Thug Life: The 25 Worst Characters In Grand Theft Auto

Every game has characters you'll hate, because they're annoying, because they're useless, because they screw you over, or just because you don't like them. It takes a lot of work though to become a universally hated character and considered one of the WORST, to turn an entire fanbase against you for all of eternity or even worse having the hatred turn into mockery as a meme is created about one or two lines of text that players couldn't stand.

I'm looking at you Navi.

With how long the Grand Theft Auto series has been going on, it's inevitable that there'd be a slew of hated characters in it. Whether it's a radio DJ whose voice you can't stand, or a mission giver who just keeps screwing you over, I'd guarantee there's at least one guy that when asked about your first thought is "Ugh, he's the WORST."

Sadly, you're forced to interact or at least tolerate these characters for a majority of the games, all you can do is pray that you'll get the chance to off them eventually and until then stomach their annoying habits or do their dirty work.

Below we've collected the 25 worst characters across all the games for you to read through and go "Yeah I really did hate that guy, glad he ended up the way he did."

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25 Roman Bellic: GTA IV

via cheatcodecentral.com

You all knew who was going to make the top of this list. Roman lures you to America claiming he's super rich only for you to show up and turns out he's not only incredibly poor but he's the whipping boy of a cab company owner.

As events continue he constantly gets you in trouble or dumps his mess on you, proving he's spineless and weak willed he even begs you not to confront his boss when his girlfriend cheats on him with the jackass.

Don't even get me started on the endless phone calls made with his terrible accent. I can't tell you how many times I've had to hang up on him while on the run from the law, and the few times I do pick up it's always "CAHSIN LET'S GO SEE BEEEG AMERICAN [BLEEP]."

24 Bruce "Brucie" Kibbutz: GTA IV

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There's a lotta things about Bruce "Brucie" Kibbutz that make him annoying, constantly talking about his work out plans (steroids) or suddenly flying into insane road rages (again cause of the steroids), and his really weird hang up on needing to appear masculine at all times.

Also, he's so deep in the closet he's starting to hear pan flutes and constantly denies it, bragging about his female conquests that may or may not have happened.

He never really "get's what's coming either" and annoyingly enough his life is actually going really well, he's super rich and in between the events of GTA IV and GTA V even ends up as the spokesperson for Bull Shark Testosterone... which are steroids. His most annoying quote? "All men are born equal, but some evolve to become genetically superior."

23 Maria Latore: GTA III

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Maria is immature, greedy, obnoxious, a gold digger, selfish, and has zero self-control to the point of nearly overdosing.

She also royal screws up your life by telling her mob boss husband that you and her are in a relationship now, so she's taking all his money and leaving along with you.

Her fate is left uncertain as at the end of GTA III, you and Maria are walking around as she insipidly natters on and on about the relationship you two are going to have as the screen fades to black and there's a sudden gunshot. One of the popular theories as to what happened is that you shot yourself to avoid listening to her anymore.

22 Vladimir Glebov: GTA IV

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There were a lot of problems with Grand Theft Auto IV, poor driving controls, humourless gameplay and worst of all bland annoying characters.

With your cousin (CAH-SIN) Roman being in debt to standard generic mob boss A, Vladimir Glebov you end up working for the bald twit to try and help Roman pay it off. Unlike a lot of the GTA series vibrant colourful characters Vlad is just an angry screaming ball of annoyance who gives you some of the games most boring mission while verbally berating you and calling you a peasant.

I'm certain most players thoroughly enjoyed the moment when Niko had had enough of his him, and found murdering him under the Algonquin bridge to be very cathartic.

21 Eddie Pulaski: GTA San Andreas

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Screw this corrupt two-bit villainous sidekick, he's mean, rude, and pure evil, but what irks me the most is that he just serves as Tenpenny's henchman.

You're gonna see a few of the C.R.A.S.H team members on this list since they remind me of an obnoxious high school girls clique with Tenpenny at the head.

Eddie Pulaski is like the wanna be best friend character to the head cheerleader but isn't smart enough to realize he's not cool enough to hang with the group. Refusing to see Tenpenny's eventually betrayal he sticks with being an asshole to the end until CJ eventually runs him down.

Even his final words are annoying, right before CJ kills him, staring his doom in his face he asks if he can have sex with CJ's sister.

