20 X-Men Fan Theories (That Actually Got Confirmed)

X-Men has always been one of the most popular franchises to come out of Marvel, spawning some of the most memorable characters in cinema history. From Professor X to Wolverine, and spanning over 8 movies with more to come, it's impossible to deny reach of the X-Men franchise.

When you make that many storylines you're bound to confuse a few fans with some plot holes and unexplained scenarios. Luckily for us, we have an army of fans that think a lot about these holes and how to patch them up. Some explanations and theories give us the answers we were looking for and others send you down the rabbit hole a little too deep, with no way out. In fact, all the fans of pretty much any Marvel character, whether it be show or movie, tend to come together as a unit and connect the pieces of the puzzle where creators have left blank spaces.

While it does give us instant answers that we so desperately need, sometimes we're trying to put a square into a circular hole. Forcing things that Marvel has left intentionally out so they can blow our minds with a reveal later on. Sometimes, though, we stumble across one of the rare gems that tie the story together nicely. These fan theories were so strong that they actually ended up getting confirmed one way or another.

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20 Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?

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While X-Men Origins: Wolverine is well known as the black sheep of the X-Men franchise, this theory at least gives you a connection to follow along with the story. Deadpool's character, as we all remember was a completely different character to the quick-witted anti-hero we have now. X-Men: Days Of Future Past gives us an answer to this drawn out confusion we've all gone through, trying to find a link between the stories.

The reset of everyone's lives could have sent Deadpool's mind on a little more of a ride than it could handle, all the terrible things he was forced to do in Origins might be hiding in the back of his head. No memories to explain it either, leaving our Merc with a Mouth in a maze of pent-up emotions.

19 The Cure Is Only Temporary

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Do we all remember the mutant cure in X-Men: The Last Stand? It was supposed to be the permanent end to mutant-kind, an end in which Magneto was able to brush off a chestful of needles right away with a hint of his power still holding on right after. Combine that with the fact he had full powers if not greater in Days Of Future Past, and maybe it didn't work so well.

We never saw a mutant who had taken a cure for any amount of time except for Magneto and Rogue.

Both had their powers when we saw them next, so we can either assume they both have some god-like resistance or the cure failed to permanently effect every mutant. To be fair, it's not like many of the plans humans had to take out the mutants worked too well either.

18 A Little Timeline Confusion

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The regular plot holes between the two trilogies is a common theme in the X-Men fan theory scene. It's hard trying to connect the dots and make sense of some unclear moments. Luckily, we have quite a few incredible characters that could explain a lot of this. Magneto's origin story was one of the rare scenes that was shown in both trilogies, with one key difference: Sebastian Shaw. The villain that pushed Magneto to discover his true power also had a plan to start the Russia/America world war in order to leave the world in a weakened state for the mutants to rise up. The theory goes that he wasn't actually there in the first X-Men trilogy; he travels back in time with Azazel and Emma Frost to the most delicate point in history, where he could tip the countries towards World War 3.

17 Magneto's Been Ten Steps Ahead

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If you follow the series even casually you'll know that Magneto has always held a very negative opinion of humans, believing that they will always fear the mutants and never stop trying to wipe the mutants out. Well, turns out our old friend was right all along.

As much as the movies try to go towards the positive, we find out in Logan that they have been reduced down to just a few lowly mutants and have been all but cleared from the face of the earth. Seeing as this is the latest we've seen in the movies, we can only assume that he was correct and, despite the brain power of our favorite telepath, his optimism more than likely helped in ultimately taking down the mutants by allowing us pesky humans to remain.

16 The Ultimate Team Up

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This is more of a theory based off of what the producers have said than a confirmed one, stating that both of the popular superhero teams are existing in their own unique universes, separate from the rest of Marvel's characters. While this isn't a definite by any stretch, when they were further asked about the possible team up, the answers we've gotten have been a little vague, to say the least.

While a pretty risky move, seeing as Fantastic 4's history has been less than amazing, maybe it will be the new wave of X-Men characters that will join forces. Leaving our much-loved characters from the previous trilogies out of harm's way, and give them some room to experiment with the format.

15 Just Charm, Or Something More?

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I'm sure I'm not the only one who was a little surprised when Magneto revealed that, yes, JFK had been a mutant, explaining why Magneto got arrested for his assassination, in the process of trying to save the former president. Since that big reveal, there have been some talks around town about what exactly JFK's power would have been.

The most common theory is a form of hypnotic suggestion or mind control.

