WoW Classic: 10 Weirdest Items You Can Find, Ranked

A big part of what made the original World of Warcraft experience so special was the sheer amount of unusual items you could find and often utilize in the game to great effect. While abundant, the unusual items in the modern WoW expansions exist more like gimmicks, leftover from older eras, that are no longer usable in PvP or Raid scenarios.

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Being able to confuse your enemies or wow your friends with unique and rare items was such an invaluable part of World of Warcraft, and we're happy we now get to see these days return. Here are some items that you can find in WoW: Classic that we believe to be the weirdest, most unique, and outright baffling. Enjoy!

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10 Thunderbrew's Boot Flask

Want to spew fire like Diablo? This level 44 trinket will allow you to unleash a decently powerful area-of-effect burst from your mouth for five seconds. If you're the type who spends gold on liquor in Azeroth's inns, you'll be happy about the secondary effect of the trinket as well.

To obtain this unique piece, you'll be sent on a-five quest journey around Azeroth. The trinket's damage will come most handy if you're still in your 40s and questing, while the badass fire-breathing animation reminiscent of the Inferno from the Diablo franchise is bound to make you the center of attention every time you use it. Frankly, the only downside is its 30-minute cooldown.

9 Six Demon Bag

This trinket is not only weird but due to its effect, very usable in both PvP and leveling. It drops from regular world mobs, and by activating it, you have a chance to unleash one of six random abilities. The first three are decent damage-dealing effects: Fireball, Frostbolt (which also slows the target for 5 seconds), and Chain Lightning (that bounces around three close enemies). These damage spells are also the most likely to proc.

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The other three were a bit trickier, as they include a Polymorph that can backfire on the user, a stun similar to Druid Cyclone, and a Warlock-like Felhunter that fights by the player's side for 30 seconds, dealing minimal damage. Though unusual, these effects are quite handy in combat. Given that in Classic the cooldown of this trinket is only three minutes, it was great for questing for its potential burst damage.

8 Halberd of Smiting

The Halberd of Smiting is one of the nicer looking Polearms in Classic, but it's the weapon's effect that makes it weird and unique. It unleashes between 452 and 676 additional damage on hit. While this may not exactly "decapitate" your target, the weapon's proc does offer a decent damage boost. It also has a relatively high proc rate (up to a few times per minute), and the ability can even crit!

Wait, it gets even better! The effect can even activate itself, which means you have a small chance of dealing two "decapitating" hits in a row. So, given that its effect can also crit, you have a small chance of instantly dealing up to 3000 damage - which indeed would immediately decapitate any target you face. The only downside is that it offers no additional stats.

7 Hook of the Master Angler

This trinket is unusual for two main reasons: Firstly, it straight up turns you into a piranha, but it also has almost no cooldown. The fact that a trinket with such an ability has only a 5-second cooldown makes it extremely unique. Once you become the said ugly fish, your swimming speed increases dramatically, and you can breathe underwater indefinitely.

You never know when this might come in handy (outrunning your enemies in Arathi Basin by jumping in the lake and swimming away comes to mind). But, it's also a great show-off piece. To obtain it, all you have to do is win the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza event, which is held once per week.

6 Manual Crowd Pummeler

This is one of those rare weapons with effects that are just baffling. Despite being low-level loot that you can find on most Gnomeregan runs, the weapon's effect is what makes it incredibly overpowered even for some level 60 players. First off, the overpowered effect of making your attacks 50% faster only has 3 charges. After that, you can never use it again, ever. Well, unless you go and farm out the same weapon again.

But, why would I ever a level 29 two-handed weapon in the first place? You won't...Unless you're a Feral Druid, that is. As opposed to other classes, weapon damage does not directly increase a Feral Druid's auto-attack damage. So equipping this crappy level 29 weapon will actually be well worth it for a Feral Druid, as its effect will make them incredibly overpowered. Once the effect procs, you can even switch to a better weapon to really start melting some faces for an incredible 30 seconds!