20 Manuel Escuela: GTA IV

via nocookie.net

Cleaning up the streets is a noble goal, especially in Bohan, Liberty City. Doing nothing to actually accomplish this (apart from hiring killers to murder drug dealers while filming it so you can take the credit) is definitely not the way to go about this.

Manny Escuela isn't even particularly liked by any characters in his own game and is more of an annoyance to them all then a help, as he forces Niko to do all his dirty work before claiming he did everything.

Manny's luck thankfully runs out sparing us from dealing with him any further when he attempts to film a confrontation between himself and a local drug baroness who, in a paranoid rage shoots him and his camera man in the head when Manny says "Stop selling drugs!"

The DARE program was more effective than he was, at least his organs were donated.

19 Jeffrey "OG Loc" Cross: GTA San Andreas

via deviantart.net

A good voice actor can either make you fall in love with a character or, much like a bad one make you hate their guts. Jeffery "OG Loc" Cross is one who we were meant to hate, with his horrible attempt at acting and sounding like a gangster is bad enough, couple it with his awful rap game and annoying as hell squeaky voice and you get the recipe for one of GTA's worst characters.

You don't even get the satisfaction of seeing him dead, as the game progresses you learn more about what a wannabe he truly is before he ends up having his manager killed and disappearing.

At least it was fun to watch Madd Dogg chase him down and extort him for plagiarism.

18 Simeon Yetarian: GTA V

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This guy was so damn obnoxious in GTA V's story mode, trying to use his ethnicity as a shield and to force people into buying ridiculously over priced vehicles and then subsequently re-possessing them before the buyer had even run any problems.

When Franklin is forced at gunpoint to ram an SUV through his window I'm not going to lie, I cheered, the scene gets even better when former bank robber Micheal DeSanta gets out and beats the ever loving tar out of the annoying car salesman.

You're still not free of him though. In the online mode, as it turns out, he decides to become your "Uncle" and then press gangs you into stealing cars for him. Anytime you get into a car he wants the game feels the need to notify you about it even though you likely have no intention of helping him.

17 Devin Weston: GTA V

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Devin Weston definitely deserves a spot on this list because of how damn smug he is. He is one of the main antagonists who jerk you around in GTA V, keeping you on the short leash. He and Steve Haines (who'll be appearing later on the list for sure) collared you too early in the game, he gives missions that only further his benefit and of course you never see a cent of the money he promises. Classic GTA villain essentially.

What makes him so awful is that he tries to get one of the three protagonists (Franklin) to kill another (Micheal) and regardless of your feelings for the De Santa family, you have to admit that's just not cool. If you wind up doing your bidding he essentially fires you and mocks you after you kill your precious friend.

16 Amanda De Santa: GTA V

Micheal and Amanda De Santa's marriage has a lot of issues that they're challenged to work through during GTA V. He's distant, rude, he mopes around all the time and is prone to angry outbursts, she responds by verbally abusing him and spending all his money. While both are flawed characters who have their issues to work though (which is a good thing actually), Amanda makes this list for one reason. Incessant nagging. Holy smokes lady, I get that your family is going through issues, but damn, anytime I come home after a hard day Thefting Autos (sometimes Grandly) I get screeched at.

15 Lance "Ryder" Wilson: GTA San Andreas

via deviantart.net

Ryder and Big Smokes betraying you, your gang, and your family is one of the most heartbreaking in GTA history, with them pretending to be your close friends and allies most of the game chances are you started liking either the unpredictable trouble making Ryder or his larger fellow conspirator.

In Ryder's case, he doesn't even really seem to have a reason to betray you all apart from he's a drugged out lunatic and if you'd missed the hints all game that he was a dirty backstabbing jackass, it can be hard to see coming. Until Ceaser leads you to a back alley where you witness him selling out your gang to Tenpenny and the Balla's who are even driving the same car that killed your mother.

14 Trey "Playboy X" Stewart: GTA IV

via pinterest.com

Sometimes one option is always much better than the other, as is the case when Playboy X's mentor in the drug dealing trade, Dwayne Forge is released from prison and the two begin having issues.

Playboy starts off the trouble, by deciding that instead of being partners with his one-time father figure, it'd be better to hire Niko to murder him in cold blood and Dwayne discovering the contract out on his life also hires Niko to kill Playboy instead.

