WWE 2K20 Looks Like A Nintendo Wii Game

Footage from the upcoming WWE 2K20 has been revealed, and the quality of the graphics are being openly mocked on social media, as the character models look as if they belong in an early '00s wrestling game.

WWE 2K20 is the next entry in WWE's annual video game series. The developer of the WWE 2K series used to be a company called Yuke's, which has specialized in wrestling games since the mid-'90s. Yuke's has been making these games since the year 2000, yet they parted ways with publisher 2K Sports following the release of WWE 2K19. The development of WWE 2K20 has been handled by a company called Visual Concepts, which has worked on numerous 2K Sports titles and assisted Yuke's in the development of the previous games.

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It seems that the presence of Yuke's was needed to bring the visuals of the WWE 2K series into the modern era, as footage of WWE 2K20 has leaked on social media and the quality of the character models are being unfavorably compared to those of the PlayStation 2 WWE games. A thread on Resetera has combined these complaints, which are painting a bleak picture of what the final version of the game will look like on launch day.

It's good to see that the Bully engine is still being used.

A video has also been uploaded to YouTube by VikingSizeGamer that shows the whole roster for the game, many of whom have the saddest looking character models that have been since the days of the Dreamcast.

The character models in WWE 2K20 look as if they were cobbled together in the character creator mode of one of The Elder Scrolls games and are not befitting a title that is all about putting over wrestlers as stars. The technology to scan a person's face into a computer has existed for a while now and can be used to make realistic character models, but it seems that Visual Concepts had to go for a cheaper option.

WWE 2K20 is due to be released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 22, 2019.

Source: Resetera

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