each boss. Guilds often had points systems and priorities for who would be geared first.

Classic is set to have a hybrid system for looting, which uses elements of both current and original looting systems.

2 Leveling Is Long

This is likely one of the biggest changes players new to the game will discover. Leveling takes a long time. Over the years the amount of experience needed to level has been drastically reduced, especially for levels under 60, the original level cap.

Blizzard were keen to allow players to progress to new content, without having to spend weeks leveling, so have gradually reduced the time it takes to level. Back in the original game, leveling was a huge part of the game and most players took their time. It could take weeks, if not months to get to end game content.

1 NPCs Are Inconsistent

NPCs which offer multiple quests may display them as a dot or as an exclamation point on the available quests list. No one is quite sure why, but this is an example of an inconsistency from the original game which has been faithfully duplicated.

While it’s not technically a feature, sometimes that nostalgia vibe is triggered by these tiny things which nobody really understood. Its presence shows us that the classic version of the game is truly authentic.

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