The 20 WORST Things About Destiny 2

One of the most anticipated (and highly marketed) releases of the year has finally been put out and the reviews for the hot first person shooter from Bungie are up. The verdict?

It's solid... I guess.

What did you expect though? It's a sequel to a game we were promised wouldn't need a sequel and would grow over players in-game actions over the course of a decade and then turned out to be an extremely grindy and repetitive first-person shooter. I'm still not over the huge let down of the first game.

I'm not here to take a huge dump all over Destiny 2 and to be honest, it's earned more money than I'd ever know what to do with, so it's not like anything I can say is going to hurt the game or its developers at all.

That being said, even the most fervent Destiny fanboy has to admit that the sequel has its share of problems and issues with it. Certainly, you're going to see a lot of reviews heralding this game as the second coming, but this article intends to explore Destiny 2's flaws and issues, highlighting them, so you know exactly what you're going to be getting into when you drop 60$. For the base game along, I might add. Let alone the 99$ for the deluxe version.

So love it or hate it, below are the 20 worst things about Destiny 2.

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20 We're All Clones

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With a game so focused on accessories in customizing your characters outfit one would expect intense character creation mechanics (similar to Fallout 4, or at the very least Mass Effect). Instead, however, the options for your character's face are extremely limited with what feels like zero new hairstyles, faces and markings added to the game.

In fact, the character creator is almost exactly the same as the previous games which is probably one of the biggest letdowns of all, you think they'd have added a few options or updated it so new and returning players could make minor changes to their beloved Guardian.

Is it so much to ask at least for a myriad of new haircuts between games? What happened to all the barbers?!

19 Silence Is The Enemy

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Sometimes a silent protagonist is the best way to project yourself onto a character. With no actual spoken lines themselves, these characters let you put yourself in their shoes better, as they have no personality aside from what you imagine you could be anyone you want!

In Destiny's case, however, they are a huge cop-out that prevents players from having dialogue options. Sadly, with Destiny 2 —and it's huge price tag— there's no excuse for not having included variable dialoge. Even lower-budget games like Saints Row IV includes options for different voices.

Heck, Ghost ends up speaking for you. This means that instead of an easily projected character, you're instead some jerk who has to have a small floating robot interacting with people for him. It wouldn't have been hard to split up some of Ghost's lines with your characters at least.

18 I Just Ran

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Getting around in a futuristic FPS can be a huge part of the fun and Destiny knew that and so gave you a hover jet bike thing early on in the game to make travel a heck of a lot easier, also because hover jet bikes are cool.

So where the [expletive] was the Sparrow this game? You don't actually get it until you've beaten the story campaign, which means I hope you like traveling by foot down long corridors (which you just know were designed with the hover jet bike in mind).

There's nothing more depressing than seeing sick jumps and being unable to ramp off them and then ride off into the sunset feeling like the coolest guy at the party.

17 Rich Girl

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Who doesn't love microtransactions? Ways to just outright buy better, faster, or prettier content that should have just been included in the game anyways. Sigh. Being a sequel (which means it's already guaranteed to sell more copies), Destiny 2 has decided to take the greedy route and add another way into your wallet.

Items called bright engrams, which contain special loot can be purchased with real-world money, are essentially looted boxes. You buy em and they spit out something in the range of pretty armor or gun. Not to mention the one-time-use shaders plaguing the game.

Microtransactions continue to be the worst thing ever conceived and launch day ones are even more annoying.

16 Stronger!

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Grinding is the repetitive strategy where you constantly kill small mobs or run re-doable missions until your level is higher than the story missions or the task you want to complete. It's very popular in MMOs and —in some games' case— they actually think that grinding is a fun game aspect and should be a core mechanic.

Destiny 2's story missions do not provide enough exp in order to allow you to level up enough to unlock the next worlds meaning if you want to progress you need to participate in low-quality content and quests. Oops — sorry adventures, until you have passed an arbitrary "must be this tall to ride" check, you can't play through the story. It's extremely annoying, and if they were going to include it they should at least have made the main story missions give enough rewards to continue on.

15 Smells Like Content

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Destiny's story was rubbish, and while Destiny 2 has improved on it vastly, it was a pretty low bar to cross. The writing is still pretty awful, with only 3 major NPCs (and a villain who feels more at home in an opera than in a sci-fi game).