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Used up all the charges? No problem, just head to Gnomeregan (a level 30 dungeon) and farm out a new one. We're not joking, filling your bags with Pummelers is actually a thing. This is what many players on private servers actually do for optimal Feral DPS. Stuff like this only happens in vanilla.

5 Crystal of Zin-Malor

Originally intended as a quest item for the quest "Tormented By the Past," the trinket is one of the weirdest things you will see in WoW. First of all, no one is "worthy," so anyone who equips the Crystal will promptly start losing between 100 and 501 Health and Mana every second. But the weirdest part is that many players actually never turn in the quest and hold on to the trinket forever. Why? Because its weird effect can be exploited in a myriad of ways.

The trinket has a hidden effect where it can kill you WHILE not compromising any of your gear in the process, meaning you lose no armor. This is perfect for vanilla since you'll often find yourself stuck and in need of suicide. Some players exploit the trinket and use it before getting on a taxi mount, which promptly kills them mid-air and teleports them to a capital city.

It's also found great use in PvP, as equipping this trinket before being ganked by a Rogue or Polymorphed by a Mage will make you completely immune.

Last, and weirdest of all, it is used for Priest tanking. That's right PRIEST tanking – a whole new level of exploiting game mechanics in vanilla. But, if this is the first time you hear this, we'll have to leave it to you to research.

4 Skull of Impending Doom

This weird off-hand weapon has lately gotten more recognition for its immense usability in various PvP scenarios. Its effect is essentially Crystal of Zin-Malor with a limited duration and a great movement speed bonus. But, as an off-hand weapon that can be equipped in combat, it's heaps better! A BFA Warlock talent called "Burning Rush" is probably inspired by this (hint: This trinket is great for Warlocks). So, whether you want to avoid crowd control effects or gain some movement speed to finish your enemies, you'll find the "Skull of Impending Doom" extremely useful.

The quest that unlocks this item is different for Alliance ("To Ironforge for Yagyin's Digest") and Horde ("To the Undercity for Yagyin's Digest") players. But, but of these are unlocked by another Badlands quest chain called "Solution to Doom."

3 Barov Peasant Caller

Extremely weird, we know. But, don't get your hopes up just yet, as there's no cooking or cleaning involved. Once summoned, the peasants will fight alongside you for around a minute, albeit dealing quite minuscule damage. The NPCs you summon with this trinket will vary depending on your faction, and all three should be randomly generated races.

To obtain it, you need to complete a series of quests that sends you to Scholomance to kill an NPC called Alexi Barov. Though you'll probably need a full group to complete this one, it's worth it.

2 Horned Viking Helmet

That's right, 30 seconds an incredibly long time to incapacitate anyone. But aside from knocking your enemies "silly," you get a free Charge, which is one of the most useful and fearsome abilities a Warrior has. With these two effects combined, the possibilities for this item are almost endless. It's especially useful in Raids, to keep daunting mobs at bay for an exceedingly long period of time.

The helmet is a rare drop from Eric "The Swift" in Uldaman. The bad news is, it can only be obtained by the members of the Horde since the NPC is friendly to Alliance. But this makes it even more unique and desirable.

1 Unconscious Dig Rat

This peculiar item is farmed from Dig Rats found in the Barrens, around the Bael Modan area. The drop chance for "Unconscious Dig Rat" is quite low and the farm daunting for low-level players due to the dwarf elites that inhabit the area. BUT, once you do get the weird, green, item, it has some really unique abilities.

Firstly, you can summon this level 1, 42-hp rat while stunned, incapacitated, or even while running. After a three-second cast, a Dig Rat will appear that will follow you for up to a couple of hours, and it will not attack anyone but is an easy target for all players and can even be Polymorphed (as much sense as that makes).

This is where those good ol' vanilla exploits begin. Warriors can Charge the rat or use a spell (Intimidating Shout) to stay in combat with the rat constantly to regenerate their rage to 100%. Then, they can kill the rat to get the talent Flurry, granting them 30% extra attack speed for three swings against a Raid boss. Similarly, Rogues can use the rats to get combo points for Slice and Dice before a boss fight, and the list goes on.

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