If you kill Dwayne, Playboy suddenly has a change of heart right after you finish the dirty deed and while he does pay you what you had agreed on (a measly 25,000), he then cuts all ties with you and is a general jerk to you about it.

If you kill Playboy though, Dwayne thanks you and then gives you a sweet penthouse.

13 Karen "Michelle" Daniels: GTA IV

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You never really forget your first love, the first girl you dated, the first kiss, the first time she invited you to her place, the first time she arrests you, steals all your cocaine, and forces you to work for a government agency.

Wait. What?

During a mission, you'll be introduced to a lovely charming young woman named Michelle who at the urging of her friend offers to go out with you. After you take her on a few dates, have a lot of fun, and possibly some alone time in her apartment, she reveals she was working for The Man the whole time. To rub it in her name is actually Karen, which is one of the top five worst names you can have (kidding to all your Karens out there).

12 Catalina: GTA San Andreas And GTA III

via mgur.com

Have you ever dated someone who was crazy? I'm not talking like "grumpy in the mornings" crazy or the "collects ceramic ducks" kind either. I'm talking the "Really into robbing banks" sort.

Catalina is psychotic and her mood swings more than a kid at a playground, she's loving and passionate one moment and then angry and screaming the next. When you finally dump her in GTA San Andreas, she gets into a relationship with one of your rivals and then bangs him while you're on the phone with her.

Later she betrays that guy after dating him for nine years and shoots him, leaving him in a ditch. He survives this and comes back later with a vengeance and blows her and her helicopter up with a rocket launcher.

And you thought you had relationship troubles.

11 Isiah Friedlander: GTA V

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Micheal's un-interested therapist in Grand Theft Auto V, Dr. Isiah Friedlander is an asshat. He never actually offers any good advice, barely listens to Micheal's problems and keeps asking about "sexual problems." Every time he looks at his watch to see if the session is done yet, I feel annoyed, especially when he raises his prices by a "reasonable" 75%. What have you done to earn this Dr. Friedlander? Definitely not fix any of my issues!

Even as Micheal's confessions during their sessions get darker with the former bank robber claiming he can kill people and not feel a shred of remorse, Friedlander barely seems to be paying attention.

Turns out he was though, but not in order to help you, in order to publish a book about you and your issues without actually asking permission first.

10 Tonya Wiggins: GTA V

via nocookie.net

Tonya and her boyfriend JB have a tow truck business that it seems like they're never doing it with how often she's asking you to help out by driving it. This is because JB is a crackhead and is constantly under the influence of it, slacking off instead of working his company is about to go under.

So Tonya doesn't beg you to help, she tries to demand and shame you into doing it if you do you end up starting a mission line of the five most boring missions in the game filled with insipid dialogue with Tonya that is only going to slowly make you hate her more. This ends with her offering to perform an adult favour on Franklin which he denies. Heck, not even Trevor will sleep with her.

9 Beverly Felton: GTA V

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Why the do so many people in the GTA universe try to back out of payments to the protagonists who are fairly well-known killers. After working with them for a bit, they should know that stiffing them on pay can't possibly end well.

Especially for Beverly Felton. The paparazzo that has Franklin drive him around so he can take invasive pictures of celebrities if you help him he slowly gains in infamy and popularity as you harass poor innocent actresses who just want to do coke and enjoy their rich lives.

Eventually, he leaves the paparazzo game after gaining offers to have a reality show filmed about his life, when you go and try to collect the money he owes you, he tells you to leave and call his agent, refusing to pay you.

8 Zero: GTA San Andreas

A whiny support character can turn a fun interesting mission that's a hilarious battle between hobby shops into an annoying slog through the motions, especially he moans anytime you fail.

What starts out as a few quirky missions given to you by a hobby shop owner by the name of Zero, involving shooting down RC planes escalates into you slaughtering innocent delivery boys to try and run his high school rival and competitor out of town.

Anytime there's a mission failure though you're going to want to strangle him as he complains and whines even though he wouldn't have been able to do the task himself alone. "Curse you Berkly! CURSE YOUUUUUUU!"

7 Ray Bulgarin: GTA IV

via nocookie.net

Sometimes you see villains who you can at least respect, or even have a grudging sense of liking them thanks to their motives or their way of getting things done.

