The 10 Worst Moves In The History Of Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. is all about unique and powerful attacks, but almost every fighter has moves that are just pointless.

Super Smash Bros is a series all about its characters. They are placed in a tierlist based on how good their moves are and how they connect to one another. If a character doesn’t have good moves, then they probably won’t make it very high in tiers or competitive play.

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Looking back on the series, there have been characters who have had (and potentially still have) the worst moves in the history of the franchise. Without further ado, we’re looking at the worst moves in Super Smash Bros as a whole. Some moves will be game-specific, as characters have been balanced and reworked many times.

10 Kirby’s Hammer

Kirby was one of the worst characters in Super Smash Bros Melee. While visually it seems like he’d be pretty good, his moves don’t have a lot of range and his attacks came out slowly when compared to characters like Fox and Sheik. Perhaps his worst move was his side special, Hammer, when used in the air.

Kirby would spin the hammer around his body in a circle. It could’ve been a decent aerial attack, but it only did around 2% damage and gave very little knockback, leaving Kirby open for an immediate counter-attack. It halted all his momentum too.

9 Little Mac’s Jolt Uppercut

Little Mac is a niche character. He is only good on the ground and hits like a truck. To compensate, he was given little air mobility and a notoriously bad recovery. His up special, called Jolt Uppercut, only sends Mac forward in a straight line above.

It sends him higher if he’s on the ground first, but only propels him a measly distance if he’s already in the air. The move isn’t that great of a kill option either, as Mac’s other moves on the ground fare much better. Furthermore, this bad attack is easy to punish and ledge guard.

8 Mega Man’s Leaf Shield

Mega Man’s down special was the Leaf Shield from his classic games. While, on paper, it seemed like a nice way to punish people for getting in close, it was a very weak attack. The knockback was almost never useful, and it was very easy to avoid when sent out.

Because of the lag needed to perform the move, characters could often get in and punish Mega Man for using it. Instead, players needed to rely on Mega Man’s other specials and aerials to get the job done. However, this attack was buffed in Ultimate, making it a good combo starter.

7 Jigglypuff’s Sing

Jigglypuff’s up special has never been for recovery. On the contrary, it’s used for her to execute her signature attack from the Pokemon series. The problem with it is that it had a small range and was almost never a good option.

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It was easy to punish and many characters could get out of it before Jigglypuff was finished with the attack. Past tense is used to describe this attack because it has been noticeably buffed in Super Smash Bros Ultimate with greater range and more effectiveness across the board. It now works as an excellent way to stop dashing characters and guarantees a free Rest.

6 Mewtwo’s Disable

While the utility of freezing an opponent in their tracks cannot be overstated, trying to pull off Mewtwo’s down special often proves more trouble than its worth. It only works if Mewtwo and the opponent are facing each other and in close proximity.

In Super Smash Bros, characters who get close like that are often going to throw out an attack before Mewtwo can use Disable. The attack is also predictable and easy to punish. When Mewtwo has other powerful options in his moveset, like his forward air, it’s hard to justify going for a quick Disable to get ahead.

5 Bowser Jr’s Clown Cannon

A lot of characters in Super Smash Bros spit out projectiles, and Bowser Jr is no exception. A lot of his play is focused around using items to throw off opponents. His neutral special, however, is seldom a good option.

The projectile hits hard, but it is so slow that it’s easy to avoid. If a character is fast enough or throws projectiles of their own, then it often spells bad news for Bowser Jr. It’s also always a bad option when used against characters who can deflect or pocket because of how easy it is to react to it.

4 Yoshi’s Egg Roll

While Yoshi’s side special does have its uses, it’s often not that great of a tool. Yoshi is a character who benefits from moving around in the air, and Egg Roll forces him on the ground. Furthermore, the move has such short range that any attack can hit him out of it.

Many characters will see the Egg Roll as an opportunity to get a free hit. Most moves have priority over it as well, meaning that it won’t stop any incoming attacks. It can be used as a way to mix up a strategy, but that keeps it extremely situational.

3 Little Mac’s Aerials

Little Mac has plenty of options on the ground when it comes down to powering through opponents’ attacks and punishing them for bad spacing. However, forget about trying to attack opponents while they’re in the air. Little Mac does have aerial attacks, but they’re short-ranged, have tiny hitboxes, and don’t do nearly enough damage or knockback to justify using them.

Most characters will hit him first with longer range and punish him for even pressing the jump button. Because of this, Little Mac is arguably the worst ledge guarder in the entire series, having no decent aerial attacks to give him more options.

2 Lucario’s Double Team

Lucario was one of the new Pokemon characters in Super Smash Bros Brawl. He had a neat aura mechanic that made him deadly when pushed to high percents. His down special was a counter that scaled not by the power of the attack that hit him, but by his aura as well.

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Unfortunately, Double Team was one of the worst counters if not the worst special in the game. The animation was long, but only a fraction of it registered the counter. This meant that around half the animation just made Lucario a big target that faster characters could easily exploit.

1 Pac-Man’s Grab

While Pac-Man has far from the best grab in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, it was originally much worse. The vanilla release of Super Smash Bros for Wii U gave Pac-Man such a long grab that it was easily the worst grab in the game.

The range was fine, but the animation lasted so long and the window of effect was so small that it just gave opponents a free hit. It came out so slowly that most players could react to it and just jump out of the way. His grab was made faster with patches in the game, but it was still awful after that.

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