20 WWE Wrestlers And Memes To Tickle Your Funny Bone

You can finally put your favorite characters in WWE, and we can't believe some of the ridiculous glitches this game has created.

Character creation is almost a staple in video games nowadays. Everywhere you look, whether it's a basketball game or a full on fantasy RPG, you'll find an option somewhere that allows you to create your own character. This has opened the door to some truly funny additions to exist within a multitude of games.

If you want Link from Legend of Zelda to become part of your Skyrim play-through, you can do it. Looking to make Bruce Wayne appear in Bloodborne or Dark Souls? You've got it. Ever wanted to see Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, or Lucy Liu in Mass Effect? Go right on ahead. All you need is some time, and whole bunch of dedication and patience. It's well-known that many character creation systems, even ones with sliders, don't always like to cooperate with your vision.

When World Wrestling Entertainment (known best as the acronym "WWE") came out with its own game, including all its zany characters, crazy pageantry and drama to go along with it, fans ate it up. They later included the ability to create your own wrestler, and gave players an extremely extensive customization system. Since then, all sorts of oddities and memes have come out of their games, making fans and viewers everywhere laugh out loud. Below are just a few of the awesome creations that WWE players have made.

20 The True Power Of Create-A-Wrestler

via: botchedspot.com

Have you ever wanted to watch Jeff Goldblum piledrive a velociraptor inside a boxing ring? With the power of Create-A-Wrestler, you can! Honestly, that first sentence was so awesome it’s impossible to think of anyone who would ever say no, and if you’ve never wanted it, you do now. That’s the beauty of being able to painstakingly recreate your favorite characters inside a fighting game and then pit them against each other.

Really, what else is anyone going to use it for?

This author clearly gets it. Why would they want everything else, when the be-all and end-all of any entertainment lies within the ridiculously customizable characters that can be added to the WWE games. It’s easy to see how anyone with some time on their hands could get lost in some seriously awesome match-up ideas forever.

19 The Quickest Way To Our Hearts

via: gamespot.com

Micro-transactions are the one of the most controversial trends in gaming today. Most who argue against it more or less take issue with the idea of paying to quickly get the best gear, or having to purchase content that’s already in the game. In this case, this wrestler is trapped behind a pay wall that only unlocks after a player pays twenty extra dollars on top of a game that can cost up to $90, depending where you live.

If you want to play him, you’d better pony up.

This (hopefully) fake Valentine card encapsulates this concept hilariously. Why do gaming company think that players want this? No one will ever know. Though it's more likely they know full well that the last thing anyone wants is to shell out more money for a tiny bit more content.

18 Release The Hounds

via: Youtube.com (MisterFrossty)

Smithers is probably swooning in the crowd, or just out of frame, with his boss’s solid gold towel and diamond encrusted water bottle at the ready. Is Homer going to be entering the other side with Lenny and Carl, ready to exact revenge after years of unsafe working conditions, in the form of body slams and folding chairs? No one will be seated once Burns takes the stage.

Though knowing the devilishly evil billionaire, he’s far more likely to hire Ranier Wolfcastle to take his place after a menacing speech filled with his signature finger-tip-touching. It’s either that, or he’ll just actually set his hounds on his opponents. Either way, it’s going to be one heck of a show! Grab a hot dog and sit down!

17 This One Isn't So Shy

via: Youtube.com (Choco Nath)

One of the most iconic enemies in gaming makes a terrifying appearance thanks to the magic of Create-A-Wrestler and its powerful photo upload feature. In the Super Mario universe, "Boo"s are notoriously shy ghosts. They hide their faces when Mario is looking them and become immobile, as well as harmless. Once you run by them though, all bets are off as they show off their fangs and begin traveling directly towards you until you turn to face them again.

It’s easy to make horrifying monsters when you can use any picture you want to create something that almost looks like Venom’s slightly less scary cousin. Thanks to the WWE game franchise however, you too can have your nightmares realized with some time and a picture off the Internet. This one even has the cute name of Boo-Tista!

16 Ultimate Fan Fiction Wrestling

via: vgcw.wikia.com

The first thing this confirms is that one can definitely recreate a popular character with some accuracy. But...should one? The picture above certainly tests the narratives. There’s no way to tell what’s going on here unless an attempt is made to dig through the obviously mountain high piles of someone’s fan-fiction.

Do human beings deserve this much power?

Good for them though. It takes time and dedication to realize your dreams. Whatever on Earth is going on here, clearly someone is having fun. If you can’t have fun with a character creator, then what are you doing? Clearly, nothing that has to do with the top notch entertainment of wrestler Ash Ketchum and Woody having a serious and heartfelt talk backstage.

15 A Missed Opportunity

via: knowyourmeme.com

Steven Universe is an adorable show with adorable characters. These include the super power wielding Crystal Gems, three sentient gem holograms that work to keep the Earth safe from any and all threats. Clearly the creator of these wrestlers is a fan of the show, but there is one glaring issue with this line-up.

One those gems is a shape shifter, and in one episode, we find out that she likes to moonlight as the Purple Puma, and is a champion in the wrestling world. Eventually she is joined in a team with her friend Steven, who takes on the persona of Tiger Millionaire. Why this person only chose to create the Crystal Gems and not the Purple Puma and Tiger Millionaire is a mystery for the ages.