Ray Bulgarin is not one of those villains, he's not classy, he has no personal honour and throws tantrums that normally end with someone dead when he doesn't get his way.

The main reason he's probably so hated is his list of crimes include things we can't really talk about on this site, rest assured though he definitely deserved his end at the hands of GTA IV Ballad of Gay Tony protagonist Luis. His death is also one of the high points of the series when he pulls out a grenade daring you to kill him. So you do, then leap out of the helicopter you shot him in and parachute to safety as it explodes behind you.

6 Brian Jeremy: GTA IV The Lost And The Damned

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A lot of people betray you in the GTA series, but normally after you get the choice to kill them or spare them, they stay gone. Brian Jeremy isn't smart enough to do so. The former secretary of The Lost MC, Brian disagreed with the direction you were taking The Lost MC while its president was behind bars, and brought his complaints to you in the only logical way. By forming a faction within your club and then getting them all to try and kill you after you waste your way through former club members all misguided by Brian, you catch up to him and can either kill him or tell him to leave town which he does for a bit.

5 Kent Paul: GTA Vice City

via GTAwiki.net

Another character who makes this list for simply being annoying, Kent Paul is one of your allies who actually does tip you off to a few things that wind up saving your life. He completely turns this around however because of his appearance, annoying accent, being a pathological liar and the way he can't handful stressful situations.

His repeated claims at being a criminal mastermind (with absolutely no evidence) also bring annoyance as by the time you meet him you've likely killed a total of people equal to the population of at least one small town.

He shows up again in San Andreas, working to manage Madd Dogg's career and proves just as annoying in the game he debuted in.

4 Auntie Poulet: GTA Vice City

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Normally in the GTA games you'll end up working or doing odd jobs for people you don't really want to, this can be because of blackmail, bribery, trying to infiltrate their operation or in Auntie Poulet's case, you're mind controlled with weird potions and drugs and forced to work against the people you're on friendly relations with.

Being manipulated into working for someone is annoying enough, being forced to do so through brain washing is even worse and honestly kinda breaks what little immersion GTA manages to build up.

Sadly, you never get to take revenge on Auntie Poulet as you have no memory of the times she's controlling you and end up just ruining her operation on the orders of someone else. Also what kind of name is Auntie Chicken?

3 The Celebinator: GTA The Ballad Of Gay Tony

via gtanet.com

All the celebrities in Grand Theft Auto have always been obnoxious parodies some, however, take it too far and end up being incredibly annoying instead of funny satire. The Celebinator is definitely one of the latter.

A famous blogger parodying Perez Hilton, The Celebinator's blog can be read by accessing the in game internet. As annoying as he is, he winds up running afoul of you when he begins threatening your boss's nightclubs reputation claiming unless you pay him he'll give the nightclubs a horrid review and slam them hard.

This extortion doesn't go very well for him as you slap the ever loving heck out of him before throwing him out of a helicopter. You don't kill him though, you leap after him and parachute him to the ground only to find out he's pooped himself.

2 Officer Tenpenny: GTA San Andreas

via deviantart.net

Alright, getting Samuel L Jackson to voice him was a good idea Rockstar but it sure as hell isn't going to make me like this backstabbing murderously corrupt cop.

Upon your arrival this jerk is breathing down your neck, making you do odd jobs and escalate the tensions between gangs. He convinces your longtime friends and allies to betray you, murders his own men and verbally abuses everyone around him constantly.

While he's motivated by money and power, it also seems he actually has a warped view that he's actually helping the city even as he approaches death's door claiming that nobody but him could clean up the town.

1 Big Smoke: GTA San Andreas

via a.akamaihd.net

Big Smoke from GTA: San Andreas was a cool guy and quickly became one of my favourite characters in the series, he was funny cool and served as a great foil to Ryder.

Which is why when he winds up betraying you for almost no reason it hurts so much worse. Especially when you find out he'd been planning on doing it from the start and was likely complicit in your mother's murder.

You do eventually catch up with Big Smoke and make him pay for him trying to kill you and your family, and you discover his reasoning for it was he just wanted to be remembered when he died and wound up caught by the money and fame he was promised.

Doesn't matter Big Smoke, we were family.

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