Essentially a generic evil alien race is attacking, and they've drained everyone's powers from the first game... And then once you get the team back together (and have finished leveling up), you fight them.

Friendly NPCs are largely useless, and we're supposed to sorta believe they're tough-as-nails with little to no proof. They never really do anything apart from order you around and then take all the credit.

14 Armour And Sword

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Clearly, this is an issue because the developers intend to roll out content at a steady clip.  Still, for a $60 game, there isn't much actual weapon variety packed into the game. At this price, I'm not willing to be lenient.

For whatever reason, there seems to be less variety in armor — and we keep getting the same sets. It could be an issue with drop rates, and these sets are irregularly common, but getting stuck with such lame gear is a huge letdown. Having a group of friends rolling around in the same gear is a huge bummer.

One of us is gonna have to change Frank.

13 Modification Tango

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Perks are a great way of customizing your characters abilities and loudouts. And, if they're strong perks, they can really change the outcome of a fight. However, it seems that armour perks have fallen by the wayside in favour of the new modification system Bungie has introduced.

This makes your perks just feel useless in general considering how the gap in strength is wider than the Grand Canyon. You're much better off optimizing your mods and dumping your perks to the wayside.

Bungie really needs to throw some nerfs and buffs out there as soon as possible in order to make the two different mechanics feel more in line with one another, or add in some more slots to make them more impacting together.

12 Between Us And Them

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Reputation systems in games tend to be a little annoying. I hate having to pick sides since all you wind up doing is locking yourself out of a series of rewards that you'll wind up being unable to get, in exchange for picking a favourite NPC essentially.

Thankfully Destiny 2 alleviates this worry by making all the reputation rewards really underpowered and so it doesn't matter what you do and pick because past a certain point you're just going to stop bothering with the whole system entirely and instead focus on other ways of obtaining far better and superior gear.

On the bright side at least the world feels way more populated now with the new NPCs running around it.

11 Skills To Pay The Bills

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Skills and perks, skills and perks. Two of the most important parts of any good class system, and we've already talked about how Destiny 2 has sorta messed up the perks. So, let's move on to how they kinda screwed the skills as well.

Gone is the "mix and match skills to suit your playstyle" approach Destiny had, instead we're left with a tree that feels far more restrictive based on the class you picked at creation forcing you into the way Bungie wants you to play the class instead of how you want to do it.

The Attunement system only makes things worse as you wind up locking yourself out of other skills so if you change your mind later or wind up hating the one you picked you're SOL.

10 All That Glitters Isn't Gold

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The Random Number Goddess is a cruel and fickle mistress, anyone who's played XCOM 2 will understand the pain of a 90% chance winding up being a huge letdown. So it's baffling why Destiny 2 has decided to make every single loot drop and purchase randomized, making you have no idea what kinda gear you're about to get and ruining the fun of saving up to get that big item you've always wanted.

Imagine you grind for days to be able to get the weapon you want but whu-oh there's actually only a .10% chance you'll actually get the thing you want on the Engram you get, so you wind up drowning in junk you never wanted in the first place.

9 40oz On Repeat

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Combat is the main part of any first-person shooter, and in this regard, we keep seeing mistakes from Destiny 2. Most shooters will challenge you with a room full of enemies and multiple ways to take them down. A few well-placed shots could make the fight a lot easier if you targeted tougher enemies first.

In Destiny 2, however, that doesn't work considering how many enemies fill each encounter and how they have enough HP to fill a Costco warehouse, turning each fight into a long slog-fest where the victor is the one who brought the most ammunition or can absorb the most bullets.

It's really frustrating to see that because of a lot of Destiny 2's environments could have lead to more active gameplay then go here shoot till dead.

8 Thick As A Brick

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A dumb opponent can make a game incredibly easy, or incredibly hard if the devs don't know what they're doing). Destiny 2's AI is —sadly— not the best. The enemies in the game are rarely aware enough to take cover. Instead, they sit out in the open and gormlessly fire at you until they either get lucky with the RNG, or you managed to unload and entire clip into them. From the developers that brought you Halo, all Destiny players should expect more. It is, after all, a shooter — and having fun things to point and shoot at is crucial to a successful game.

