10 Hilarious WWE 2K20 Memes Only True Fans Understand

2K20 may have its bugs - lots and lots of bugs - but at least we can find humor in these 10 deep-cut memes.

We’d like to think WWE 2K20 is one of the storylines we saw in previous games and the real version will be handed out, but unfortunately it seems the lackluster game that we got really is the one that was made. Fans haven’t been happy at all over WWE 2K20’s performance, leading to many appropriate memes poking fun at this fact.

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There was also the truth that we’d been waiting excitedly for the game’s release, because of which there had been memes that had referenced to fans who just couldn’t wait to try out WWE 2K20. Now that you’re up to speed over the mentality of the fans, you’ll understand these 10 memes that every WWE fan will find funny.

10 You Need A Happier Roster

WWE intended to have a triumphant reveal of the roster for this game and fans were eating up the hype too as it was announced that there would be hundreds of wrestlers to choose from. However, there was a collective groan of disappointment when the roster was shown.

None of the wrestlers looked like they even wanted to be in the game; this was due to the lackluster presentation of the superstars. We expected to see some cool poses to go with the graphic design, of which we got neither.

9 Roman Doesn't Like The Slogan

Fans of the Shield will remember that fateful night in 2014 when Seth Rollins turned on his buddies and planted a chair in both of their backs. The setup was done when the Shield asked Evolution to step in the ring, only for Rollins to turn on them.

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Roman was the one who got hit with the first shot with the chair, and WWE 2K20’s tagline being something along the same lines really shouldn’t sit well with the Big Dog, especially considering he has Seth’s fiance with him on the game’s poster.

8 Good Enough

You can tell this meme was made by one of the Roman Reigns haters as they compared the game with Shrek because of their belief that Roman would squash his opponents. As we know, Shrek easily puts away anybody who wants to fight him, meaning the implication in this meme is that they’re comparing Roman to Shrek.

It’s a mean joke, sure, but since there are thousands of Roman Reigns haters out there, they’ll definitely get a good laugh out of this. Since they’ll still never reach the level of success that Roman has achieved, getting a laugh out of this meme is the best they’ve got for themselves.

7 Not Much Of An Update

In the above picture, we’ve got a comparison of the graphics quality of this year and the previous year’s release, but the bigger point to question is if WWE wanted to highlight that they finally learned to zoom out on their cameras.

If not that, then maybe the idea behind this screenshot is that WWE invested in bigger camera scopes and they can now show all of John Cena’s towel rather than a close-up shot that didn’t tell the full idea behind the picture.

6 The Abominable Man

The expectation was that Total Divas’ debut with Ronda Rousey would spark some hatred from fans, but it was a total surprise that the heckling instead fell on WWE 2K20 instead. However, it became easy to understand the hate once you saw the horrifying graphics on display.

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These are so awful that superstars don’t even have their faces at times, with this particular one of Becky Lynch showing “The Man” out to be more of “The Monster” as her face seems to have melted off.

5 The Agonizing Wait

The real joke in this picture seems to be the awful grammar, but fans can relate to the wait that preceded the release of WWE 2K20. Unfortunately, the game turned out to be awful in all places, although it would be a downright lie if fans say the hype hadn’t gotten to them.

The promotion had been done immaculately, with the addition of almost every legend we’ve had in WCW and WWE in the advertisement for the game, along with Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch looking like a million bucks on the poster.

4 What're You Doing Here, Barack?

The Rock has been compared to Barack Obama so much that he even played the former president on Saturday Night Live to allude to the likeness. Perhaps, Obama feels like he should return the favor and went on to grace a poster for WWE 2K20 while using the Rock’s mannerisms.

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How else can you explain Barack showing up in the above picture with the People’s Champ’s tattoos and signature pose? Put it down to bad graphics for raising our hopes for a potential career mode as the former president. Can you imagine hitting a Rock Bottom-or in this case, an Obama Bottom in the Oval Office?

3 It's Jeff Hardy Bad

Real wrestling fans remember very clearly almost a decade back when Jeff Hardy turned up without having any of his bearings for a main event match against Sting on a major TNA pay-per-view. To this day, that image of Jeff is used as an example of things going south in the wrestling business.

So, all you need to do to communicate to a WWE fan about the hapless new game is to send them a picture of Jeff Hardy and they’ll know instantly that WWE 2K20 really is a game they need to skip out on, although the game is sure to eventually be added to the list of entries we want to forget about.

2 Nice Try

Maybe we had hints by WWE itself not to purchase 2K20 since the pre-order here shows Borderlands 3 instead. Crazily enough, every single mention in this screenshot is attached to the WWE, yet the poster is clearly not a wrestling based one.

You can’t say that fate didn’t warn you here, as even before buying the game you had the hint that purchasing Borderlands 3 was a much better way of spending your money rather than on WWE 2K20. Maybe those who still bought the game could get it exchanged now for Borderlands 3?

1 No Better Reason

Then again, no amount of warnings could’ve made fans change their mind over purchasing WWE 2K20, as only solid proof firsthand can deter ardent fans that the game isn’t a good one. After all, even previous titles were all pretty much the same each year but fans still bought them and then some.

This is why this meme is extremely appropriate in communicating the mindset of the fans who were waiting for the game. We all would’ve channeled our inner Undertaker had death caught up with us before WWE 2K20 came out; dying would have to wait at least until gamers had played a few Hell in a Cell matches.

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