WWE 2K18 Coming To Nintendo Switch

WWE fans will be able to take their action on the go as the wrestling giant announced their upcoming WWE 2K18 will release on the Nintendo Switch.

WWE  released a new video on Twitter that announced the return of the WWE2k series to Nintendo consoles. WWE 2k18 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on Oct. 17, 2017.

The video features WWE Superstar Seth Rollins talking about the return of the series to Nintendo systems and how he is a huge fan of the company. Rollins claims the WWE is responding to the many fan requests concerning a Switch port and wrestlers love the system because they travel so much. He is then asked to leave to get back to his busy schedule before coming back for his Nintendo Switch that he left behind.


Nintendo and WWE have worked together on and off for decades now, with WWF games appearing as far back as the NES. As time went on, the WWE games began to focus more on pushing the envelope in terms of the hardware that was available to them, which clashed with Nintendo's design philosophy. As time went on, Nintendo began to lag behind in terms of hardware specs compared to their competitors, meaning developers would have to make a dedicated Nintendo version of their games. Once 2K took over the development duties for WWE titles, there was less of a focus on Nintendo hardware, which is why the WWE video game brand began to associate itself more with Sony and Microsoft.

Photo credit: Nintendo

The last WWE game to appear on a Nintendo system was WWE '13, which appeared on the Wii. Nintendo made a concerted effort to bring major sports franchises to the Switch, as the Fifa and Madden games eventually dried up on the Wii U. This was due to the Wii U's small user base and comparatively weak hardware to its competitors. Nintendo wishes to rectify this, which is likely why they have partnered with WWE and 2K Sports.

Those who pre-order WWE 2k18 will be able to play as Kurt Angle in the game. This choice of DLC character makes sense considering Kurt Angle recently returned to the WWE after a long absence from the company.

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