WoW Classic Class Guide: Mage

With the launch of World of Warcraft: Classic, many players are revisiting some of their favorite old classes, while some are playing new ones never experienced prior to their changes in subsequent expansions. As a Mage, you are a master of fire, frost, or arcane spells. You wear only light armor and rely upon a tank for protection in dungeons, while dealing out massive damage in return.

What Role Does A Mage Fulfill?

As a mage, you are a ranged damage dealer, pure and simple. You stand in the back and hurl fireballs, provide great Area of Effect (AoE) damage, and overall are tasked to down opponents as quickly as possible. Mages also have some great utility in terms of Crowd Control, which is all but essential at the higher levels of play to avoid the tank becoming overwhelmed by incoming damage. Outside of combat, you can make refreshments for yourself and your team, as well as teleport to all the major cities.

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Is Mage Leveling Easy Or Hard?

Mages can level quickly and easily, if used properly. While Hunters and Warlocks have the benefit of pets that can call attention away from a player if in a bit of trouble, Mages must be more careful. However, we have recently witnessed popular Twitch streamer Jokerd reach the world-first level 60 character in the game using a Mage, so speed in leveling is certainly an option.

As Mages have frost spells to snare an opponent, as well as mobility with blink, it is a straightforward process to take down mobs as long as you pay attention to your surroundings, particularly in dense areas with fast respawn of opponents.

As Jokerd demonstrated, Mages are among the best AoE grinders in the game, and this can bring in a significant amount of experience in little time. The downside to this is that a player may skip out on long, time-consuming quests which offer rewards not only in gear, but reputation with factions that one may need to acquire eventually through revisiting old quests. Still, Mages are fantastic for leveling in either sense.

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PvE Potential For Endgame

As Mages are a pure DPS class with some utility in crowd control, they will easily find homes among raid groups looking to progress in endgame content. However, one frustrating aspect of WoW: Classic are resistances held by certain bosses. If you are a Fire Mage and the raid boss is resistant to that element, you may need to run off to reassign your talents only for a fight or two. As talent reassigning costs gold with every use, and there is no such thing as dual talent specs like we have now in the game, this can be a costly part of playing a mage.

Still, Mages are powerful in PvE endgame content, of that there is no doubt. When it comes to specializing in Arcane, Fire, or Frost, there are viable options for all three.

PvP Potential

Mages can also be deadly opponents in PvP. Most often, players will either be focused in the Frost or Fire talent trees. Frost, as with leveling, can frustrate opponents through a constant use of snares and roots, which in battlegrounds to be released in a future patch leave them susceptible to all manner of ranged attacks from allies. Fire, on the other hand often is meant to deal massive burst damage and being ambushed by a Fire Mage often results in a quick death.

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Racial Choices To Optimize

In terms of pure optimization, to maximize the potential of a character, the Alliance turns to its Gnomes. Thanks to their racial passive, Expansive Mind, they receive a 5% bonus to their base intellect, which simply means that the longer a fight goes on, in either PvE or PvP, the more damage they do. In PvP they also have Escape Artist, which can help immensely to survive when snares, roots, and blink are unavailable.

For the Horde, Trolls are the best choice for optimization of a Mage character thanks to their racial ability Berserking. This ability increasing attack, and therefore, cast speed up to a total of 30% depending on how injured you are. It is risky but activating this at low health and maintaining that health total acts as a sort of mini-bloodlust, and in PvE this adds up quickly.

Best Professions For The Mage Class

Mages have access to a broad range of professions depending on their needs. First time players in WoW: Classic may want to take dual-gathering professions while they level to sell materials at the Auction House. Skinning and Herbalism for example while questing will always fill your bags with much needed crafting materials, which are always in demand.

For those who are not concerned with making gold at first, Tailoring and Enchanting go well thanks to the ability to disenchant crafted cloth items. This is a slow grind to be sure, but a great endgame combination.

Finally, Herbalism and Alchemy are also good choices, but more for the long-term gold making potential. In the endgame, you and everyone else will be needing consumables for PvE, and there will always be demand for them at the Auction house.

If you are looking for a class that can dish out the damage, look no further than the Mage. The ability to teleport to major cities is also a fantastic perk not available to other classes, and once you have access to it, going back to another class feels like a downgrade while taking those slow Gryphons across the Azeroth.

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