WoW Classic Class Guide: Warrior

Among the many the classes in World of Warcraft: Classic, Warriors often embody some of the most stereotypical and nostalgic qualities from the series. Here are the masters of weapons and plate armor, dealing terrible destruction or protecting their allies with sword and shield. At the highest levels of the game, they scale tremendously well and are absolute monsters for damage.

What Role Does A Warrior Fulfill?

Warriors are the preferred tank class in the game, especially at level 60. They do not need to worry about missing a dodge as a Druid bear tank, or running out of mana as a Paladin. They can establish and maintain threat with ease and have outstanding damage mitigation abilities.

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In terms of DPS, Warriors can be fierce as either Fury or Arms. This is thanks to how well their gear and abilities scale. Hunters, meanwhile are great early on, but less so at level 60, both because their individual damage is not that great and because their pets do not scale with their gear and weapons.

With that said, leveling a Warrior in Classic is a difficult, expensive proposition.

Is Warrior Leveling Easy Or Hard?

Warriors have the most difficult grind from levels 1-60. This is because Warriors are incredibly gear dependent, and not having a good weapon or enough armor and a high Strength stat means that fighting mobs will be a slow and deadly experience. In addition, Warriors have terrible self sustain, and as a result, often find themselves fighting one mob, eating to full health, and repeating. This means you need a lot of food and patience. Compared to a Warlock or Hunter who have virtually no downtime, Warriors can feel slow to level up.

With that said, many players advise waiting until they have another class to level 60 before beginning with a Warrior. This is because the first character can farm dungeons for gear or will simply having the gold available to purchase the necessary gear from the Auction House for their Warrior.

Some Warriors attempt to circumvent this by taking Mining and Blacksmithing, and while this seems like a logical choice, it is still a slow grind where one is not spending time questing, but farming for those elusive mineral nodes.

PvE Potential For Endgame

As a tank, a Warrior will always have a spot in a raid or dungeon. They are in short supply because their DPS is also high so they need not be bound only to tanking, and also because the rotation for tanking raid bosses can often be dull, repetitive, and boring over the long run.

For DPS, both Fury and Arms offer competitive builds. Often the choice will come down to personal preference and what weapon is available.

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PvP Potential

As Warriors are so dependent on gear, their performance in PvP largely depends on what they bring with them. Since they scale so well, a well-geared Warrior can pick on squishy targets and devastate them in only a few hits. Combine a well-geared Warrior with even the most basic of heals and buffs, and they become monsters in the battle grounds.

The main weakness of a Warrior is to be kited, snared, and rooted, so one must choose their targets with care.

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Racial Choices To Optimize

Unlike other classes, every single race can be a Warrior, meaning that there is some real decision making to be had. Some select Gnome Warriors with the intent of being the tank for their Guild as they progress through raid content, purely for the spectacle of a tiny-framed individual standing up to bosses like Ragnaros.

In terms of optimization, there are various options. Humans and Orcs excel at both DPS and tanking thanks to their weapons specializations to ensure hits cause damage and generate threat.

Dwarves and Gnomes are useful in PvP thanks to their racial abilities, Stoneform and Escape Artist. Night Elves meanwhile are the only race that offer no real benefit to either PvP or PvE, and are not often selected for those looking to optimize their characters.

For the Horde, Trolls and Orcs offer great racial abilities for DPS through Berserking and Blood Fury, as well as weapon specialization. This also makes them great at PvP, as more hits means more threat. Taurens may appear to be the ideal PvE tank thanks to Endurance and War Stomp, but this can be misleading. That extra 5% of base health is negligible at high levels of play, and War Stomp is mostly beneficial to regular NPCs in 5-man dungeons, and not in raids.

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The Undead thrive in PvP thanks to Will of the Forsaken, as well as Cannibalize which can also be used in a battle ground.

Best Professions For The Warrior Class

Warriors who focus on PvP for their endgame goal once battle grounds release may wish to take Engineering for the utility offered in that profession. Mining and Blacksmithing have already been mentioned as a way to be self sufficient while leveling, albeit very slow.

Herbalism and Alchemy offers long-term gold making potential. In the endgame, everyone is in need of consumables for PvE and for PvP, and there will always be demand for them at the Auction house. With the gold one makes from selling potions they can easily purchase gear they might need at level 60.

As Warriors are the most sought-after tanks and can deal great DPS with the proper gear, there is no reason not to play a Warrior, provided one can deal with the slow, and at times, painful leveling process. If you can make it through, the result is a fantastic end-game class!

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