Why Everyone On WoW Classic Is Trying To Play On This ONE Server

Blizzard has opened up the facility to reserve a place on the server of your choice ahead of the World of Warcraft Classic launch later this month. This has proven to be problematic, as thousands of players have flocked to the same server, Herod, in a bid to avoid streamers.

Community manager, Kaivax, has taken to the Blizzard forums in an attempt to persuade players to consider moving to the Stalaag realm, as Herod looks set to have login queues in excess of 10,000 players. So, why are players flocking to such an overpopulated realm?

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It appears that the reason is likely due to Reddit. A couple of months ago, a Reddit user who goes by, littlesunfish, posted about a website they created to track where some popular WoW Classic streamers were planning on calling home.

The website lists each streamer's name, faction, region and server, as well as the potential impact their presence may have on the server. There’s also a video outlining the reasons why players may want to avoid servers with popular streamers amongst their population. This has led to many players flocking on to Herod, due to its absence from the list.

Ironically, in trying to avoid streamers because the issues they bring include overpopulating realms, fans have now overpopulated a realm, to an unprecedented degree.

The campaign is not rooted in a hatred of streamers, but rather in looking at the impact they can have on MMORPGs. Unlike games played on private servers, MMORPG servers are accessed by anyone, meaning fans can follow their favorites into the game.

A popular streamer will often have many fans wanting to play with them, which is the biggest cause of problems for others. It can potentially lead to a faction imbalance, an overpopulated server, and even server lag as crowds gather in one place. There is also a huge potential impact for anyone trying to level or quest in the same area as a streamer with a huge entourage.

While streamers can discourage people following them, they have very little control over the actions of others. Excitable fans following a streamer round in-game aren’t against the rules, meaning many players understandably prefer to stay out of the way of streamers.

Stream sniping is also to be taken into consideration. If you end up on the same team as a streamer who is broadcasting your PVP battle, including your team's location and strategy, you’re likely to end up at a distinct disadvantage.

It’s no wonder people want to avoid streamers, but unfortunately, thousands of people seeking refuge on a single server is only going to create an entirely new set of issues.

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