Wreck-It Ralph Just Made A Very Brief Cameo Appearance In Fortnite

Ralph from Disney Pixar's Wreck-It Ralph recently made the briefest of cameo appearances on Fortnite, but so far not many players have witnessed it in person.

It's hard to believe that Fortnite has only been around for a little more than a year. The grip it currently has on the gaming world is phenomenal. In fact, Fortnite is becoming so big that it cannot be confined to the video game world alone. The massively popular battle royale style game is invading the world of sport, toys, and even movies.

Epic Games, Fortnite's developers, has been teaming up with any number of companies in order to get Fortnite out there in the real world. The most recent example was a huge partnership with the NFL. Players had the chance to buy NFL skins from the Fortnite store. All 32 of the league's teams were featured.


Now it appears that Fortnite may be about to team up with Disney Pixar. The details of whatever it is the two entities are doing have not been revealed, but something is definitely going on. Streamer MozzzyTwitch was the first to notice the interesting cameo. While he was running through Risky Reels, Fortnite's outdoor cinema, Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph appeared on the big screen. Others have now seen that same easter egg, and you can check it out for yourselves below.

It is only for a brief moment, but it is most certainly Ralph. However, as we said, why he has popped up in Fortnite is still unclear. It is probably related to the Wreck-It Ralph sequel hitting theaters this week, Ralph Breaks The Internet. Even though the movie hasn't been released yet, Ralph's cameo on Fortnite Island may have already broken the internet, at least the massive corner of it containing those who play the game.

Ralph's relationship with Fortnite may not stretch any further than what we have already seen in the clip above. However, it could be a hint of something bigger. Earlier this year, Fortnite teamed up with Marvel to bring us the very popular limited time mode which revolved around Thanos and the infinity gauntlet. Could we about to get an LTM that lets us become Pixar characters? If so, dibs on Sulley!


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