10 Things We Want To Improve WWE 2K20

2K Sports only officially took over as the publisher for WWE games back in 2013, but the series goes back to the days of Smackdown vs. Raw and further. 2K chose to keep Yuke's, the developers of the games, around. That means that the latest installments don't feel much different from what came before. For the most part, that isn't exactly a bad thing.

The games are usually met with positive reviews and players often find themselves playing it throughout the year. However, the games get staler with each passing year. It's a problem most sports game face since it's hard to completely overhaul a game when it comes out annually. With the first news of WWE 2K20 recently getting released, we've come up with ten things that would greatly improve this year's version.

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10 Mixed Tags

This may seem like a small, trivial thing but it would be beneficial. Mixed tag matches have become more frequent in WWE lately. They run the Mixed Match Challenge, which is a mixed tag tournament. Coming up with our own pairings of men and women superstars would be a blast.

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These matches were in games of the past, but to keep up with the company's PG image, situations where men beat up women were removed. WWE still does these matches and the rules state the men aren't allowed to hit the women. Keep that aspect in the game version and this would be a perfect addition.

9 Cloud Storage

One of the most irritating things about having a new WWE game each year is that you have to start from scratch each time. People often utilize Universe Mode to create their own federations or versions of WWE. You spend months or years of in-game time on it and then start over when a new game is out.

Cloud storage would allow users to transfer their information from one game to another. You pick up where you left off while adding in the new characters and other aspects of the latest game. Other sports games have started to implement this idea, with MLB: The Show being the most notable.

8 Female MyCareer And Showcase Modes

The MyCareer and Showcase modes are two of the most used in WWE games. MyCareer sees you take a created wrestler through a career from the indies to NXT and eventually to the big stage of the WWE. Showcase mode takes someone from WWE history and lets you relive the biggest matches and moments of their careers.

They're both fun in their own ways but are lacking because you can only play those modes as males. Players should be able to create the next great female superstar from the ground up and take her to the main event of WrestleMania. And a Showcase mode following Trish Stratus or Lita sounds like it would be a great way to add a spin on the mode.

7 Live Updates

This is something that 2K Sports has already shown they can do well. The NBA 2K series features live updates almost daily. These updates affect the ratings of each player, makes changes to their looks, includes injuries, and more. WWE 2K19 had a similar feature but one that didn't dive deeply enough into its potential.

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Having live updates should allow for the characters in WWE 2K20 to never be out of date. If they change something about their look, it can be in the game the next week. If a wrestler goes on a hot streak or wins a major title, their overall rating could get a boost.

6 More Match Types

For some reason, recent WWE games have lessened the variety of matches that are included. Gone are things like the inferno match, the casket match, and the ambulance match. Instead, we just get multiple variations of a handful of matches, like TLC and Extreme Rules bouts.

It would also be nice to have match types that haven't been in video games before. War Games made a big comeback in recent years and would be an awesome addition. The same goes for gauntlet matches. Even something obscure like the Punjabi Prison would be welcome. More match types mean a higher replay value.

5 NBA 2K Level Graphics

It's kind of amazing to look at NBA 2K19 and WWE 2K19 side by side. Both games are put out by the same company, yet the basketball games are miles ahead in terms of how they look. That's not to say the WWE games look bad, but they clearly aren't reaching the levels they can on the current generation of gaming systems.

One of the main culprits are the hair physics. The NBA games (and MLB: The Show for that matter) have realistic-looking hair that moves as it should. WWE games still feature hair that looks like one giant helmet. It's especially bad when the women and their long hair are used. We don't need it to look exactly like NBA 2K, just that it takes some steps closer to that level.

4 A Story Mode

While Showcase, MyCareer, and Universe mode are all fun in their own way, there's something that has been missing from WWE games for a while. That's a good old fashioned story mode. One where you take a member of the roster and play through a story crafted just for them.

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For example, take the old Road to WrestleMania mode. Playing with the likes of Triple H and The Undertaker, players were thrust into some of the wackiest storylines as these wrestlers headed to the biggest show of the year. It was ridiculous and a ton of fun, which is the kind of thing that a game like this could use.

3 Smooth Commentary

The NBA 2K series does one thing miles better than anyone else in the sports world. They have stellar commentary. There are different combinations for commentators, guest speakers, and unique messages for certain situations. The best part of it all is that it flows smoothly to the point where it feels like you're watching a real game.

On the flip side, WWE games always struggle on commentary. Phrases are repeated ad nauseam, it is almost always clunky, and they often talk about stuff that makes no sense and has no relevance to the match. If they can take a page out of the NBA series and get commentary right, it would go a long way towards improving this experience.

2 General Manager Mode

Fans have clamored for a return of General Manager mode since it was removed a few years back. The idea behind the mode is that players can control Raw or Smackdown as a GM. They'll sign wrestlers to contracts, draft rosters, book shows, and compete to see who can have the most fans.

Removing it made sense back when the brand split was no longer a thing. But since it returned in 2016, fans have wanted it back. There are countless mockups of what it could look like available on YouTube. People have even come up with complex ways to modify Universe mode to work as a GM mode. With the possibility of running NXT, 205 Live, or NXT UK, there's a lot to like. Add in Universe mode's customization options and this mode has limitless potential.

1 New Gameplay Engine

It is the same problem that MaddenMLB: The Show, and countless other sports games have. They become stagnant and don't change much about their gameplay because there is no real competition out there. The same style has been present in WWE games for far too long.

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Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain and No Mercy are widely considered to be the best WWE games ever created. Fire Pro Wrestling World was released in 2018 and features A.I. that is way more advanced and smart than anything we've seen in a WWE game. While they don't need to copy gameplay from those entries, something different would be welcome.

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