This would clear up why the guy was so gosh darn charming and his incredible popularity as a result. No word is out on the topic but I think we could make a safe assumption that JFK would have given Charles a good run for his money when it came to the mental games.

14 To Be Or Not To Be

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Wolverine and Sabretooth are probably the two most similar characters in the entire series, it's no wonder that people would come to this conclusion at some point. Of course, there is a theory about this, one that was confirmed by X:Men: Origins. Of course, most of the plot of that film, in particular, was scrapped in the grand scheme of things.

In the comic books, it was heavily implied and most fans had been thinking it for a long time. Origins was the first time it was point blank told to us that they were half-brothers who shared the same biological father. Although not completely true to the comics, it fed into the rumors that were already there. After Origins, though, they seem to have dropped the brother act (along with most of the plot of the entire film). Now they continue along as if nothing ever happened.

13 What Happened To Charles?


This has been an unanswered question that everyone has been confused about since Logan came out as it was vaguely mentioned a few times in the film. It's known to be the beginning of Professor X's steadily declining mental state. Reported as leaving 600 humans injured and 7 deceased mutants with really no other clues to the situation, other than it must have happened at Professor X's school that was also located in Westchester. Others say that it was something else that happened that ended the mutants.

While most assumed that Charles was the cause of the incident, being his first attack.  As a result of his team being wiped out and the emotional stress that accompanies it, was the trigger for his condition all along. Hopefully, we'll get an answer to this in the coming films.

12 An Unexpected Connection

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Even though she hasn't been in the latest trilogy, everyone remembers the streaked hair heroine. While she drains a human of their life, she can take a mutant's powers for a quick ride as well. For a while that power was pretty unique, until Apocalypse appeared with the final form, as it were, to this power. Being able to trade his weak, ancient body for a shiny new one, in the process, he also gains the abilities permanently.

The theory is that Apocalypse started out with a power similar to Rogue's and eventually grew into the narcissistic dictator that he eventually came to be. It's not the first time a mutant's power has grown substantially and it would make the connection interesting, to say the least. Maybe the next time we see Rogue she's stealing powers left and right, leaving a trail of powerless mutants behind her.

11 We Jumped The Gun

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Everyone that remembers the beautiful geisha-like character knows that she has a very limited ability to predict a persons' demise. Yet, in The Wolverine, she predicts Wolverine on his back, blood everywhere, and holding his heart as he passes. Now, in that movie, he was definitely on the brink of passing in that position but got brought back when the parasite that was eating away at him was pulled from his body.

Fans then assumed Yukio had gotten it wrong because of Wolverine's healing ability.

Fast forward 15 years or so, we see Wolverine perishing and his passing scene rings a few bells to her original prediction, laid out on his back, a bloody mess, with his daughter by his side. Coincidence? Or was she right all along and we all just deserted her prediction a little too soon?

10 Keep Your Enemies Close


After the passing of Professor X in X-Men 3: The Last Stand, we see him transfer his mind to the body of a brain-deceased man. Yet, when we see him next in the following movies he looks like the same old Professor X we've been seeing all along. Sound familiar? Apocalypse had basically the same power with transferring his mind and changing the look of the body he inhabits at the time to look the exact same.

If we remember Apocalypse and the strange connection they both had, also the fact that he almost stole Charles's body possibly he took some of Apocalypse's ability in the process allowing him to do the exact same thing. This does beg the question as to why he didn't do the same thing in Logan but maybe his disease ended up locking him into that body for good.

9 Mystique's Many Looks


X-Men: First Class gave us a glimpse into the past of some of our favorite mutants in the series, Mystique included. While the film's deal with a problem a lot of movies do, which is the actor/actress change for a character and most of us accept this as part of the program. X-Men actually lends us an explanation for Mystique's appearance change allowing for complete involvement in the storyline.

When you see her as a young mutant meeting Charles for the first time, we assume she's just a young version of herself like everyone else. But Mystique doesn't age and could have simply been changing into a body that could bond with Charles through his life, after leaving Charles and grouping up with Magneto she can resume her original form for the rest of the time we know her.

8 The Long Lost Brother


Cyclops and Havoc are the Summers brothers, but everyone got a bit of a shock when the yet-to-be-shown Mr. Sinister hinted at the possibility of another Summers brother in the comics. The fire was lit and conversations started happening about who the other brother could be. Was it Gambit? He showed us powers similar to both the boys.

Unlike the Summers boys that we know, Vulcan was raised on a different planet and finds the family later in life.