14 Waka Waka Waka

via: caws.ws

Can you recreate the legendary Pac Man in Create-A-Wrestler? Yes, you can! You might want to reconsider, or you'll get this poor mess of a creature. Because you can't just remove the head of a wrestler, in spite of all the customization options available to you, this player has opted for a different approach. Instead of making his entire character yellow, they simply blacked out the entire head in an effort to keep it hidden.

Surprisingly, this actually kind of works.

The rest of the character is given red boots, and a picture of Pac Man's face has been uploaded on top of the enormously stretched body. Add a pair of almost yellow gloves, and boom! This person has themselves a genuine Pac Man wrestler. Now all they have to do is create ghosts along with, and maybe even Mrs. Pac Man, and the perfect retro gaming match up is complete!

13 Feels Bad, Man

via: ign.com

Glitching within video games has always had a history of either being hilarious, terrifying, or just downright bizarre. Somehow, the glitch in this picture encapsulates all three. The soulless eyes of the wrestler as his head retracts back into his shoulders, the hilarity of the random way that this game suddenly forgot to work properly, and just ...how strange the entire thing looks. One can make lists on video game glitches that would cover all three and never run out of new things to add.

Never change, video game glitches. Never change.

To add to the hilarity, the notification at the top is perfectly timed. This turns this entire picture into an instant meme. It’s almost as if the head is shrinking into the shoulders as a reaction to how it feels when your controller is disconnected randomly in a game.

12 Smashing!

via: Imgur.com

In the exceptionally crazy world that the Thornberrys live in, is it really so hard to believe that Nigel Thornberry himself wouldn’t have a smashing time moonlighting as a pro wrestler? Well, maybe it is, but only just a little. He would almost certainly rocket to the top of fan favorites, with his shock of bristly red hair and epic mustache, not to mention his delightful accent.

If he’s lucky, he might even get his daughter Eliza to help him out with the aid of her animal friends. Maybe Darwin the chimp might come in handy for once and lend a hand, or four. The entertainment possibilities of a wrestling Nigel Thornberry are endless, which would mean that the family and their nature show would be set for life. It’s a win-win situation all around!

11 Is This Really The Time?

via: Youtube.com (MAnthony)

Pikachu has always been a staple in all of modern nerd culture. Even people who have never seen a single episode of Pokemon or even seen the card game played know who the little lightning mouse is. So it’s no wonder at all that someone would go to the trouble of recreating the adorable creature in a character creator. To go ahead and then play him in a wrestling match is even more awesome.

Pikachu can pull it off.

The creator of this wrestler must also have a flair for the dramatic as well as attitude. Whenever someone is shown on the phone during an event like this, it's usually to show that they feel like they're important enough that they can get away with this sort of thing. Obviously, this is an entrance designed for the game in order to stick to theme of pageantry when it comes to WWE matches.

10 Just Like The Real Thing

via: Youtube.com (ElementGames)

Another brilliant aspect of this character creator is that you don’t need to pay money to play your favorite wrestlers. All you need is a little time, patience, and some reference photos. How many people out there haven’t tried to place a movie star in the world of Skyrim or Mass Effect? No matter the dedication though, there’s always room for things to go wrong. Dalip Singh Rana, better known to WWE fans as The Great Khali, stands at a hulking 7'1”.

His height, however, is not his most impressive feature.

That would go to his very distinctive face and prominent chin. This fan really did their best to recreate this man, but clearly didn’t quite get all the details down. This is proof that trying to recreate a real person in a character creator can either go really right, or VERY wrong.

9 Adam West Would Be Proud

via: Youtube.com (TheEVN7)

Adam West may have played the Mayor of Quahog in the hit TV show Family Guy for many years, but some younger viewers may not realize that he also donned the Cape and Cowl back in the 60’s. As one of the most famous incarnations of Batman, West rocketed to being a household name, and to this day is well remembered as the Batman with shark repellant, and the superhero who just couldn’t get rid of a bomb.

Seeing someone actually take the time to recreate 1960’s Batman is sure to bring some real joy to many hearts. Even more amazing would be watching him take on a recreated horde of other Batman incarnations. Would that be a dream match or what?

8 Looks Like A Winner

via: criticalhit.net

If that isn’t the face of a wrestling superstar, then what is? The ability to upload a picture and paste it onto your creation has been a real game changer when it comes to creating a character. It's clear that video games are a form of escapism for many gamers.

The ability to put yourself into a game and pretend that you’re a WWE Champion is a godsend.

What makes this picture so hilarious are the curly bangs that are pasted to the front of the bald wrestler. It just looks so entirely out of sync with how one would imagine a tough hairless wrestler to be, along with that goofy smile and the thick black frames that are that the creator’s glasses. It’s as if someone printed and cut out this man’s face and stuck it on over top of a real wrestler. The fact that the hair is cut off at the top is just icing on the hilarity cake.

