The Worst Video Game Every Year Of The Decade (According To Metacritic)

While there have been some amazing games during this past decade, there have equally been some shocking ones.

Not every video game can be a hit, despite the effort that is put into creating all of them. While every single game has some redeemable qualities, a certain selection of games have a lot more negatives that outweigh them.

As the decade draws to a close, it is time to look back at the various video games that have been made available throughout it. While there have been some amazing games during that time, there have equally been some shocking ones.

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Within this list, we will be focusing on the worst video games that have been released each year from this decade, according to Metacritic.

10 2010: Deca Sports Freedom (26%)

We kickstart this list at the very beginning of the decade, with the worst-rated game from 2010 by Deca Sports Freedom. The game that was created for the Xbox 360's Kinect was supposed to take the interactivity to the next level.

Perhaps the plan was to create another Wii Sports style game, but in the end, this was a total flop. The main issue was that the game was incredibly difficult to navigate and it just felt insanely clumsy.

It also didn't really build to anything and simply became repetitive. There was no end goal or opportunity to advance and unlock things, therefore it didn't take long to become stale.

9 2011: FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction (23%)

You would think when you get to the third instalment to a franchise that a game wouldn't be poor, but that was not the case here. FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction was universally hated, with Metacritic giving the game a score of just 23%.

The game was a complete and utter mess. Starting from the horrible graphics, everything about the game just felt clunky, with lots of wasted space and a lack of real detail being included.

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But it is the gameplay itself where this really does become so poor. With things not feeling smooth and poor dynamics being added in, it certainly didn't provide an enjoyable experience.

8 2012: Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade (11%)

Games like Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade (that's a mouthful), are never going to be gripping and advanced. They won't be challenging for the game of the year awards, but they are normally a lot better than this.

This style of game is obviously designed for a young audience, and for the family to play together. The game is just riddled with issues that make it no fun for anyone to play, regardless of age.

The game has sharp graphics that don't look great and the entire game is just filled with mini-games that are utterly pointless. With a Metacritic rating of 11%, this is the lowest-rated game of the entire decade.

7 2013: Ride To Hell: Retribution (19%)

Sons Of Anarchy might have been an incredibly popular television series, but even its biggest fans wouldn't defend this trash video game. The entire thing was a total mess, gaining a 19% rating from Metacritic.

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Ride To Hell: Retribution allowed gamers to go into the world of the hit show, but only if they were foolish enough. It might have been a low-budget game, but that didn't excuse the dreadful quality that came with it.

The game is such a mess that you have to question how it was even allowed to be released, with Retribution totally destroying this franchise.

6 2014: Rambo: The Video Game (23%)

You might think that being attached to a major movie franchise would have ensured that Rambo: The Video Game would have been a hit. But, that couldn't be further from the case, unfortunately.

This game was given a rating of just 23% on Metacritic, making it the worst game of 2014, and one of the worst of the entire decade. The game was a huge disappointment, from its sloppy graphics to its terrible story, there was nothing exciting about it at all.

There was so much that could have been done with this franchise, but it simply didn't happen. There are no memorable fights, no thrilling moments, it simply felt like a quick cash grab.

5 2015: Alone In The Dark: Illumination (19%)

With a very low rating of 19% from Metacritic, the worst game of 2015 was Alone In The Dark: Illumination. The game series played a huge role in creating survival horror games, but this particular version was a true disaster.

The game had horrendous visuals, despite being a well-known franchise, but that wasn't the only issues with it. Everything about it felt rushed in order to compete with the growing franchise, and it missed the mark in every category.

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The gameplay itself was sloppy and the story wasn't convincing either. There was just very little to like about it and it left fans of the franchise very disappointed.

4 2016: Ghostbusters (30%)

Videogame tie-ins for movies are always risky. More often than not they end up being poor, especially if the movie wasn't a hit either and sadly that was the case for the Ghostbusters remake.

Unfortunately, the video game release didn't do much better, with Metacritic rating the game at 30%, which made it the lowest-rated of the entire year. The game lacks in the humor expected for the game, with the shooter having dreadful reviews.

The game had plenty of cut scenes but lacked any real quality at all. It simply was a slog to play through which is unfortunate for such a big franchise.

3 2017: Vroom In The Night Sky (17%)

The lowest rated game of 2017 came from the Nintendo Switch's Vroom in the Night Sky, which was given an incredibly low rating of just 17%, with this game being incredibly unloved by gamers and critics.

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This was a downloadable title available for the console, with this being a magical bike game. In the game, you had to fly around and collect stardusts, but things didn't translate well in the game.

The game was just a total mess and didn't feel complete at all from start to finish. There was very few moments of joy from this game, that felt lifeless throughout.

2 2018: The Quiet Man (29%)

When it comes to 2018 the worst video game of the year, according to Metacrtic, was The Quiet Man, which scored a rating of just 29. Surprisingly, the game didn't come from a small publisher either, with this game being made by Square Enix.

This video game took an interesting approach as the protagonist was actually deaf. While it is a smart idea in its concept, it didn't transition well into a video game as the entire experience really had a lack of sound.

While the idea was to enhance the experience, it actually ended up taking away from it. The game was one that had lots of ideas but lacked in actually pulling them off.

1 2019: Eternity: The Last Unicorn (36%)

Rounding out the list and the decade, the worst video game of this year according to Metacritic was Eternity: The Last Unicorn. The game was given a 36% rating and received mainly very negative reviews.

While the graphics on the game were good enough, everything else really was lacking. The RPG's combat was very difficult for many to get used to, feeling rather stiff, while the camera constantly seemed to point at bad angles.

The game just felt like it needed a lot of work, with various different points not looking polished enough to be ready for release. With a lack of creativity and tons of sloppy mistakes, the game is one to avoid.

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