5 Ways WWE 2K20 Is A Major Improvement (& 5 Ways It Has Got Worse)

WWE's 2K video games have become an annual tradition amongst the wrestling community, with fans eagerly awaiting the reveal of the roster, the new modes and to see how the graphics and gameplay, in general, have improved.

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For the most part, each year 2K does a good job in enhancing the game and this year is no different in that respect, although it cannot be argued that the game hasn't taken some major backsteps as well with WWE 2K20.

This year as always has seen 2K make countless changes, of which some have been praised and others have been hated on, and within this article, we will take a detailed look at five ways in which WWE 2K20 has improved the series and five ways it hasn't.

10 It Has: 2K Showcase

WWE 2K20 has had a major push for equality this year, with Becky Lynch being the first-ever female cover star and plenty of different options within the game, it is great to see them really push the women properly within the video game.

One way they have done that is through this year's 2K Showcase, with the theme being 'Women's Revolution' where you get to play through some incredibly impactful moments with the Four Horsewomen telling the story.

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Here you have the opportunity to play through each woman's most impactful moments as they tell the story in their own words, with WWE giving a great spotlight to all four of them.

9 It Hasn't: Missing Stipulations

Sadly, in WWE 2K20 there are several stipulations missing, with the Beat the Clock and Ambulance matches being examples, which is a shame to see as they are things that have been featured in previous games.

It would be nice if every WWE game had all of the stipulations available, after all, they are all featured in a game at some point, so why not keep them in each year just adding new ones as they come?

One of the best things to do is create carnage within a stipulation match and that is something that, while is still possible, doesn't quite feel as complete this time around.

8 It Has: The Controls

Sometimes a functional change is the best possible change a game can make, and within WWE 2K20, there was certainly a conscious effort to improve the functionality of being in the ring and wrestling.

The developers have changed the system this year, but fear not as it's not a mass change that needs to panic anybody, but a subtle one to make things more simplistic which is something that the franchise needed.

The reversal button has been moved to Y/Triangle, while climbing is done with the RB button to stop confusion with picking up weapons which was a major problem in previous games.

7 It Hasn't: Commentary

This is something that is quite a big problem on every single WWE video game, as the commentary never manages to sound authentic and realistic in comparison to what happens in reality on WWE television.

The comments are always so random and often don't suit the situation that is happening inside the ring at the time, which can lead to a lot of frustration while you play the game, which is annoying.

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Another issue with the game is that there is only limited options on commentary, despite the fact that the company has over 10 commentators on specific brands.

6 It Has: Female My Player

WWE 2K20 has heavily focused on the women of WWE, and rightfully so after the momentum the wrestlers have grown in real life, it was about time they gained the same respect in the video game world as well.

One aspect that the game has added for this year is in the 'My Player' mode where for the first time in the history of a WWE video game, players have the option of creating a female character.

This is a major shift for the franchise that is only going to be improved upon moving forward and is something that should have happened a long time ago, but it is great that it has finally happened.

5 It Hasn't: No Create-A-Finisher

While WWE 2K20 has brought in a variety of different modes and changes, the game has taken away several things as well and one that didn't make much sense to get rid of was the Create-A-Finisher mode.

This has been part of several older games and was very popular amongst fans, allowing them to show a more creative side to their characters, creating moves that would only ever be able to happen in a video game situation.

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That was all part of the fun, being as wild and wacky as possible, or bringing back an old finisher that is no longer used, but for some reason, the developers decided to just get rid of that feature this time around.

4 It Has: The Roster

This is something that seems to improve year upon year, with 2K constantly doing everything in their power to bring as many of the WWE Universe's favorite ever wrestlers into the video game.

This year is no different with WWE 2K20 featuring far more NXT and NXT UK wrestlers than ever before, which is fantastic as those rosters are something that fans really wanted to see fleshed out.

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Of course, on top of that, there is the brilliant use of legends that the game has brought in as they always do, this year finally adding Chyna to the game to go along with the female empowerment vibe that the whole video game has.

3 It Hasn't: Strange Physics

This is something that 2K has never really been able to wrap its head around, often struggling to get the physics spot on in WWE 2K games, despite the fact they've been working on them for several years now.

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Often during a match, the wrestlers will end up warping into each other or the referee creating some ridiculous sights that just don't ever happen in real life because it is physically impossible.

While this might be tricky to fully avoid, it would be nice to see more being done to stop it, as it appears to be a recurring problem that isn't going away anytime soon.

2 It Has: Bump In The Night

This is something totally new for this year that was very random and unexpected but has brought a lot of fun to the game, with the 'Bump in the Night' DLC being something that has proved popular already.

While some diehard WWE fans may have preferred more focus on the real-life aspects of the game, having a mode such as this is just good fun, which is what a wrestling video game is supposed to be.

Seeing your favorite WWE Superstars as zombies with new and wacky different wrestling rings and backstage stories is a whole lot of fun, and something everyone should get to try out.

1 It Hasn't: The Graphics

Wow. This is a major way the game has changed and it really is not for the best, with the graphics for WWE 2K20 taking a giant leap backward for some reason, as it isn't just a slight change, it is a huge one.

You would think with a game like this that has a lot of reoccurring characters each year that the graphics would improve every time, or at the very least stay at the standard from the previous edition, but that isn't the case with WWE 2K20.

No here the graphics aren't just bad, they are comically bad, with fans sharing images of The Rock from very old games that look far better. It has screamed laziness and actually put a lot of fans off the idea of buying.

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