7 Lots To Unpack Here

via: Youtube.com (Tania Dillon)

How anyone wouldn’t burst out laughing the moment they saw this is a total mystery. We have a buff, face-lifted Rick with fluffy, hyper realistic hair. Next to him is a kid with one of those masks some people wear to look like anime girls, instead of Morty’s terrified face. Then we have two nightmare inducing recreations of the Super Mario Bros looking to team up with them.

Aw geez, who wouldn’t want to see who this wacky bunch is about to fight?

It’s guaranteed to be a fight for the ages. Perhaps not the ultimate fight, but certainly quite the battle. Even funnier is the fact that technically, this could canonically happen in the Rick and Morty multiverse, considering that they have stated repeatedly that all possible versions of them exist in parallel dimensions. So who is to say that this amazing mash up isn’t happening right now?

6 The Brothers Grimm

via: Youtube.com (ThatStrange1)

Undertale is an extremely popular indie videogame filled to the brim with strange and lovable characters. The most popular of these tends to be the supremely funny brothers, Sans and Papyrus. Papyrus is an aspiring hero with very few brain cells hanging around in his bare skull, but he is so full of heart it’s hard not to cheer him on, in spite of him trying to capture the player and hand them over to King to be killed.

Sans is his wise-cracking, pun-making, older and shorter brother, who just loves to prank everyone including Papyrus, while trying to complete important missions. Considering how protective Sans is of his younger brother even if he doesn’t always show it, it’s no surprise that they would join the wrestling tournament as a pair. That doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t still pull a few pranks on his little brother in the ring.

5 Now We Will See Who Is The True Master

Youtube.com (TheM4gNation)

Growing up a Jedi takes decades of physical and mental training to get anywhere close to the title. Becoming a master is the ultimate aspiration of any Jedi-hopeful, whether they fight for the light or the dark side. This level is almost impossible to achieve; very few who happen to survive long enough gain the necessary wisdom and experience to solve almost any problem thrown at them, either with wise words or laser swords.

If watching a wrestling match between the two isn’t something that interests you, then you need new interests.

It looks like in this match, Yoda and Darth Vader have agreed to do away with either method and settle things the old fashioned way: inside a wrestling ring to the music of thousands of screaming fans. The Star Wars prequels made a point of showing just how well the tiny green Jedi can fight, and the entire story arc was about Darth Vader learning how to Darth Vader before he became Darth Vader.

4 This Is The Ultimate Showdown

via: Youtube.com (CriminalFreddys)

A free-for-all that includes Ronald McDonald, Darth Vader, two Power Rangers, Luigi, and an evil clown is bound to make anyone’s day. There is an old but popular song that is still floating around Youtube that encapsulates the feel of this fight, and anyone playing a match like this would be very tempted to have this on in the background. That is, if they aren’t already blaring it at full volume.

The fact that someone clearly took the time to painstakingly recreate each character as well as make a terrifying clown along with it shows some serious dedication. Watching the Golden Arches Clown get smacked around by Darth Vader, while Mario’s lesser brother fights two intergalactic warriors is certain to leave anyone’s sides in stitches.

3 Yes, Perfect

Youtube.com (ElementGames )

This is another lovely example of a recreation gone wrong. Knowing some players though, this could just as easily be a recreation gone entirely RIGHT. It could also just be someone else's attempt to dodge a pay wall. Either way, the results are pure gold.

If you're not laughing, you might just be screaming.

Leati Joseph Anoaʻi, better known by his stage name Roman Reigns, is the wrestler that this player has tried to recreate. The icy blue bug eyes are funny enough to look at, but the block-shaped, too-wide face and the poorly rendered textures meant to be his goatee and forehead wrinkles are certain to make you chuckle. On the other hand, part of why this might get you to chuckle is that his face has clearly nose-dived into Uncanny Valley.

2 Kakarot!

via: caws.ws

It seems that times can be hard even for a Super Saiyan. Vegeta, one of Dragon Ball Z’s on-and-off-again antagonists, needs to enter the ring to pay the bills. There is more than likely a Goku recreation waiting on this player’s roster for when they feel like reliving the show’s extreme fights without super powers.

At least this time, Vegeta won't get a nasty surprise when someone's power levels are over 9000!

It's amazing what lengths people will go to gather the legendary Dragon Balls and have their wishes granted. Should that mean entering a pageantry-heavy pro wrestling tournament in order to win even when, then so be it. Though if we really think about it, considering the over-the-top nature of the entire show, perhaps this is the perfect place for Vegeta to be.

1 Oh Boy...

via: wccftech.com

Oh dear... either someone was trying to make an entry for Monster Factory, or something has gone terribly, terribly wrong. It's hard to imagine how the game would even rig the facial animations even if they are supposed to be set in certain places. With a huge forehead and misaligned eyes, anyone watching this guy enter the ring would more likely feel sorry for him than to fight him.

Who is this wrestler supposed to even be?

Judging from the lighter spots in his hair and the wrinkles around his neck, an old man is a fair enough guess. He could just as easily be a young man just starting out who just happens to be blind in one eye and full of freckles. The tattoo on the forehead suggests that this guy isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Either way, it's hard not to chuckle at another nightmare Create-A-Wrestler spit out.

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