WWE 2K20: 10 Superstars We Want To See Added

WWE 2K20's roster is plenty stacked with big names like Becky Lynch, but we want superstars like Toni Storm, Matt Riddle and Io Shirai added too!

Amid complaints that sports games don't bring many new elements to the table each year, one aspect always changes. The roster. When it comes to WWE games, that usually means one of two things. New legends returning to the video game landscape or superstars who have never been in one.

With WWE 2K20 on the horizon, the roster reveal is right around the corner. We've selected 10 superstars that we want added more than any others. For this list, we're only including wrestlers who are on the active roster, even if they're only in NXT or NXT UK and not legends from the past.

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10 Humberto Carrillo

Humberto Carrillo is one of the hottest young stars on WWE's roster. He first appeared in NXT as a guy who put on impressive performances but mostly suffered loss after loss. It wasn't until he made his surprise debut on 205 Live that Carrillo began to truly shine.

Since day one on 205 Live, Carrillo has come across like a star. He is consistently in competition for the Cruiserweight Championship and has an exciting moveset that would be fun to use in the game. The 205 Live roster isn't large, so having Carrillo in would be a big boost.


NXT UK is the newest WWE brand. Their show airs weekly on WWE Network and has been running for just under a year. It is lucky enough to feature an impressive collection of talent that has to be included in a video game. At the top of their mountain is WALTER.

Since debuting at January's TakeOver: Blackpool event, WALTER has dominated the brand. He ended Pete Dunne's incredible 685-day reign as WWE United Kingdom Champion. Playing as WALTER against legendary big men like Vader and Andre the Giant sounds like a blast.

8 Io Shirai

Female imports from Japan have done quite well in WWE over the past few years. Asuka was undefeated for over 900 days and won both the NXT and Smackdown Women's Titles. Meanwhile, Kairi Sane won the first Mae Young Classic and the NXT Women's Title. But the newest addition is Io Shirai and we're dying to have her in the game.

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The "Genius of the Sky" is a high flying woman like we haven't seen before. Io Shirai would arguably be the most exciting woman to use while playing WWE 2K20. And if she makes it in under her new heel gimmick, that entrance with all of the flashing lights would look really cool.


NXT's hottest new signing isn't a rookie in the video game world. While a member of the New Japan Pro Wrestling roster, he appeared in Fire Pro Wrestling World in 2018. However, with his NXT debut coming just a few short months ago, he has yet to be eligible for a WWE game.

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The inclusion of KUSHIDA would be fantastic. He's one of the most versatile wrestlers on the roster. KUSHIDA can take to the air, is faster than most, and can tap out almost anyone he faces. People who can do all of those things are often the most fun to use in a game.

6 Toni Storm

The 2018 Mae Young Classic winner, Toni Storm is the woman that the NXT UK brand is being built around. Though she's still very young, there's no denying the talent in Toni Storm. She consistently has good matches, is a fan favorite, and is wildly successful.

If NXT UK is going to be a represented brand in WWE 2K20, then Toni Storm has to be included. She holds the NXT UK Women's Championship and is one of the faces of the brand. She is also arguably the most notable non-main roster woman in the company, so including her would please a lot of fans.

5 Matt Riddle

The original bro. Matt Riddle has kind of taken NXT by storm since he first arrived. He's a cool guy who has an instant bond with almost every audience he interacts with. And we want him in the game for more reasons than just his dope theme music and the entrance where he kicks his flip flops off.

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Matt Riddle has a past as a UFC fighter and a colorful one at that. Riddle being in the game would provide players with a unique array of moves. Throw in his desire to retire Brock Lesnar, which you'd be able to act out in the game, and he's a no brainer.

4 Trent Seven

Last year, WWE 2K19 featured the video game debuts of Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate. They're two-thirds of British Strong Style. The third member, veteran Trent Seven, was nowhere to be found. That fact was the subject of a verbal jab Seven took during a PROGRESS event.

Including Trent Seven this year is a must. He completes the British Strong Style trio, which would allow gamers to live out legendary matches. British Strong Style against the likes of the Shield, nWo, the Wyatt Family, and more sound like a ton of fun.

3 Nikki Cross

The lack of Nikki Cross in WWE 2K19 is a head-scratcher. She was included in WWE 2K18, so her character model was already set. Either way, she wasn't around and many fans were unhappy with that decision. Considering how much she's on television these days, she has to be in this time around.

Nikki Cross has gone from the star of SAnitY to a partnership with Alexa Bliss. It has placed her in a lot of high profile situations and her fanbase has only grown because of it. With the Women's Tag Team Titles most likely included this year, having the Alexa/Nikki tandem would be ideal.

2 Buddy Murphy

The second of three superstars who weren't in WWE 2K19 and should have been. Buddy Murphy made the game a few years back as part of a tag team with Wesley Blake. However, Murphy went solo and blossomed into the best thing about 205 Live throughout 2018.

Murphy captured the Cruiserweight Title and was the "Juggernaut" of the cruiserweight division. He was one of the best wrestlers in the world last year and players are dying to use him. That became especially true once he moved to Smackdown and hasn't been on TV much since. Fans want their Buddy Murphy fix.

1 Tommaso Ciampa

It is widely believed that Tommaso Ciampa turned down an appearance in WWE 2K19. He was going all in on his villainous character, to the point where his shirts weren't even sold in the WWE Shop. Along that line, it's possible that he didn't want to be in the game either. However, times have changed.

Tommaso Ciampa has gone back to being a beloved member of the NXT roster and even made appearances on Raw and Smackdown in 2019. An injury forced him to relinquish the NXT Championship and stunted his momentum. His absence has just made gamers more anxious to play as him. They desperately want to portray the "greatest sports-entertainer of all time."

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