7 Running On A Treadmill

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One of the major issues will all the shoot and loot games —like Borderlands and Destiny 2— is that if you think too hard about them, you start wondering what's the point of the whole thing? Just like an existential crisis you suddenly realize that the whole point of it is just the pursuit of fancier clothing and higher numbers so you can keep repeating the same old thing over and over again.

I am definitely talking about Destiny 2 here, no unresolved issues with this writers life haha...haaaaaa....

Like a Rick and Morty episode, you're going to eventually start wondering "What's the point?" you're just trapped in this cycle of shooting and looting until the end of time, nothing gets resolved and nothing changes.

6 This Is Bananas

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There's also no damn challenge in Destiny 2. The game is a cakewalk as long as your numbers match the enemies (or aren't too far below it). Dumb AI —and easy to acquire gear— removes all sense of difficulty from the game. So much so that people have started having to come up with various ways to make the game tougher!

One intrepid player created a setup of bananas in order to emulate a PS4 controller and uses a different banana per button.

Apparently, this doesn't make the game any harder as he was able to beat the game with under ten deaths, and when your game is easy enough for someone playing on BANANAS to beat so handily you know you need to rethink some design.

5 Another Brick In The Wall

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Although the game's story winds up having issues, it actually starts off pretty well and has good pacing as well. It does a solid job framing your reasons for engaging with the gameplay. Until about midway into the game, where the focus switches from actually progressing through the story in order to beat the big bad, into faffing about for the sole sake of completing the massive amount of side adventurers hurled your way just to maybe get a gun that's .5 better than the one you currently have.

This switch in priority hits suddenly and harder than a truck, completely destroying any sort of urgency you may have had and halting you in your tracks until you get caught up.

4 Three Is The Magic Number

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A new game in a series should expand on previous mechanics, abandoning poor ones and perfecting the good ones, it also should add more variety to a game and one of the easiest and most interesting ways to do this is by simply adding new classes which add variety to possible playstyles.

Regrettably, though, Destiny 2 opted for the same old same old when it comes to its classes and doesn't try anything new or change up the mold at all, there's still only 3 main playable classes.

This feels like a missed opportunity here and with a bit of work and creativity it shouldn't have been too hard to add a single new base class in to fill a new kind of playstyle.

3 War, What Is It Good For

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The PVP in Destiny 2 is a God-awful mess that somehow manages to drop the best aspects of the first games PVP and keep the parts that everyone hated while simultaneously making them worse. Gone is the 6v6, now all teams are 4v4 which means your team composition has less variety and it's less challenging to wipe the entire opposition.

Time to kill enemies is also ridiculous and sneaking up on someone almost has no advantage because they'll be able to write a letter, attach it to a carrier pigeon, and wait for reinforcements before you're even halfway through their health bar.

Loading times and servers are a nightmare too, with quick play being a misnomer as you'll wind up waiting forever for a match and then get loading screens for days.

2 Beast Of Burden

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Destiny 2 is essentially one big long ass new game plus where you're forced to restart with only your characters appearance having saved, all your equipment is lost as well are your abilities. Meaning things you grinded so long (and maybe even paid real cash for last game) are gone, deleted, lost, donezo.

This is incredibly frustrating, as you're essentially made to start from square zero again with nothing to show for your troubles in the first game. You are —essentially— left wondering what the point of the first game even was. While starting from scratch can be fun, a lot of the things you acquired in Destiny were things you had to pay for, whether it was items acquired in DLC, or gear you bought through Microtransactions — it sucks to lose it.

1 Broken Promise

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Destiny was supposed to be this massive undertaking that was going to be a constantly evolving and growing game, made as much by the players as the Devs. A game where your actions mattered and would change how the world worked. It was promised that over the course of more than a decade that we'd all see a universe shaped by our actions.

What we got was a messy half finished shoot and loot-filled with microtransactions and wound up being a huge cash grab that fulfilled none of what Bungie promised during development and added nothing to the gaming industry.

Destiny 2's crime is far worse than that, since it's exactly the same as the last game but with a big fat new price tag attached.

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