This wasn't meant to be, the actual character who was supposed to be the third brother was Adam X, an extremely unpopular character with a bizarre power to electrocute someone from the inside out once their blood is oxygenated? Anyway, due to the reaction of the audience, they ended up making up a new character for the role with Vulcan.

7 Can't Fight The Current

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Basically, every one of the films has revolved around the elimination of either humans or mutants (mostly mutants). The back and forth between the two is relentless, it seemed, until we eventually saw Logan and realized that the humans had all but succeeded in wiping out the mutants.

Hank explains in Days of Future Past that you can throw a rock in a river and it may create a ripple but the current always corrects itself. After all was said and done, so far in the story, that pretty much hit the nail on the head. With humans putting an additive in the corn syrup to suppress the mutant gene, it resulted in them almost wiping out the race entirely. It's good that they didn't, but it was very close to happening.

6 Tip Of The Hat To Magneto

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While not an X-Men movie, The Avengers might have given a tip of the hat in the movie to Magneto, according to some fans. The Russian twins that are made up of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver tell a story about how they came to hate Iron Man and his company. When they were younger, a Stark missile hit their building but didn't end up detonating, leaving them trapped with a potential time bomb waiting underneath them.

Sound familiar? Yes, the fans say that their father was, in fact, Magneto, this would mean that even though it's not in the way we would like, the X-Men have made it into an Avengers movie somewhere. It's also an easy way to slide someone in without the hassle of having someone actually play in the movie.

5 Deadpool's Down The Rabbit Hole


While Deadpool is a completely different kind of superhero film, this theory adds a few more broken walls than there already were. It says that Deadpool is actually taking place inside the comic books that we found out existed in Logan. While this might sound a little out there, we have no way to really prove this without the creators out and out saying it.

Maybe this is because he's deeper down the fictional rabbit hole than even we realized.

Deadpool does contain a lot of warped versions of the original X-Men, Colossus being twice as big as the original and teenage warhead appearing out of nowhere. Never mind the common 4th wall breaks placed throughout the movie in which Deadpool is talking to the audience.

4 The Passing Of An Icon


In case you're out of the loop, a new film is being planned along the same timeline in continuation of Apocalypse called X-Men: Dark Phoenix. If you're an X-Men fan, you should know all about the Phoenix and Jean Grey. Those of us that have read the comics as well also know that just the title of this film gives away a pretty important passing that takes place in the film, Jean Grey's demise.

For the Dark Phoenix to be born from the literal ashes, Jean grey has to pass, it only makes sense. Plus, the fact that they have already been spotted filming as 4 of the X-Men stood around a grave, it's almost a giveaway at this point. Unless they go off-plot again which they have been known to do, I think we can expect the kind and caring Jean Grey to take a back seat in this one.

3 Psylocke Squared

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This is another case of a character's powers working out nicely to explain an actress/actor change, only in the form of Psylocke this time. We saw Psylocke first in X-Men: The Last Stand even though she may have slipped by some of you with how small and abstract her role was. She looked nothing like how she was depicted in the comic books and with her vital role in the comics, I think everyone was expecting a little more when we finally saw the popular character on screen.

Well, we got it in Apocalypse where she became fully realized with Olivia Munn. The comic book plot also supports this as Psylocke possesses a woman named Kwannon before coming out in her normal body, so we get to see both versions and the producers have said that this was the plan all along.

2 Rogue Faked Us All Out

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The last moments we ever saw of Rogue in the Brett Ratner trilogy were her standing in line to take the cure, then her holding Bobby's hand back at the school. Yet, in the Rogue cut of Days Of Future Past, we see her once again using her powers in full force, if not stronger. The theory is that Rogue never took the cure, but then how could she hold Bobby's hand at that point? Now it's rare you get two theories coming together so nicely, but our previous theory of the cure either failing or being a fairly temporary fix with the powers coming back before long. This actually smooths a lot of the rougher edges out in the story.

1 Nightcrawler's Sudden Disappearance

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Nightcrawler, one of my personal favorites, has a pretty amazing power to jump from place to place instantly. Dark blue skin and all as timid and nice as he appears socially, he does get caught up in the politics of it all that leads him down a path it doesn't seem like he would ever choose for himself. Even his younger self in Days Of Future Past was forced to fight in a cage.

It seemed he was always used as the pawn to everyone else's game.

We didn't see him in the later movies, which brought everyone to the assumption that he might have tried to escape the life, retiring from the constant fighting between humans and mutants to have the peaceful life he always wanted.

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