10 Bad Gen 6 Designs Pokémon Fans Let Slip By

As we've discussed time and time again, not all Pokémon are created equally. While all dogs may in fact, be good dogs, not all Pokémon are good Pokémon. Well... design-wise anyway. Generation Six introduced the smallest batch of new Pokémon that we've ever seen to the series. At the same time, it also produced one of the most controversial sets since Generation One. While some swear by Greninja, we're all okay if Slurpuff would go away. Today, we'll be discussing ten Generation Six Pokémon designs that just aren't the cream of the crop. Let's get into it.

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10 Chesnaught

Ew. Chespin starts off fine, it's cute with its weird little skin hat thing it's got going on. And then it evolves. Things start going downhill from that very moment. When Quilladin arrives, the skin hat becomes a.. body hat and everything ENLARGES. And then we get to Chesnaught. We are NAUGHT a fan of this one amirite? The skin hat has finally reached its final form to become a... turtle shell? This design is really just kind of disappointing. There's nothing exciting going on here at all.

9 Diggersby

However, when we arrive at Diggersby, the disappointment turns into shock. Look at that thing. How dare it do exactly whatever it just did. That face surely means it did something. Doesn't this design just... offend you? Like, Diggersby just threw your DS across the room and broke it, only to then tell mom that you pushed him first. Do you get that sort of vibe from Diggersby? Diggersby is a lot in every sense of the word. Don't trust Diggersby. He's hiding something.

8 Aromatisse

Aromatisse, on the other hand, is hiding nothing. In Aromatisse's official artwork, she's just got her leg out and about for all to see. Why is this Pokémon trying to be sexy? Why Did Game Freak ever think that was something that needed to be done? No. Put the entire leg away. Not to say that would fix the design of this Pokémon entirely though. She's just a large fluffy oval that seems to have nothing special going on for her, which is unfortunate. But hey, if that pose has told us anything it is that she's confident in herself no matter what.

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7 Klefki

Keys. Klefki is keys. Forget "the chicken or the egg," you've got yourself a new riddle to solve. What came first, the wild animal that's body is shaped as a ring with small, pointy and grooved objects protruding out of it, or the human concept of inserting a sliver of metal into the wall to open this specific section of it? Isn't that a fun one? While Pokémon based on man-made objects will always be a thing, this is without a doubt the worst of those that the Pokémon franchise has given to us in its near three decades-worth of existence.

6 Dragalge

The pre-evolution of Dragalge is named Skrelo. It has bloodshot red eyes, and looks like it's just about done for the day. A certified millenial mood. It then grows up into Dragale, a larger version of its bloodshot-eyed self. Dragalge is supposed to be based off animals that can disguise themselves as seaweed, and that's fine and all, but doesn't that basically mean that Dragalge looks like seaweed? You know what isn't a very cool design choice for a Pokémon? Looking like seaweed.

5 Espurr

God. Stop. Look somewhere else. Anywhere that isn't here. Espurr is... haha that's a funny name. Espurr is a psychic cat Pokémon that has clearly seen some, if not all, of the things. Espurr is full of incredible power that could essentially just blast everything around it at any given time. Cool, thanks for that Espurr. To add to the drama of it all, Espurr just kind of doesn't ever blink at any time ever. Just heartwarming.

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4 Slurpuff

Fairy-type Pokémon were one of the brand new additions to the series with X and Y, and apparently the best design philosophy for fairy Pokémon that came freak could come up with was as follows: pink. Literally all fairy types were just pink. Slurpuff is literally just a pink mess. Is it edible? It looks like it might be edible. Whatever it is, there could have been like, five extra minutes of thought sprinkled in to make it a lot better than what it was.

3 Mega Abomasnow

On to the Megas. Anyone want to fess up to this here? While, yes, usually Mega Evolutions do get a bit larger after the transformation, that doesn't have to be the whole transformation. The entirety of Mega Abomasnow's design seems to truly just be enlarging and mirroring. There's no clear cut reason as to why this is the design that they chose to follow. Frankly, it's not very good, and this poor boy deserves better than what Game Freak gave him.

2 Mega Glalie

And then Glalie's... jaw unlocked? That seems to be it? And it got a beard. Alright, sure. Look, Glalie is certainly a tough one to think of new features for, as it is just a floating head. That aspect makes sense. However, why not just, choose a different Pokémon? Glalie was doing fine before his Mega came along and did this to him. Have fun explaining your favorite Pokémon, the screaming ice head man with a powerful beard and a unicorn horn. If that's not a look, what is?

1 Mega Manectric

And to end off this list, we have ourselves a Mega Manectric to look at. Literally who was in charge of this? Manectric itself is a fine-looking Pokémon, sure, and we all get that the Mega Manectric vibe that Game Freak was going for was to look like a lightning bolt, but couldn't we have gone back to the drawing board for a second? Couldn't we have tried something... other than this? Couldn't we have represented a lightning bolt in a way that wasn't throwing one directly onto the top of Manectric's body and calling it a day? There just had to be at least like... one other idea thrown around in the studio that wasn't this. Right?

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