10 Bad Gen 5 Designs Pokémon Fans Let Slip By

Ah, Generation Five. The Generation that is adored by every single Pokémon fan unequivocally and has absolutely zero duds in the entire roster. Imagine being that popular. Ok, so yeah Generation Five isn't as beloved as Generation Four or Three might be, but Black and White actually brought some really cool designs to the table in its regional Dex. But there were also some subpar ones to go along with the good. Being separated from the rest of the regions, the regional Dex had to be bigger than most other Generations. As such, there was a large roster to pick from for this list. Let's jump right into ten of the worst designs that Unova had to offer.

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10 Emboar

Starters are not exempt from this list. Thus, Emboar takes up the first spot on the list. Besides being unreasonably thicc for no reason whatsoever, Emboar is just kind of boring. He has some good elements in his design, but they just don't really add up into anything too great. There's nothing that really jumps out. Starter Pokémon tend to pop a bit more than the rest of the Dex, and Emboar really just doesn't do that. This is why he's earned himself a spot on the list.

9 Simisear

Ahhh, Simisear, you poor soul. This Pokémon was voted, well not the most hated but the least liked out of every Pokémon in all of Japan, that's gotta hurt. You okay buddy? And it's easy to see why that vote went the way it did. Look at this man. He's got absolutely zero idea what's going on. All of the elemental monkeys are basically universally hated, and Simisear is just the worst of the worst when it comes to them. A shame that a fire Pokémon got the worst burn.

8 Darmanitan

Darmanitan is just... kind of a weird one design-wise. Darmanitan and his eyebrows are usually just some good old old firey boys doing their best, but when he falls below a certain health percentage he turns into a statue. Alright. That's a little weird, right? Besides that, Darmanitan always looks like he is on the brink of... something. Some sort of mental lapse that will destroy him and everything around him. That smile is absolutely empty. A danger to society, do not trust any Darmanitan you see.

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7 Amoonguss

Every Generation we get one (or seven in the case of this Generation) Pokémon that presents us with a, "chicken or the egg" type scenario. In this edition of the game show, we are presented with the question, "What came first, the small balls that you crush animals into until you're ready for them to come out and fight on your behalf, or Amoongus?" In this case, it seems likely that the Pokéball came first and Amoonguss uses that design as a sort of camouflage out in the wild. Still, the rest of the design isn't great either. What in the world is with those lips? Put them away please.

6 Klinklang

We once again have another chicken question, but this one is a bit more on the weird side. It goes something like this, "Did a specific Pokémon species decide how basic mechanics would work due to its form factor, or did Klinklang come second? This one absolutely makes no sense. How does this work? Why does this work? There are questions here that simply just cannot be answered. Anyway, Klinklang looks stupid. At least the next Pokémon probably won't be based on an inanimate object.

5 Chandelure

... You know what. The reason why some people don't like the Unova Pokémon makes a lot of sense at this point. Chandelure is a chandelier. We're not doing the question thing at this point. This just doesn't make any sense. In this case, it was probably just a coincidence that Chandelure's form factor made for a great lighting device, but this is just ridiculous. At the very least, we don't have to deal with this nonsense anymore. Finally.

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4 Vanilluxe

There's no more anger at this point. Just pure sadness. Do we need to do this again? Fine... what came first, "the ice cream come or the animal that looks like an ice cream cone (can you feel the creativity draining out of these)? Vanilluxe is just lucky that he ain't being eaten at this point because he's out here looking like a snacc. This time though, we truly don't have to deal with anymore Pokémon that look like inanimate objects.

3 Stunfisk

Alright, nevermind give us another inanimate object because you really can't get any worse than Stunfisk. Ew. Look, this thing obviously has roots in the actual animal kingdom (thank the Lord), but that doesn't mean it's still not gross looking. The lips are frightening, the eyes are frightening, the... flatness isn't very flattering. Look, Stunfisk is a step up from the previous 46 entries on this list because it actually resembles an animal, even if it isn't a very pretty animal.

2 Shelmet

Heh heh... ew. Shelmet is so weird looking. The quality variation in the Unova Dex is wild. We have some fantastic ones that really are on another echelon, and then we have Shelmet. Kissy boy, as he is known in the scientific community. The actual design of the Pokémon is fine, and the whole concept of it switching evolutionary lines is super interesting, it's weird little mouth is just so offputting. When there's so little going on with Shelmet design-wise, it just means that these small issues are just more highlighted than they would be on a regular Pokémon.

1 Swanna

This is more of a personal vendetta, but Swanna is infuriating as a Pokémon because it barely has ANY features that separate it from just being a regular non-magical swan. It's name is two letters off, its pre-evolution is literally just a blue duck, this whole line is a scam. These things aren't doing anything interesting in the slightest. Instead, they're just animals. Swanna and Ducklett can barely classify as Pokémon to begin with, which is why they take a spot on this list.

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