World Of Warcraft Classic: Ranking Every Class By How Much Fun It Is To Play

World of Warcraft Classic is back, and so are the original classes! But which one gives players the most fun experience?

World of Warcraft: Classic is finally here! And with it all the nostalgia and fun we remember from Vanilla (or haven't gotten the chance to experience yet). It is astonishing how different modern WoW expansions are from the original game, and every returning player will be faced with a stark realization of how fun yet difficult the game used to be. With 12 years gone since anyone's had the chance to enjoy Vanilla WoW, it's natural that the first thing to ponder on is which class to play. And since, for most of us, the main deciding factor in choosing a class is the level of fun we'll have with it, this list came to be.

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Now, before we begin, it's important to emphasize how much subjectivity goes into deciding how "fun" a class is. Especially since in WoW: Classic each class presents a necessary and unique role that can't be filled by any other class. We can, however, look at the popularity of all classes and combine this data with how diverse and entertaining their abilities are as well as how difficult and rewarding their play style is. Using this approach, here are all the classes in WoW: Classic, ranked by how much fun they are. Enjoy!

9 Paladin

When there's trouble, just click bubble. But seriously though, Paladin is a great class for a beginner looking to have a fun and undemanding leveling experience. They're an annoying hybrid class with decent damage and a bit overpowered heals, not to mention the notorious bubble, which makes them immune to any ambushes or one-shots. Keep in mind, if you're interested in playing a Paladin, you'll have no choice but to roll a Human. If, however, playing for the Horde seems more appealing to you, consider opting for the Shaman for the same level of versatility and fun.

Specializing correctly into Holy will make you one of the best healers in the game, with an endless Mana pool and powerful clutch heals. There's gonna be a lot of auto-attacking during the first dozen or so levels, but it pays off later when you get incredible heals and spell attacks. Though, Paladins are and always have been a bit less exciting to play as they lack any movement speed increases, stealth, and only have 1 stun to work with.

8 Shaman

Choosing a shaman automatically means opting for the Horde. As a WoW: Classic player, you can view the shaman as the horde equivalent of the Paladin. The two classes even have the same class nameplate color - pink. Shamans are a hybrid class that doesn't top the charts in either healing or damage, but perform decent in both of these aspects. This makes them very useful and in group environments.

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Your leveling will also benefit thanks to the Ghost Wolf ability, which significantly increases your movement speed (this one will especially come in useful in PvP). Totems are what makes Shamans so desirable in a dungeon, each offering powerful party-wide buffs. Then there's the fact that enhancement shamans are notoriously overpowered in PvP, being a hybrid class with both ridiculous burst damage and powerful heals.

7 Priest

As a healer, you will be an invaluable member of your dungeon party with some of the most efficient and impressive heals in the game. Its heals are game-changing in a dungeon and the shields make them incredibly versatile and useful in any fight setting. There will be only 1 healer per group, meaning more responsibility for keeping everyone alive. We'll leave it up to you to decide whether this makes it more or less fun to play.

On the other hand, opting for a Shadow Priest will allow you to melt faces with some absolutely terrifying damage (especially in a PvP setting). You can also complete special quests that grant you access to cool new abilities such as Mind Control if you really want to be the thorn in your enemy's side.

6 Druid

Not the most popular class of the bunch. But there's a good reason for that: Druids will not perform as well as a pure damage or healing class in any of these aspects. They're a hybrid class with a huge toolkit of heals, damage, and crowd control abilities. This versatility is also the very reason why druids are one of the most fun classes to play in Classic. Rolling one immediately allows you access to every role possible, and gives you a lot of room for experimentation when choosing your talents.

Leveling is rather easy when shifting into cat form or travel form, and while the damage is not the best, healing yourself and your friends skyrockets the Druid's survivability. You will have a lot of fun teasing players while prowling in car form (similarly to a rogue), or tanking them in bear form. Keep in mind that, while the Restoration specialization is quite good in healing a large number of players simultaneously, there is no Tree of Life in Classic. Quite a disappointment for druid fans, really.

5 Warlock

Surprisingly, Warlocks are currently more represented than a lot of other classes, including Hunters and Paladins. The fun aspect of playing a Warlock comes partly from being able to solo-quest using your demon pet as a tank for mobs. But mostly, it's the amazing class-specific quests that Warlocks can chase to unlock special abilities and items. There's also their incredibly unique toolkit, allowing them to create resurrection Soul Stones and summon other players from their party to their location. Oh, and you can also get those unique Warlock mounts that look incredible.

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Warlocks are not particularly hard to play, with the biggest challenge being keeping yourself alive and sustaining your Mana. In a PvP environment, you can truly annoy your enemies with a Warlock, by slowly draining their life with powerful damage-over-time abilities, or end them quickly with huge Shadowbolts. Feeling like playing a mage, but also want something more evil? You're made for a warlock, my friend.

4 Hunter

Hands down the easiest class for leveling. This makes it relatively popular. But not amazing at endgame. Sacrificing a bit of their DPS for cool control abilities and traps, they will not perform as well as some other damage-focused classes in the endgame.

On the other hand, having a pet with you in Classic makes for quite an entertaining gameplay experience, while slowing your enemies in PvP and shooting them down from a distance can be incredibly exciting. What's fun about pets is that you get to find and tame them yourself, and each comes with its own distinct abilities and advantages.

3 Warrior

The Warrior does offer a bit of a dry start, as it's the hardest class to solo-level. Low mobility combined with the lack of self-healing makes it really hard to pull through gangs of mobs without dying. But it all pays off later in the game, as the Warrior is one of the highest DPS classes in dungeons and the most reliable tank in Classic. We recommend rolling Fury during leveling and getting that double two-handed weapon bonus for ridiculous damage.

The most exciting part of leveling a warrior is probably the moment you finally get that Charge, which skyrockets your mobility and greatly increases your damage. Thanks to Swifty and his ancient Incredible Warrior Tricks video filmed during the original Vanilla era, many nostalgic players will opt for Warriors knowing what they're capable of and how overpowered they actually are. Put a pocket healer (personal healer) next to a Warrior, and it becomes virtually unstoppable.

2 Mage

The Mage is currently the most popular class, and not to mention the first class to hit level 60 in World of Warcraft Classic. What makes them so great is the amount of cool ranged abilities and the toolkit they have for controlling enemies and conjuring food and drinks.

Then there's also the fact that their damage (especially in the endgame) is absolutely off the charts. Have fun destroying your enemies from afar and farming gold with ease to get those level 20 and level 40 mounts.

1 Rogue

Ever heard the phrase "World of Roguecraft?" Yeah, rogues have always been a pain in the... back. Literally, having them vanish and backstab or ambush you in the back for ridiculous numbers can be quite annoying. For the person playing the Rogue, pulling off a good opener and watching your screen become littered with huge yellow numbers can be quite an exciting and rewarding experience. Stealth also makes for heaps of fun sneaking around enemies who can't detect you, or entering enemy cities and ambushing or Pickpocketing unsuspecting enemy players.

On the other hand, having leather armor and no heals in Classic makes Rogues easy prey for platers or Hunters if caught off guard. Keeping track of your stuns and diminishing returns makes Rogues a real skill class. As for the leveling experience, it's quite a challenge due to the lack of heals, low armor, and strictly melee attacks. Which may leave many new players (or even those returning from modern WoW) disappointed and annoyed. But rest assured, mastering a rogue will make you your opponents' worst nightmare. Just make sure you have enough food and bandages on you at all times.

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